Monday, December 31, 2012

Entry #52: Winter's Bright, We Are In This World Together and My Reactive Crazy

Dear All:

Winter's bright had its first dress rehearsal this week.  The sun's warmth and abrupt winds melted Jack Frosts silvery art work on each happy bush and tree in the front yard, now adorned with cheery Christmas bows, lights and holiday fantastic. When twinkling lights illuminate every tree inside and out, where Christmas trees are beaded with mermaids swimming in their aqua glitter, where hand painted boats sail on their own faithful branch and where ruby feathered cardinals perch, what is there not to love? Winter has its harsh ways for sure, but this season is forgiving like no other. The air quality is peaking, the dramatic puffy clouds have their own language and a winter's moonlight is as bright as any sun's shine. All is calm in winter as Jupiter creeps closer than ever to earth this week.  Get ready everybody because winter is never dull! 

  1. Winter's moonlight is as bright as any sun's shine this evening (12/2812).
  2. "Santa is the President of Christmas."--Brady Shaw 3.12 years old
As the tree lights twinkle and sing their Christmas carols each night, I am hopeful for a productive universe that seems to be in the works. However, my heart becomes heavy each time I open up my Yahoo news page. With our planet hungry (which is no peace promoter), global warming becoming a reality (Irene and/ of Sandy perhaps?) and the US Congress struggling desperately with their ego, to the point of paralysis (Fiscal Cliff, WTF),  I am like oh dear god help us down here. 

The way we manifest our anxiety is part of growing up and I have no control over any of this, however, how do you get through these feelings when you have a sweet heart of a guy to get through this ? Knowing that we are in this world together is the only way out. The only way to keep "up" is make a pact that we have one another to lean on and to understand. If anything more supernatural should happen, its not like any of us will be singled out, we will be together somehow, because we are now, right?  

  1. We are in this world together.
  2. "Dear God, help me to be gentle and kind to every living creature."--A Prayer A Day
  3. "Understand Karma. No debt in the universe goes unpaid."--Deepak Chopra
As I become aware of the ramifications of my thoughts and the impact of karma, you would think I had enough strength to withhold my ego bullshit when things aren't going swimmingly. For the most part I do try and "shut it" and it does have a positive impact. However, when Todd and I are having any type of tense conversation about how to do things (his way or my way) my Reactive Crazy (can I get a trademark here?) starts blazing --quickly. It is a great comedy show, starring me and my asshole ways.

Reactive Crazy is the "culprit" in most major/minor conflicts. Reactive Crazy gets out of control if 1) anyone calls us out on the unfavorable (even when they are right) 2) it is the bruised, hurt, nasty comeback to anything we are not prepared to hear (which is 99% of the time) 3) it is the monster within a seemingly non defensive person 4) it is alliance(s) against an individual(s) who may be uncovering some truths 5) it is a lifetime story for some of us who never wanted to hear our own reality 6) it is a state of mind that does not allow for authenticity with oneself 7) it is a way in which to be cut off from honesty with loved ones who have our best interests in mind 8) It does not allow us to take responsibility for our actions because we immediately lunge into our own defense) 9) it causes pettiness which is the root of all evil 10) it is a defense mechanism that inhibits our spiritual illumination.
  1. My Reactive Crazy never disappoints me!
  2. How did your Reactive Crazy navigate you today? Oh dear.
  3. If I do not take responsibility for my actions today, there is no point.
Thank you all for reading in your busy days of everyday. If I let go of my ego tonight and get my jolly on, iremember that we are in this world together and more importantly, check my Reactive Crazy bullshit each day, then nothing can go that wrong, right?

Lastly, let's pray for the women, children & animals who need our determined and fierce protection at all times. 

With Love & Sincerely,

P.S. Happy Birthday to Cindy Sparks Dreher (12/28/12) who has a heart made of gold.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Entry #51: This is Buddhism, Insight from the Dalai Lama

Dear All:

"We are all on this planet together. We are all brothers and sisters with the same physical and mental faculties, the same problems and the same needs. We must all contribute to the fulfillment of the human potential and the improvement of the quality of life as much as we are able. Mankind is crying out for help. Those who have something to offer should come forward. Now is the time."--Dalai Lama

Let's find ways to better help the women, children and animals that need our determined and fierce protection at all times, starting with me.

Love and Sincerely,