Monday, July 18, 2011

Entry #22 I'll Have A Glass of Bright Orange Flowers Please, Block Island's Hopeful Universe and My Impatient Ways

Dear All:
Sur le bateau, je vous dis. Ca c'est formidable! On the boat, I have to say, it is wonderful! When Brady was just born, my mother's dear friend Anne Thompson sent us a note that read, "Brady, Bon voyage on the wonderful sea of life!"  Is that so true and dear as can be?

The sunshine is sort of dictating our days at the moment, yahoo! The walls of the boat splash continually all day and the sun's rise peaks through our port holes with no shade in sight just at the break of well--morning. The wooden cabinetry has gone from shiny/plastic beige to a deep sunset wooded tan of a color with shiny bright gold jeweled knobs. Hey KK, how long you been on that boat girl? yahoo! Thursday's (7/15) full moon (plus/minus the consecutive days) was as exciting and dramatic as promised. The full moon's shine made that evening's sky appear as light as the afternoon, only it was midnight!

Flowers are absolutely heaven on earth right? I had the pleasure of gathering two wonderful bouquets from the Sunday Farmers Market in Block Island. The fairy like snap dragons, the yellow summer rose buds and the sophisticated Dahlia's regal position in the flower world are making some wildly pretty bouquets at the moment.  These bouquets are decorating every house, every building, every marina and restaurant in the area - what about the gigantic garden going on at the restaurant, Harvest? I will have me a large glass of bright orange flowers today, thank you!

Les Tweets

  1. I'll have a large glass of bright orange flowers please!
  2. All I know is that I am going with the Flowers
  3. "Live by the sun, love by the moon"--unknown
  4. "Full moons have a tendency to exaggerate things."-Sally Brompton Astrology

As the summer vacation delights us, there is a profound sense of hope for our local environment. Block Island's success in preserving its natural resources and ecosystem have seemed to create a sound balance to its existence. Balance? Love it! But the hope that we observed changes every thing about every day, particularly on Block Island, what an exciting and environmentally savvy location!

"Block Island is a natural treasure formed by glaciers nearly 10,000 years ago, it is is made up a diverse array of geographical features and habitats such as beaches, sand dunes, coastal bluffs, moraines grasslands (never seen/heard of that word in my life) maritime scrub land, salt ponds, hold ponds, and various other freshwater wetland ecosystems."" The Nature Conservancy currently owns a substantial amount of Block Island's natural resources. Yahoo for the environmentalists on this one! Its no wonder that the nature Conservancy has designated Block Island "one of the 12 last great places in the Western Hemisphere."

The Nature Conservancy mission statement is: " Protecting, preserving life. You depend on nature--we're here to save it. We're working with you to make a positive impact around the world in more than 30 countries, all 50 US states and your backyard." "We're using a broader vision to take a deeper look."

Living by way of the sea on a boat is an adventure like no other, and Brady is one scooter of a toddler, oh dear! He is splishing and splashing all over Montauk Lake and having the best time ever! When I am thanking god for everything while worshipping the flowers, the moon and the stars, I still find ways to act out when I am impatient.

My impatience is very present in my life (I can blame it on Brady, but it is a bunch of self serving crap on my part) and it really is time to let it go - as soon as possible. Yikes. What a relief that is -- To Get Over Myself!

Les Twitter
My impatience is unproductive.

Impatience can be very brutal because we do not take responsibility since it is the circumstances that are causing this. Or is it our choices & actions that have become the circumstance? Impatience is one of the easiest character defects to let slip by.  It is a bit of a phantom when you think about it. I display lovely fits of infantile behavior when things are not as quick & nimble as I want. Being impatient is the route of all of our conflicts right? That is an easy one to pass along on someone else, but again, it is our silly bullshit that gets us there in the first place. Oh to the poor lambs who cannot control themselves, starting with me, Get Over It.

When I become impatient
  1. I become angry at others (but it is my fault)
  2. I react
  3. I am critical and judging of those not doing what I need them to do
  4. I yell (which is indulgent) 
  5. I look irresponsible 
  6. I shut off (cause only wrapped in my own agenda)
  7. I act like an ego freak
  8. I lack all control
  9. I feel guilty so why do it in the first place?
  10. I am just realizing the frequency of my impatience? That is the scary part.

So how about we toast this large glass of brightly colored flowers today and say, "Cheers to the pirates out in Montauk this summer, (best place ever,) and thank you for the brilliant universe that currently exists on Block Island (to name one of the millions) and thank you for helping me address my impatience and its frequency. If we keep on our paths of good thoughts, good will and hard work, what could go wrong right?

Thank you all for reading in your busy summer vacations. Gotta love the days filled with sun and shine, yahoo! 

Lastly, let's pray for the children who need our fierce protection at all times on a local, national and global level. If our awareness is heightened we can be there to help everyone and everybody! We're so on it.

Remember the Children - Darrell Ford Jr.'s Button 

With Love and Sincerely,

P.S. Love you til the cows come home.


  1. I'll have a large glass of bright orange flowers too please! Hope you are having fun KK. ddxx

  2. Can't wait to see those scrumptious flowers and the sweetest one of all in your life at this moment. Still working on overnight adventure. See you soon, love Cindy.

  3. Hi Deirdre My Lamb:
    Thanks for checking in and let's toast to a very big and bright bouquet of flowers today and always! Love you honey hope you feeling great.

  4. Hi Cindy:
    My darling so looking forward to our adventure tomorrow with the ladies. And cutey patooty may be with daddy at his grandparents house in Shelter Island, then we can actually sit outside on the back - which now has a canvas covering for the proper shade. Yahoo. Can't wait for the giggling belly laughs with my girls, who are my flowers too!

  5. My dear and very funny sister Abby writes in:

    WOW, love "live by the sun, Love by the moon".!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  6. Dear Ab:
    I caught this dear sign while window shopping and thought, that's it--A good motto to live by.
    Much Love and you keep up the good work yourself,

  7. The environmentalists have finally gotten the upper hand in a small (very small) part of our world. You are so right honey...

  8. Hi Baby:
    Thank you for taking Brady and I to see the magic of nature and wildlife and their success in preservation.

  9. Oh, Kristen! I get impatient, too, and I hate it! I keep telling myself that life is too short and I have so much beauty around me and so many good things to focus on and I should not always feel as if I need to be in control of everything! Your blog helps me GET OVER MYSELF!

  10. Hi Liz:
    Oh darling it is so nice to see you here. Oh god I am the worst with impatience and then you add my crazy ADD on top of it and oh boy. I know this is heaven on earth for sure. Especially where you live right now, absolutely the most lovely place ever - Bay Area.

  11. The birthday girl herself and amazing beauty Donna Henry writes in:

    So true @ impatience. It's one of my worst enemies lately. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time, cherish it.


  12. Hi Donna:
    So glad that your birthday was a wonderful success and that you danced all night.

    The impatient problem is an issue while in the extreme parenting stages, right? Yikes, it gets me on a daily basis. I just got to GET OVER MYSELF, seriously.

    Love you til the cows come home.

  13. C'est magnifique, mon amie! I could smell the sea as I read this. And hearing about Block Island, well, that makes me so nostalgic for the east coast. I'm so glad they're fiercely protecting the environment on that slice of heaven.

    I'll be in NY on August 11th. I hope you'll be back from your voyage! Hope to connect with you and your beautiful family. Love xoxo

  14. Hi Sue
    Oh dearie! You are here and love to see you beautiful face. Gotta have a tea in my kitchen or wherever you can, cause I know how it is when we are home on LI with our families all the way form the west.
    Block Island is a truly wonderful place, we must go and see it together some day!
    The voyage is over on Sat we were on le bateau 7/2-7/24 we are crazy pirates at this point.
    PS Love you til the cows come home.

  15. And dear Sue asked me to add along here:

    And as for your blog message I tried to post this but was having blogger problems so here it is:
    Oh good! I'm so glad you'll be back home on land when I visit. We will definitely have tea in your kitchen.

    Crazy pirates. Ha! Love you, girl. You crack me up.

    Love you!!!

  16. Kristen,
    Your blog is indeed one of those great discoveries on my journey through the sea of life. The way you expose and highlight our failures and at the same time help us to celebrate what is really important is awesome. I believe you will find your place as a great philosopher and author. Keep up the good work and no matter how much stardom comes your way, keep writing for us all.
    James, LONDON, UK

  17. James,
    Let me so thank you so much for one of the nicest compliments ever. I will cherish for as long as I can. He He.

    I shall always look up to you and your motivation to nurture this planet with kind thoughts & actions at all times.

    The frontier awaits us!

    Much Love,

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  19. Dear Book Doctors:

    Thank you for your interest and generosity as always.

    Kristen Shaw