Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Entry 58: If I Dismiss My Ego...

Dear All:

If I dismiss my ego 1) I lose all negativity  2) I let go of a petty conflict, immediately (especially with Todd) 3) I accept an apology with forgiveness  4) I am of free shit talking (oh that again) 5) I am observing my actions (except for Brady) 6) I am truthful with my loved ones in a thoughtful way 7) I am listening without interrupting (oh god!) 8) I am owning my mistakes 9) I am not comparing my actions to others' actions and 10) I am not looking for what my loved ones have "not done" for me. So, if my heart is in charge, and I am losing all negativity while living in a state of loving forgiveness, that way I am "for real", right?


  1. My ego failed me today, but tomorrow will be better. (2/10/15)
  2. How did sincerity save me from myself today? (2/10/15)