Monday, May 30, 2011

Entry 19: Summer's Truthful Twilight, Honoring Other's Sacrifices this Memorial Day and My Everyday Amusement

Dear All:
Summer exploded this week like a sky rocket. Every tree has bloomed & the blossoms are emerging slowly, one by one. The branches are finally dressed in their ruffled shades of green; patiently waiting for June's dance to begin. May is the month that everyone plants their magnolia trees, their bright yellow rose trees & blush pink peonies, just to name a few. We have had three full days of summer which is amazing to see, but nothing can compare to night's fall. As the sun begins to set, the sky becomes more vivid, the birds get in a frenzy of a chatter & the night's magic begins (the best part). There is nothing more truthful to me than a summer's twilight.

While nature illuminates us, Memorial Day is a sigh of relief. Memorial Day is so dandy with its red, white & blue fun! However, this year I feel my sensibilities tugging at my heart strings for the soldiers who have (in the past) & are fighting some intensely difficult wars at the moment. On a sunnier note, while the path to god is moving along, how about adding "amusement" to the situation to enrich this journey?

I have surpassed 1,000 tweets on Twitter this week which means I have input 1000 + thoughts from Get Over It Please! Yahoo! 


  1. Heaven on Earth is the new breeze that comes in from an open window during the bright month of May!
  2. How will we illuminate the world today? 
  3. All things grow with love.

Memorial Day is a wonderful holiday and we just love a good parade. As I chirp in my kitchen with friends & family about my bullshit, I do not ever remember addressing the gnarly wars in the past or present that deserve not only my protesting, attention, or money, but a discussion? Yikes! 

I have got to honor & thank the soldiers wholeheartedly for putting themselves on the line for me time & time again. I was not coherent during the Gulf War - were you? In the last few years I find myself thinking of the men/women/children & animals who are embroiled in conflicts of The Sudan, now Yemen, Afghanistan & Pakistan (of course) and the drug war (in Afghanistan specifically) --  just to name a few. I thank everyone for the uphill fight for justice! These guys are dodging the explosions of suicide bombers, they are on the front line of chemical warfare & they are in charge of rebuilding infrastructures in the middle of chaos like no other (and asked not to lose their minds). More sadly though, these soldiers are losing their friends in this abyss, the ones they can talk to & trust.

Just this year I am thinking about sending a box out to the troops. Please take note I have not done it yet, but so going to try! Recently, this dear 20 something kid came to our house to fix our "reverse osmosis water filter system" who had served in the Gulf War. He told me that soldiers want wipes & cookies. That is all I can do? OK we're on it some how, some way!

I have always said that Getting Over Myself has been amusing to me in every way. Again, if I lose my self importance in just about everything --I should be fine, right? Is being amused how we look at things?

More Tweets
  1. "You will never be bored if you can appreciate the amusing nature of everyday life!"--Yahoo Astrology
  2. I am going to try me some of that humility today!

By losing my self serving ways, it means 1) not making others' actions about me, 2) not reacting when someone calls me on my bullshit, 3) accepting the terms of all my relationships (good/bad/indifferent) in a positive way, 4) learning how to dismiss my ego bullshit with my family when it flares up, 5) being very mindful of what I am thinking & its consequences, 6) being patient & try hard to listen (some days are better than others), 7) realizing that all of Brady's actions that piss me off are a direct result of what I have said or done (oh god), 8) try and not be judgmental ever, 9) be joyful at all times if possible, 10) crush my destructive ego every chance I can. By losing my silly ego & finding amusement in everyday life (this is where Buddha comes in --  even in the most mundane moments) is really all that I can strive for right? Love it!

Get happy everybody because this is as good as it gets. Yahoo!

Lastly, thank you for reading in your busy days. I have to thank the soldiers today, tomorrow & forever for their "larger than life sacrifices" and its impact on myself & the world. Let's keep "hope" close to the heart & pray for the men, women, children & animals who need our fierce protection at all times. 

With Love & Sincerely,

P.S. You are all sweet, talented & gorgeous! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Entry 18: A Baltimore Oriole's Flurry, Our Global Family Chaos & Thanking Oprah for Lifting Me

Dear All:
The bright light of May is dim at the moment as the 3rd day of rain continues. It is a Cat in the Hat Day which means that (from our windows), we are watching sheets of rain relentlessly pound the earth with no end in sight. It is all a blessing because we know that our friends - the trees, the plants & flowers are getting a long & well deserved drink.

As we observe our backyard nature in awe, our drive to be happy continues right smack in the middle of some serious "global family" chaos. As the full moon looms in a thick grey sky above, our farewell to Oprah (next week) seems more sorrowful & sadder than ever. We are saying goodbye to one of the greatest spiritual healers of our time.

On a bright note, Brady & I spotted a Baltimore Oriole yesterday at approx 9am right outside the kitchen window. Its colors of bright marmalade, black stripes & spots of white were astonishing as always. It appeared in its usual magical flurry. It zipped up, it zipped down & around the bush and--- puff it was gone! This was my 3rd Baltimore Oriole sighting since we have moved here (all in the month of May). You take notice when you see a bright orange bird fluttering round your back yard.

I am grateful to be sitting in the house at the moment. There is some gnarly energy out there and it must be that full moon again. I read in Yahoo Astrology yesterday that our golden Buddha was born under a full moon in the month of May. How wonderful is that?

As our unfavorable events concern us and our "global Family" is challenged,
I can only go within for the answers & pray & ask how to help "keep the balance" of this planet in check.

The fury in Afghanistan, Pakistan (what the fuck?!), Syria, The Ivory Coast and even our own Gilgo Beach have us all in wonder of where are we going here... All I can do is Get Over Myself, be more informed, be less emotional and never give up on helping and protecting those that need it most.

Do you guys remember when I said once, (Jess Eldridge loved it the most). "I am sending Puffy (my 7 lb. dwarf bunny) to take Osama Bin Laden down. Do you see what Puffy did all the way from heaven? Miracles are everywhere!

Lastly, we are saying goodbye to Oprah Winfrey very soon. I have to thank everyone who reminded me to tune in (since 2004). Not only did she reintroduce me to our dearly beloved, Maya Angelou, she illuminated the message of the amazing Eckart Tolle and his groundbreaking ideas of life without the ego (thank you Mr. Tolle for saving my life) and even to our very dear Goldie Hawn's 10 minute version of meditation. Goldie swears by happiness, I love that one.

Today Oprah met with Ralph Lauren & his family (on his Get-Away Ranch). The man and his family are as blessed as could be. These people are beaming with happiness (from the right place). Their success is happiness. I twittered him today. Please read below.

"I am inspired by the world."--Ralph Lauren on Oprah Winfrey 5/18/11

Other than Oprah's ability to bring her heart, her interpretation of this lovely world, her offering to others, is her calm & assertive voice. I will miss her voice each day at that time. I can thank Oprah for her deepest message and that is to listen, give your heart & never stop loving. She lifted me on many days. I hope that I get to meet her someday (I am using the Secret Laws of Attraction here; wink wink) and thank her myself.

Thank you everybody for reading in your busy days. Being a grown up means that we are so busy all of the time. Ha Ha Mommy - you are going down!!! Everyday I try my best to Get Over Myself (can I get a trademark here?) and my bullshit ways, and keep "hope" close to the heart. Let's all pray for the women, children & animals who need our fierce protection at all times.

With Love & Sincerely,

P.S. You are all awesome.