Friday, December 30, 2011

Entry #30: The Year 2011: Sunlight's Promise, Feeling A Hopeful Universe and Our Illumination

Dear All:
The sun's blinding rays at the moment (1/1/12) are just a glimpse of 2011's magnificent display of winter's fantastic, springtime's happy budding magic, summer's radiant bloom and autumn's explosive firework show. We've used these images to enrich our hopes and dreams this year at Get Over Yourself Please.  The backyard's illuminating ways and the sunlight's promise have  given us  "the feeling" of a Hopeful Universe. We've shared insights on our own ways to divinity, to the state of happy detachment, while eating our delicious humble pie, haven't we? 

While loving you all til the cows come home, it has been a LoveFest with Twitter, it's been a celebration of Love Lights Glowing while Loving Until It Hurts (because that is all we have). We've discussed winter's harsh command and its forgiving ways, we've discussed the feeling of joy, and September's happy shining days! 

We've observed heaven on earth right outside the window. The unquestionable Baltimore Orioles flurry (only come in May), our Baby Quails divine purpose (at Seatuck Environmental Center whom are working on eradicating the tick infestation), the melancholy cries of October's Blue Jay and our unforgettable Robin's determination and ubiquity. Lastly, I cannot leave out my Adorable Jelly-- The Ballerina, and her memorable dance of perfection, right in Sag Harbor. Let's hear it for the Jellies!

  1. Heaven on earth is the new breeze that comes in from an open window during the bright month of May!
  2. Heaven on earth is September's daylight that illuminates every leaf, flower and tree with its happy smile, Good morning!
  3. The backyard birds are chanting like angels in September's bright stillness.
  4. Heaven on earth is the sun's bright light & the warmth it brings me this Indian Summer Season.

We have loved nature's backyard beauty (realizing how fragile it is & nourish our thoughts for its survival). We have honored our sun's daylight and happy cloud formations. We have had quite a parade of delightful flowers from Spring to Summer and Fall. How about the the explosion of june bride yellow bouquets picked to perfection from Block Island's Farmer's Market in mid July and the dark orange zinnias waving from the garden in August ? Lastly, we applauded the flower's beauty pageant (just hours before Hurricane Irene) right downstairs in the kitchen, on our window sill. I voted for Little Miss Orange Sunshine or was it the Giggly Preppy Pink Girls?

  1. I'll have a glass of bright orange flowers, please.
  2. Sunlight enriches my experience with everything!
  3. "Flowers are like human beings, they thrive on a little kindness."--Fred Streeter
  4. I'm going with the flowers.
We have thanked our amazing Joseph Campbell (Author of The Power of Myth) for helping us understand that we are in charge of our hearty adventure (in darkness and in light). We have referenced at great length, my favorite Hindu, Deepak Chopra (whose reflections have had positive influence on my behaviors ), our adorable Dalai Lama's Kindness Policy (which is not easy from where he resides) and our determined and radiant Mother Theresa. She says, "Keep loving and then keep loving more." I have to thank Maya Angelou's tale on NPR one day (who's QuoteTeam follows Get Over It Please/kkshaw47 on Twitter, what an honor!) We have seen the lessons in failure with Jimmy Carter who went from an unfavorable presidency in the 1970s to winning a Nobel Peace Price in 2002 (maybe there is hope for President Barack Obama.) Lastly, we were grateful to Oprah Winfrey, the spiritual leader of our time, for lifting us, time and time again.

  1. "I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love."--Mother Theresa
  2. "I don't have to have faith, I have experience."--Joseph Campbell
  3. "My religion is very simple, my religion is kindness.:--Dalai Lama

We have honored the Hero , which is a central theme in Joseph Campbell's writing. The hero who sacrifices for others has given life "great meaning". We have begun to understand the power of a Hero's consciousness (more now since I recently got my head out of my ass, sigh). We are now observing our problems abroad in Iraq (16 fucking suicide bombs go off at the same time the day we are withdrawing our troops, WTF kind of message is that?), Afghhanistan and now Pakistan. We learned of Pat Tillman's story and its devastating cover up. We've begun to look at our government in a different way. We now ask, just who's in charge in Congress and The House of Representatives in our districts, exactly? We have questioned Corporate America's Lobbying initiative ( lobbying can be effective in environmental /wildlife protection, by the way). We are starting to ask ourselves, can we "re-write" laws to further protect the women, children and animals of our community, our nation and the world? Yes, we are going to try til the cows come home, right?

We have saluted our environmentalists, Seatuck Environmental Center and The Nature Conservancy. We have declared Block Island, The Hopeful Universe. We have considered Rain Barrells as an alternative solution to water supply and Wind Energy too.

And finally, Getting Over Ourselves, which is never dull, starting with me. We have gone within ourselves to question the purpose of our egos (that is useful when you are growing as a child and young adult) and its destructive path. We have learned about our Reactive Crazy (again, can I get a trademark here?) and using Acceptance as a key to our problems as a coping tool (thank you Narcotics/Alcoholics Anonymous).

Reactive Crazy is the "culprit? in most major/minor conflicts. Reactive Crazy is the bruised, hurt, nasty, comeback to anything we are not prepared to hear about ourselves. It is a huge disappointment for me to observe and when I act out myself. Why can't we hear anything that is unfavorable about ourselves, in order to grow up? How can we achieve spiritual illumination?The misuse of our ego and our Reactive Crazy is revealing in marriage, family life, friendships and in our careers.  I'm just sayin...

  1. I fired my ego today!
  2. Has anyone brought your ego and its silliness to your attention and you thanked them for it?
  3. "Those who are free of resentful thoughts, surely find peace."--Buddha
  4. I Get Over Myself when I allow my loved ones to completely disagree with me.
  5. I Get Over Myself when I must accept what I do not necessary like in a positive way.
  6. If someone I love is struggling for whatever reason, I have to let them have their feelings, right?
  7. No ego with that please.
  8. My reactive crazy never disappoints me, yikes!

We've discussed the ramifications of karma. We've observed that our thoughts and actions have everything to do with our reality. We have realized that humility is a gift as well as active listening and focused attention (our dear children teach us that every minute of the day, right)?


  1. "Understand Karma. No debt in the universe goes unpaid."--Deepak Chopra
  2. "Total attention is the best gift I can give anyone."-- Deepak Chopra
  3. "Your imagination will create drama out of nothing unless you live in the moment."--Yahoo Astrology
  4. "Good thoughts cannot produce bad results, bad thoughts cannot produce good results."--James Allen
We have learned that losing our self importance could give us peace and calm. Once I let go of my version of disappointment and my self protection (that was my ego) I was somehow relieved. When I Got Over Myself, I was in a state of relief from my senseless attachment to all things good/bad.

  1. Is to let go a way of being in full control?
  2. Does your self importance cause you emotional gridlock with yourself and loved ones?
  3. I made friends with the abyss long ago
  4. Thank you for the abyss, it saved my life.
  5. I Got Over Myself today, what a relief!
As the fireflies have waved goodbye in late summer along with their friends, the trees that turn the color of tangerine lollipops (good enough to eat) and with the sun's blessing, we say thank you for reading in your busy days this year. If we continue to nourish our thoughts for a Hopeful Universe (no matter what is happening) and we lose our self importance and attachment to everything good and bad, then nothing can go that wrong right?

  1. We are in this world together.
  2. "Remember The Children"--Darrell Ford Jr.'s Winter Coat Button
  3. "Dear God, help me to be gentle and kind to every living creature."--A Prayer A Day
Let's pray for the women, children and animals who need our determined and fierce protection at all times.

With Love & Sincerely,


P.S. You are all awesome!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Entry #29: Getting My Jolly On, We Are In This World Together and My Reactive Crazy

Dear All:
Winter's quiet chill had its first dress rehearsal last night. The sun's warmth and abrupt winds melted Jack Frosts silvery art work on each happy bush and tree in the front yard, now adorned with cheery Christmas bows, lights and holiday fantastic. When twinkling lights illuminate every tree inside and out, where Christmas trees are beaded with mermaids swimming in their aqua glitter, where hand painted boats sail on their own faithful branch and where ruby feathered cardinals perch, what is there not to love? Winter has its harsh ways for sure, but this season is forgiving like no other. The air quality is peaking, the dramatic puffy clouds have their own language and a winter's moonlight is as bright as any sun's shine. All is calm in winter at the moment and a Full Moon is brewing.  Get ready everybody because winter is never dull! 

Get Over It Please Tweets
  1. Heaven on earth is the Full Moon's (12/9/11) silvery smile on our roof tops tonight. 
  2. "Santa is the President of Christmas."--Brady Shaw 3.5 years old
While making spirits bright and thanking the universe for winter's magic, I've been delighted by nimbus, puffy clouds that stimulate my imagination when I find the time to look up and notice. Not only do I enjoy the stories I create, but sometimes (when I am smelling too many flowers) I think, "Are the clouds telling us something other than what the weather will be like tomorrow?"  When I was young, my mother and I could see anything in a cloud passing by. She'd say, "Look, I see a turtle." or "I see a king, there is his crown!" Today, Brady said, "That is a bow and arrow!" and "That is lighting!" Let's raise our icy glasses to the clouds, their memories and the simple joy they bring. 

As the tree lights twinkle and sing their Christmas carols each night, I am hopeful for a productive universe that seems to be in the works. However, my heart becomes heavy each time I open up my Yahoo news page. With our planet hungry (which is no peace promoter) and a predator against children potentially getting off because of the New York State Statute of Limitations (it is time to eradicate the Statute of Limitations concerning this fucked up and menacing issue. Knock, knock Senator C. Schumer) and a particularly gruesome situation happening against women right here at our beaches (just to name a few incidents occurring at the moment), I am like oh dear god help us down here. The way we manifest our anxiety is part of growing up and I have no control over any of this, however, how do you get through these feelings when you have a little lamb of a guy to get through this as well? Knowing that we are in this world together is the only way out. The only way to keep "up" is make a pact that we have one another to lean on and to understand. If anything supernatural should happen, its not like any of us will be singled out, we will be together somehow, because we are now, right?  

  1. We are in this world together.
  2. "Dear God, help me to be gentle and kind to every living creature."--A Prayer A Day
  3. "Understand Karma. No debt in the universe goes unpaid."--Deepak Chopra
As I become aware of the ramifications of my thoughts and the impact of karma, you would think I had enough strength to withhold my ego bullshit when things aren't going swimmingly. For the most part I do try and "shut it" and it does have a positive impact. However, when Todd and I are having any type of tense conversation about how to do things (his way or my way) my Reactive Crazy (can I get a trademark here?) starts blazing --quickly. It is a great comedy show, starring me and my asshole ways.

Reactive Crazy is the "culprit" in most major/minor conflicts. Reactive Crazy gets out of control if 1) anyone calls us out on the unfavorable (even when they are right) 2) it is the bruised, hurt, nasty comeback to anything we are not prepared to hear (which is 99% of the time) 3) it is the monster within a seemingly non defensive person 4) it is alliance(s) against an individual(s) who may be uncovering some truths 5) it is a lifetime story for some of us who never wanted to hear our own reality 6) it is a state of mind that does not allow for authenticity with oneself 7) it is a way in which to be cut off from honesty with loved ones who have our best interests in mind 8) It does not allow us to take responsibility for our actions because we immediately lunge into our own defense) 9) it causes pettiness which is the root of all evil 10) it is a defense mechanism that inhibits our spiritual illumination.

  1. My Reactive Crazy never disappoints me!
  2. How did your Reactive Crazy navigate you today? Oh dear.
  3. If I do not take responsibility for my actions today, there is no point.
Thank you all for reading in your busy days of everyday. If I Get Over Myself and my jolly on, if I remember that we are in this world together and more importantly, check my Reactive Crazy bullshit each day, then nothing can go that wrong, right?

Lastly, let's pray for the women, children & animals who need our determined and fierce protection at all times. 

With Love & Sincerely,

P.S. Happy Birthday to Lynne Campisi (12/10) and Sarah Kain (12/14) who are two of the brightest lights I've ever known. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Entry #28: Indian Summer's Firework Show, Minding My Lucky Stars and Listening without Judgment

Dear All:

The sun's relentless shine this November and the very late summer's hearty rainfall have given me nature's performance of a lifetime. The sweet dear leaves of our friends the trees, have remained a vivid green while the bold firework show of bright & zesty gold, delicious tangerine orange and "rosy cheeks" red have provided an exciting display of Autumn's richest quality of colors. The leaves twist and curl to the ground with more grace each day and today's (11/9/11) Indian Summer's mild temperature gave me more peace and calm than I can remember. Soon the trees will shake and shiver to Winter's harsh command and I will say good bye to this year's bloom, bounty and harvest and thank them for another spectacular season. 

Get Over It Please Tweets
  1. Heaven on earth is the sun's bright light & the warmth it brings me this Indian Summer season.
  2. Sunlight enriches my experience with everything!
As trees explode with bright gold and bushes looking like tangerine lollipops good enough to eat, I can always rely on the sun and the inner warmth it brings me. Each time I look up at the sun for the answers (don't we all?), I am greeted by my lifetime friend and remember the "super fun and exciting days" spent on Fire Island in the 1970s, and/or the sun's relief during the cryptic foggy summer days of San Francisco. When I observe the sun's bright rays on the small tree branches close by or the way the early morning sun lights up my backyard, I am reminded that maybe our dear God is never that far away. Let's hear it for the sun shine and all the warmth it brings!

With the sun's blessing and the Fall's non- stop firework show this season, I look at this Veteran's Day with as much compassion as I can. War is (and has been since the Gulf in 1991) part of our lives. I think to myself, how naive of me to think that with the existing global poverty,  (isn't that the root reason for war?) that war could not exist?  I will observe each Veterans Day with more respect and honor (again since I recently got my head out of my ass) and mind my lucky stars here in the non war zone (because of soldiers fighting to save their sanity and the world's freedom) and groom myself to "learn" the art of listening without judgment, sigh. 

With war being a part of life and our country actively involved in a nasty conflict with The Taliban on every level, I thank God for my freedom (at the moment) and the heroes that (have) put themselves in the line of fire for my safety. Veterans are more than the elderly men marching in the Babylon Memorial Day Parade. I have to thank them for giving up the many days in their lives that they may have felt weary, while being put in harms way. I've touched on these types of thoughts in recent entries, the Heroes Sacrifices, my initiative to send over boxes of cookies and wipes to Afghanistan (still on it) and the horrific story of our Pat Tillman's death by a US soldier, so I will just leave  "as is" this Veterans Day 2011. I will pray for the people of will and character who show me every day what sacrifice means. 


  1. "Barack Obama announces the End of the War in Iraq! All troops Returning Home by 1/1/2012"--Associated Press
  2. God bless the soldiers that save our asses everyday !
  3. If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other."--Mother Theresa
  4. "It is necessary to help others in our daily lives, merely praying for them isn't enough."--Dalai Lama
According to our beautiful Mother Theresa and our drop dead gorgeous Dalai Lama, it is one thing to love each another (and keep loving), but we must also "do" and "give" til the cows come home. I do much discussing of what should be and what is, but actively "doing for" is always a challenge, because I never have enough time? These spiritual teachers swear that by loving and giving and doing, that life long happiness is possible. I can think of my close friends that do these things on a daily basis and always have. I wonder why I am not the first one out the door to go and help and do? What's up with that shit, KK?

  1. "Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies."--Mother Theresa
  2. We are all in this world together.
  3. As long as I am Getting Over Myself today, I am good to go!
While gaining strength from the sun light today and always, I am amazed how distracted I can be and judgmental while listening to just about everyone, whether I agree or disagree. I think we all do it. Toddy does with me. He "booms" at me with his perspective or opinions and I just get so reactive crazy (this is a new one for the record, reactive crazy). When we are listening with judgment, aren't we missing out on some new and interesting idea ? Does listening with judgment mean, 1) we do not listen at all 2) we are more comfortable talking 3) we continually have to match the idea or story because we have to "up" the person telling the story (isn't it anti climatic for everyone?) 4) we are not even listening to the person because we want to tell a completely different story (about ourselves) 5) when someone tells us a story we don't even hear it and say nothing (because we are thinking of something else) 6) if someone proposes an new idea or thought and we provide a short negative response because we can only agree based on our own experience (we make it all about us)  7) we are not having an honest conversation 8) it causes monumental marital blow outs 9) listening is hard enough and with judgment it is impossible to have a genuine conversation  10) we are totally lost if we cannot actively listen, right? It is a huge character defect of mine that I am not going to blame my ADD on (for once). I'm just sayin...

  1. "Listening without judgment has got to be part of my story today, otherwise there is not point."
  2. "Do your best to listen carefully when people start telling you what's what today -- they might actually know better than you!"--Yahoo Astrology
  3. "Total attention is the best gift I can give anybody."--Deepak Chopra
  4. I'm going to Get Over Myself today and listen without judgment (not easy for some reason) and have me a piece of delicious humble pie!
Thank you all for reading in the very busy days of this bright Fall, good enough to eat, really. If I continue my love affair with the sun light and "do" til the cows come home, while keeping my thoughts focused on listening and not judging, nothing can go that wrong, right? 

Lastly, let's pray for the women, children (the weekly tabloids broke a devastating story of children/ young adults not properly taken care of by very wreckless adults which blinded me with rage) & animals who need our determined and fierce protection at all times. 

With Love & Sincerely,

P.S. You are all awesome!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Entry #27: Autumn's Golden Ruby Rainbow, Who's In Charge Already and Losing Our Self Importance

Dear All:
The breeze became wind yesterday and it was a relief from the warm balmy days of this endless summer. It was perfectly sexy in every way but now we are ready to breathe again! As the leaves happily let go of summer, October's brilliant color scheme is more rich than ever. June brides' yellows have become grown up golden girls, piping hot red pansies are now a mature ruby red and the bright orange zinnias are now a shade deeper, preparing us for the ghosts and witches soon to arrive. Brady is just starting to get his "bumble on" about Halloween! Saturday evening's bright harvest moon gave us a silver glow that lit up every pumpkin (soon to be Jack -O- Lanterns) on each door step. Heaven at its best, day and night!

"Get Over It, Please" Celebrates 2,000 Tweets
  1. Heaven on earth is Autumn's golden ruby rainbow.
  2. October's songs of Indian summer promise peace & calm. 
With full moons, beaming sunflowers and happy scarecrows, I perk up each time I hear the dramatic songs of the Robins that populate my backyard. These hearty birds (who lay sky blue eggs, is that magic or what?) pipe all along the flower beds looking for their three meals a day -- worms, worms, and worms. Early in the morning when the sprinklers turn on, they plant themselves on the ground and happily flutter their wings to the rhythm of the splashy water. I can always rely on the Robins' strong presence just outside the window and the way it makes me feel.

As the Fall rainbow blinds us with golden yellows and while taking notice of the Robins' happy/sad cries (which is comforting somehow), the news is unsettling on so many levels. I know that it is has always been like this, but I recently got my head of my ass, so everything seems different. 

The unfavorable news abroad and right here in LI is of nothing I want anything to do with, but it is happening. Are the nation's/world's ongoing issues due to the fact that we struggle for "any" answer at all because, 1) it is supposed to be happening? 2) its just not the right thing to do? or 3) is it serving the epidemic of self importance in adults?  

I can discuss all that I want on issues of the world/nation, but if I do not know "who" is in charge on Capitol Hill (supposedly fighting for us little guys out here), then why bother with any conversation at all? My first step is to know, who is in charge (in addition to the random emails/letters I blast off to Congressman Pete King, "Save the exotic birds dude please" and he is like, "Fuck off lady, I got bigger problems here!") maybe I could help contribute "somehow" to these ongoing issues. Maybe I can get a progress report of wind power energy on Long Island and/or on the facts of rain barrel water and its conservation. So, after consulting with Abby Kane (clearly the more politically informed sister in the house) on "who" is in charge here for NY/LI. I'm sure that you are well versed on these names (because we voted for them, right)?  but as we all know, I smell way too many flowers over here. The Representatives are:

New York
NY State Governor - Andrew Cuomo (we vote every 4 years)

NY Senator - Christine Gillenbrand (we vote every 6 years)
NY Senator - Chuck Schumer (we vote every 6 years)

Suffolk County Congressman - Tim Bishop (we vote every 2 years)
Suffolk & Nassau County Congressman -  Steve Israel (we vote every 2 years)
Suffolk & Nassau County Congressman - Pete King (we vote every 2 years)
Nassau County Congresswoman - Carolyn McCarthy (we vote every 2 years)

We could not get the health care bill passed in this country for those without and Obama's almost outta here (poor dear). I believe Congress has the best health care coverage in the country so why can't they talk to their Lobbyist Reps at lunch in DC and get that coverage for everyone else (especially the children)? If I am able to get a "glimpse" of who/what/where and how bills are being passed then maybe I can help with a very small percentage of the solution? Is self importance paralyzing one of the best governments in the history of the world? Say it isn't so! 


  1. "9 million children in the USA do not have health care."--Ashton Kutcher
  2. I'm going where the environmentalists are in charge.

With the ghosts and witches preparing for 10/31 and our government in a pumpkin pie throwing contest, is it possible that our lives and experiences are what drive our decision making abilities (our own reality) or is it so bad that adults are paralyzing themselves with their own self importance?

Once I understood Deepak Chopra's (my favorite Hindu) interpretation of self importance, it allowed me to see my own negative behaviors. I now see how  1) we continually attach our self importance to things we do for others (especially good) 2) we attach our feelings to what the unfavorable things our loved ones say (and we seem to forget the good) 3) our self importance fuels our anger and resentments, that do not allow us to heal 4) our self importance makes us self unaware/clueless of those around us 5) our self importance makes us judge others actions 6) our self importance causes us to blame others 7) our self importance does not let us accept our responsibility in petty conflicts 8) our self importance does not allow us to fully forgive others 9) our self importance makes us super defensive (so baby town) 10) our self importance is paralyzing, meaning we stay in the same state of mind and do not move forward. Losing self importance is a relief, because there is nothing to attach to. I'm just sayin...

  1. Is to be in control, to let it all go?
  2. "Everyone has their own reality."--Mrs. Maureen Flood
  3. Does your self importance cause you to be in a state of emotional gridlock with yourself and others?
  4. Let me count the ways I will lost my self importance today! Yahoo!
Thank you all for reading in the very busy days of Fall. If I step up the initiative on who is in charge, so I can learn of possible solutions to some of the issues while losing my own self importance, nothing can go that wrong, right? 

Lastly, let's pray for the women, children & animals who need our determined and fierce protection at all times.

With Love & Sincerely,

P.S. Love you til the cows come home.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Entry #26: A Backyard Angels' Chant, The Rain Barrel's Save and Are You Proud Of Your Thoughts Today?

Dear All:
September's shining ways have said goodbye and we seem to hold our breath while inching our way to October's golden ruby rainbow. The leaves are letting go gracefully and continue with Autumn's pixie dance to delight us all. Accompanying this dance is an angels' chant of birds singing that takes my breath away! This magic happens to be birds in migration that have perched themselves in our backyard. As the golden, curly leaves twist and leap to their respective rhythms, the birds whistle, cry and chirp to their hearts content! I shall never get over the beauty of this heavenly song and the way it makes me feel.  

  1. The backyard birds are chanting like angels in September's very bright stillness.
  2. I'm going to get my happy on today!
As the whistles and chirps amuse me, there is no feeling I can describe like that of the big, blue and powerful blue jay. Do you know how we associate music/songs or sounds with memories? The strong cries of the blue jay remind me of my grandparents house in Babylon, NY's Argyle Park (which is so dear) and other memories are of camping deep in Northern California's, Point Reyes. Blue jays are typically aggressive towards other birds, but I just love them (I guess I always have empathy for the bad asses) and their songs give me a great feeling of living and being outdoors. 

With all of the excitement going on, I have to continually look at ways that I can help others, find ways in which I can learn about saving our dear Earth's resources and finally, to grasp the power of my thoughts and nourish them on a daily basis.

With the deluge of rain this summer (which made for this season's perfect bloom), I've thought, what would it be like if we capture nature's water in rain barrels? What is the process? The Natural Step Monona posts, "Rain barrels hold water that has been collected from roofs. This is water that normally runs down the downspout and into the storm sewer. By saving it in rain barrels, the water can be used in place of treated tap water (reverse osmosis filter anyone?). Since residential irrigation accounts for approximately 40% of domestic water consumption, you can see how stored rain water can ease the need for water demand, our groundwater is conserved and the useful life of our wells is prolonged. Electricity costs and pollution associated with pumping water from the aquifer (the aquifer is a wet underground layer of water-bearing permeable rock or unconsolidated materials (gravel/sand) from which ground water can be usefully extracted using a water well) is reduced." Everyone stop laughing, we've heard it all if I am talking about aquifers! Stop it!

With birds chanting in the backyard and hope for more rain, who would think that our thoughts are physical? Who could ever imagine (thank you Ms. Oprah Winfrey for introducing The Secret to our mainstream selves) that inner thoughts could be creating the life we are leading? This idea on "thoughts" keeps coming up from Deepak Chopra to James Allen to Eckart Tolle. If thoughts are tangible, does it mean that 1) good thoughts cannot produce bad results  2) loving thoughts of others can bring good kharma  3) bad thoughts cannot produce good results 4) loving thoughts of ourselves can create a happy life (no matter what) 5) kind and wishful thoughts of those that have hurt us can produce a positive reality 6) our thoughts are manifesting what is currently going on in our lives good/bad 7) clear thoughts of a dream can become real (even in the chaos) 8) understand that unkind thoughts of others can be hurting ourselves 9) our thoughts of others mean that they are thinking of us too 10) kind thoughts toward humanity can give us hope?

  1. Are you proud of your thoughts today?
  2. "Good thoughts cannot produce bad results, bad thoughts cannot produce good thoughts."--James Allen
  3. Is your karma sending you a message? 
  4. I Get Over Myself when I pray each day for kind and loving thoughts (no matter what)!
Thank you all for reading in the very busy days. Let's consider (for a moment) the benefits of the rain barrels and think kind thoughts of ourselves and humanity and see what it brings, I'm just saying....

Lastly, let's pray for the women, children & animals who need our determined and fierce protection at all times.

With Love & Sincerely,

P.S. Happy Birthday to Laurie Saccacio who is one of the best friends anyone could ever have.

P.S.S. I am currently working on getting a "legitimate" address for soldiers' boxes from Joe McCormick, neighbor and "Wounded Warrior Project" bicyclist. Keep calling me on this!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Entry #25: September's Happy Shining Ways, The Pat Tillman Story and My Disbelief

Dear All:
September's happy shining ways are here again! Every leaf is smiling with sun shining on its happy face and every bush is bathing in its final spot light of the season's last performance.  We are in summer's final color scheme (after a deluge of rain this week) and right into autumn's sexy rainbow. We are talking gorgeous. Thank you for nature's beauty that keeps on giving! 

Heaven on earth is September's daylight that illuminates every leaf, flower and tree with its happy smile. Good morning!

Our zinnias are still beaming with the preppy pinks, deep sunset oranges and now turned marmalade yellows. We wink and giggle at our dear garden of happy marigolds, tomatoes of yellow, orange and red this time of year and now welcome the leaves fall pixie dance rehearsal.  The atmosphere is still at the moment and the cicadas are ringing and cheering out there --  giving us an impression of comfort and peace. 

I suppose living in the seconds just before and after what is happening in my life (can anyone say denial, my favorite place? ) are what are keeping me happy enough to bumble through these blogs. 

However, as we approach a grueling historic event (that none of us will ever believe took place), we feel a sense of anxiety. We are all aware that our troops took out Osama Bin Laden (it really was Puffy, my bunny right?) and that we are ten years from that catastrophe and today (9/9), we are being egged on by a little "red alert" here in NY, because the Taliban is fucking threatening us again, from Pakistan (of all places). Where is Iran in all of this? When our wars with the Taliban began (Iraq 2003 and Afghanistan 2001), it seemed as if the US had a strategy (like pre-911 Gulf War ). Here we are ten  years later and no end in sight.

Our guys are getting their asses kicked out there, like the honorable and amazing Pat Tillman. I was not that familiar with his heroic/tragic story until I watched the HBO Special and learned about another film directed by Amir Bar-Lev'. Netflix Online reports, "Pat Tillman's family comes forward to tell the real story about what happened on 4/22/2004, in Afghanistan when the pro football player-turned US soldier was killed by friendly fire and not the Taliban, as first reported. The documentary films by Amir Bar-Lev' piece together the Tillman's search for the truth, how they exposed a military cover-up that led to top ranking officers and called to the carpet the likes of Donald Rumsfeld."--Netflix Online.   Silence. More silence.

Please don't mind me because I smell way too many flowers over here, but after viewing this story, I shook my head in disbelief of the current human condition in this extreme case. I am in great disbelief that war occurs in any one's lifetime (not just mine) ever and also while interacting with others as a "practicing adult".

I am in a continual state of disbelief of adult behavior. I am surprised how we 1) "me too" with every story that a loved one/stranger has to say, we can't just listen?  2) we are in silent conflicts with others who did nothing to us directly 3) we do not compliment one another more often or at all 4) we compare ourselves to others so that we look better  5) we talk shit about others actions (when it has nothing to do with us) 6) we are not in control of our self importance  7) we judge  - I do! 8) we contradict ourselves with what we say and how we behave 9) we are not sincere 10)  we have difficulty actualizing our greatest intentions. There I said it everybody, "Get Over It,"  because I know you love me til the cows come. 

Twitter Bugs
  1. Has anyone brought your ego and its silliness to your attention and you thanked them for it?
  2. "Your imagination will create drama out of nothing unless you live in the moment."--yahoo Astrology
  3. I Get Over Myself when I understand and implement the state of "high mindedness."
Thank you all for reading during the early days of this ravishing autumn about to take place. Let's accept the world as it is (rogue, maybe?) let's continue to probe for every one's truths and become better at negotiating some peacemaking deals. Let's be more mindful of our behaviors that make us look uninteresting and boring.  I'm just saying.

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  1. I Get Over Myself when I realize how my destructive ego makes me look uninteresting as a person.
Lastly, let's pray for the women, children & animals of war, war and more war who need our fierce protection at all times.

With Love & Sincerely,

P.S. I am going to send my boxes to the troops if it kills me. Cookies and wipes. Will you guys call me on this and remind me until it is done? Please?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Entry 24: The Fireflies Goodbye, The New Moon's Pull and The Gift of My Focused Attention

Dear All:
August's stunning parade of waving flowers, continual rainfall and the sun's shining dry heat proved to be nature's idea of perfection this east coast summer. As the rain kept its pace throughout the month, the big fat yellow sun baked each flower like the perfect cookie. Our preppy pinked zinnia's  (how about the name Zinny for my next bunny?) our yellow & orange lollipops (marigolds) and our perfectly tall and seductive dahlias are all winking goodbye from the garden, thanking us for this summer's spectacular.

We have tiny flower arrangements of sexy reds, June bride yellows, bright orange sunshines and giggly girl preppy pinks that are currently conducting a beauty pageant in the kitchen.  I am voting for Little Miss Bright Orange Sunshine.

"All are nothing but flowers in a flowering universe."--Nakagawa Soenroshi, Zen Buddhist

As the fireflies' final dance and glow leaves us in awe, today (8/27/11) we are now thrust into anticipation of the smashing crush of this year's tropical storm, Irene. What is wrong with a hurricane after this week's earthquake?

While sun baking like a cookie at beautiful Dianne Kinnear's backyard pool on Tuesday (8/23/11), Long Island experienced a 5.8 Richter scale earthquake from Washington, DC. Dianne and I were too busy chirping and drinking our iced green tea that we did not notice, we never even come up for air. But we want to thank mother nature for reminding us that she is still here and very well.

And today (8/27/11), we anxiously await a visit from Irene, who seems very sad to see summer's end too! This weather system is potent due to her high tide and her new moon. The UK's Daily Mail online reports, "The intensity of Hurricane Irene and the extent of the flooding on the East Coast could be made worse by a new moon and high temperature of water in the Atlantic, scientists warn. "During new and full Moons-- the Sun, Earth, and the Moon are arranged in a straight line, with the Sun and the Moon intensifying each other's gravitational pull on earth." We are now open to the unpredictability of nature's power--the abyss. I have no problem with the abyss, I made it my friend long ago. Yahoo!

Thank you for the abyss, it saved my life.

With the media's relentless presentation of nature's magnificent event to occur (today) and our thoughts glued to the television, I've realized the importance of being present.  No yoga or mediation could have prepared me for my "distracted ass" like parenthood. I am no Mom Blogger (yikes), but boy parenthood has provided me with some honorable lessons. When I realized how distracted I am as a person, and as a parent, it did not make me feel happy. I could easily say, "That is just me."  I thought further, "Get Over Yourself Please, starting now."

And what does that mean exactly? 1) actively listening to Todd when he is speaking 2) stopping what I am doing when Brady wants to play 3) interacting with Brady and using our imagination to have fun 4) turning down the noise in my mind when I am alone 5) listening to friends/family tell their stories without piping in 6) nourishing my thoughts 7) being calm when Todd is not 7) being calm when Brady is not 8) being more organized so I can focus and enjoy life's moments 9) talking less 10) honoring others with my focused attention. Thank God for Getting Over Myself, yahoo!


"Total attention is the best gift I can give anybody."--Deepak Chopra
"Become a parent and Get Over Yourself, we guarantee it!"--Kristen

Thank you all for reading during your last days of summer (it was a beauty) and for supporting my writing efforts good/bad. Let's raise our glasses and cheers to the abyss! It taught me how to let go of everything, yahoo! I hope that Irene's wrath is not too harsh but, she has her own perspective right? I promise to be present each moment so that I can love you all the "more" til the cows come home.

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I'll have a freshly mixed cocktail of happy & forgiveness, would you like a sip?

Lastly, let's pray for the women, children & animals surviving this storm (and everywhere) who need our fierce protection at all times.

With Love & Sincerely,

Monday, August 1, 2011

Entry 23: My Adorable Jelly -- The Ballerina, The Wind's Energy and I Fired My Ego Today!

Dear All:
July was as magnificent as I've ever known. From the Atlantic's deep blue depths to every splashing pool, to the spectacular colors that reside outside the back door. June's rainfall along with July's dry sunny heat, made for a remarkable encore to this month's radiant bloom.

As the critters swam to their hearts content (referring to my dear lamb of a jelly fish) in the pure & clean oceans at The End, the lime lighted hydrangeas provided quite a light show (at daylight) on the pool deck at Meddi and Alan's in Shelter Island. Meddi's simply calls them, "lime lights", which look like green flickers in the sun's light. Lastly, while the Zinnias tower over the marigolds, they illuminate us with a zesty, rich orange, a magical Lilly pink and a June bride's yellow like I have never seen before. These proud flowers are providing us with a very happy rainbow. Heaven on earth at its best!

While breathing in the rainbow before me, I've started to take notice of the wind and its impact on us and our forgiving earth. And through the deep thoughts and appreciation for everything wonderful before me, I find myself (at times) observing others actions which is cause for immediate termination of my -- ego. Yes, I fired my ego today! Yahoo!

It was encouraging to see the number of jellies being born out on The East End of NY. I was frozen with curiosity (while in Sag Harbor) by watching the absolutely dearest Jelly Fish (a jelly nettle). As she very very very very slowly moved her fragile and beautiful tentacles (an effortless movement of the perfect ballerina) she kept hitting against the dock.  I could only look at her in amazement while feeling helpless to save her. My intervention would have been harmful, so I had to just enjoy her magical ballet from the dock. She was endearing in every way - let's here it for the Jellies!

"To see life through the eyes of a child, is to be truly free."--author unknown

The wind can cool our hot ways and its force can cause some stressful times while at sea or cause the ripping through communities that are never left the same. The more time you spend aboard, the more you think and read about the wind (in particular on a day of travel). Todd found a helpful app called that has been navigating us all summer. He swears by it!

From the discussion of wind comes the idea of the Wind's Energy. What is that exactly? With the wind playing a role in our "climate change" and contributing to a couple of natural disasters this year alone, Tennessee and Missouri for example, I have to mention the positive potential it could have--- if constructed in a thoughtful way. I did my minimal research on wind energy and found the following facts with pros & cons on

"Wind turbines use energy from the motion of the wind to make mechanical energy,  which is then converted to electrical energy. This, in turn, is fed into the utility grid and distributed to customers. Perhaps this could alleviate, 1) oil spills, 2) coal spews, and 3) natural gas leaks. The pros are 1) 0 emissions 2) developed locally 3) fixed price 4) small footprint and 5) low impact on wildlife.  The cons are 1) high initial investment 2) noisy (I would think they were quiet) 3) aesthetic visual impact 4) must be situated near transmission lines and 5) wind must be between 6 mph & 16 mph for power generation, so it fluctuates." Oh well it still seems like a better idea than this over use of oil. Never surrender and never give up on the hope that awaits us!

Again with so much to worship and be thankful for, I continually fire my ego for insubordinate behavior, sigh. This means when I observe others actions. For god's sakes what is the point of being here if I just can't mind your own bees wax? Isn't that another privilege of being an adult, of being in control? This behavior is reserved for the children and teenagers, right? Once I realize that focusing on others' actions (other than Brady and Finney who I am in charge of at the moment), I need to fire my ego immediately without any explanation. I need to take one more breath and repeat to myself, god please help me Get Over Myself.

  1. Getting Over Myself today means checking my thoughts continually, listening more and removing my feelings from unfavorable situations.
  2. No ego with that please!
  3. I fired my ego today, yahoo!
  4. Getting Over Myself today means that I will focus on the fact that everything is a miracle to effectively create my short/long term reality.

Thank you all for reading in your busy summer days.  I applaud July's encore of an explosive bloom and I beam with hope each time I look out the window. The wind can be soothing yet daunting at the same time. Perhaps, provide an alternative solution (as a supplement) to our energy crisis some day? And on a final note, if I hop along my path of emotional discipline and if I promise to fire my ego the moment it arrives (with no discussion), then nothing can go that wrong right?

Lastly, let's pray for women, children and animals who need our intuition and fierce protection at all times. Keep the positive energy coming everyone! Love it!

With Love and Sincerely,