Friday, September 9, 2011

Entry #25: September's Happy Shining Ways, The Pat Tillman Story and My Disbelief

Dear All:
September's happy shining ways are here again! Every leaf is smiling with sun shining on its happy face and every bush is bathing in its final spot light of the season's last performance.  We are in summer's final color scheme (after a deluge of rain this week) and right into autumn's sexy rainbow. We are talking gorgeous. Thank you for nature's beauty that keeps on giving! 

Heaven on earth is September's daylight that illuminates every leaf, flower and tree with its happy smile. Good morning!

Our zinnias are still beaming with the preppy pinks, deep sunset oranges and now turned marmalade yellows. We wink and giggle at our dear garden of happy marigolds, tomatoes of yellow, orange and red this time of year and now welcome the leaves fall pixie dance rehearsal.  The atmosphere is still at the moment and the cicadas are ringing and cheering out there --  giving us an impression of comfort and peace. 

I suppose living in the seconds just before and after what is happening in my life (can anyone say denial, my favorite place? ) are what are keeping me happy enough to bumble through these blogs. 

However, as we approach a grueling historic event (that none of us will ever believe took place), we feel a sense of anxiety. We are all aware that our troops took out Osama Bin Laden (it really was Puffy, my bunny right?) and that we are ten years from that catastrophe and today (9/9), we are being egged on by a little "red alert" here in NY, because the Taliban is fucking threatening us again, from Pakistan (of all places). Where is Iran in all of this? When our wars with the Taliban began (Iraq 2003 and Afghanistan 2001), it seemed as if the US had a strategy (like pre-911 Gulf War ). Here we are ten  years later and no end in sight.

Our guys are getting their asses kicked out there, like the honorable and amazing Pat Tillman. I was not that familiar with his heroic/tragic story until I watched the HBO Special and learned about another film directed by Amir Bar-Lev'. Netflix Online reports, "Pat Tillman's family comes forward to tell the real story about what happened on 4/22/2004, in Afghanistan when the pro football player-turned US soldier was killed by friendly fire and not the Taliban, as first reported. The documentary films by Amir Bar-Lev' piece together the Tillman's search for the truth, how they exposed a military cover-up that led to top ranking officers and called to the carpet the likes of Donald Rumsfeld."--Netflix Online.   Silence. More silence.

Please don't mind me because I smell way too many flowers over here, but after viewing this story, I shook my head in disbelief of the current human condition in this extreme case. I am in great disbelief that war occurs in any one's lifetime (not just mine) ever and also while interacting with others as a "practicing adult".

I am in a continual state of disbelief of adult behavior. I am surprised how we 1) "me too" with every story that a loved one/stranger has to say, we can't just listen?  2) we are in silent conflicts with others who did nothing to us directly 3) we do not compliment one another more often or at all 4) we compare ourselves to others so that we look better  5) we talk shit about others actions (when it has nothing to do with us) 6) we are not in control of our self importance  7) we judge  - I do! 8) we contradict ourselves with what we say and how we behave 9) we are not sincere 10)  we have difficulty actualizing our greatest intentions. There I said it everybody, "Get Over It,"  because I know you love me til the cows come. 

Twitter Bugs
  1. Has anyone brought your ego and its silliness to your attention and you thanked them for it?
  2. "Your imagination will create drama out of nothing unless you live in the moment."--yahoo Astrology
  3. I Get Over Myself when I understand and implement the state of "high mindedness."
Thank you all for reading during the early days of this ravishing autumn about to take place. Let's accept the world as it is (rogue, maybe?) let's continue to probe for every one's truths and become better at negotiating some peacemaking deals. Let's be more mindful of our behaviors that make us look uninteresting and boring.  I'm just saying.

More Twitter Bugs
  1. I Get Over Myself when I realize how my destructive ego makes me look uninteresting as a person.
Lastly, let's pray for the women, children & animals of war, war and more war who need our fierce protection at all times.

With Love & Sincerely,

P.S. I am going to send my boxes to the troops if it kills me. Cookies and wipes. Will you guys call me on this and remind me until it is done? Please?


  1. Thanks as always for your well written thoughts that make me stop,visualize the beauty, think, and be grateful. Much love.

  2. My darling Patricia:
    Hi lovey where are you now? I would love to meet you down the street for a strong latte!
    This poor guy Pat Tillman lost his life (from a fellow solider) and I am dreaming of lattes. Can you imagine that story? and that was in the beginning of this insanely corrupt war.
    But I am also very grateful for the flowers and the smiling bushes just outside our window.
    love you til the cows come home.
    What amazing things are you doing these days? I love to hear.

  3. My dear and honest sister writes in:

    Ego and pride go hand in hand. P.R.I.D.E>-- Please remember I deserve everything!!!!! Always believed that I was a humble person ,and that my EGO was non-existent!!!! A horrendous divorce sure cured those self delusions!!!!

  4. Hi Ab:
    Well said. Hey my divorced healed me of my maniacal ego and its downfall on my character. Thank god I Got Over Myself.
    It is a gift, I promise.
    No room for pride or ego in this world cause then you can be truly happy.
    Mommy Lamb

  5. Hi Kris! Another great post. I watched part of the Pat Tillman documentary with Deirdre (I had to leave before it was over). So sad for his family and so frustrating that they couldn't get the true story. Here it is 9/11 ten years later. So many lives lost on that day, so many lives lost since. Seems to be the human condition to act out of greed and pride and stupidity, perpetuating endless war and destruction. I so appreciate that you're on this path raising awareness with heart and humor. As for that latte, I think it's fine to appreciate the simple pleasures in life. Enjoy!
    Love you xoxo

  6. Hi Sue:
    Oh girl here you are and thank you so much for your kind thoughts.

    Yup that story was moving like no other. What a beautiful family and person and just gone out of dishonor - completely. And then no truth to help the family with.

    I am in disbelief so much these days of what I am observing, but don't I just have to Get Over Myself?

    Love you til the cows come home and please give Deirdre a big kiss and hug for me. How are you babies? Great I hope.

  7. Dear Toddy writes in:

    Honey, Tillman is another glaring example of leadership void of moral compass and how the fallout is far reaching. Thanks so much for honoring him and his family while continuing to always fight the good fight!!

  8. Hi Toddy:

    Today I twittered, "In the name of god today, please bless all our heroes now and forever." Words could never explain the feelings behind the importance of today. I suppose that sadness and loss are part of our lives and that is why we should live in our moments of comfort and peace with joy!


  9. Kristen - love your description of the ravishing autumn upon is a beautiful time of year despite the remembrance of the 9/11 tragedy and we must try and get our country back to that spirit of unity and hope that existed in the days following that horrific day 10 years ago. I am, once again, humbled by the stories of the victims and heroes and I look at this time of year as a time of renewal and rebirth, as if it were Spring. Thank you for your lovely words.

  10. Hi Liz!
    Thank you so much for your loving support.

    I know girl this world is tipping lil bit out there but as the Buddhists would say it is supposed to "be". Can you imagine what the Dalai Lama goes through on an every day basis? He is always in a state of kindness.

    The stories 9/11 are beyond anything I can imagine, poor lambs. I pray for this universe with a full heart.

    Heaven on earth is San Francisco, right? Tiburon is so awesome and special. Oh my dear goodness.
    Yes I feel so many people are amazing and going to do this bruised world some good, starting now - CHARGE!

    Love you til the cows come home. Take care and be safe.


  11. Yes, I just love the Dalai Lama. He said: "I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe."

    How lovely to live without judgment and only with kindness and hope. We should all take heed and this world would be a better place.

  12. Hi Liz:
    Oh girl it is very very true. He has been through hell in his country and he is like the Buddha told/tells me that kindness is the only way to be.

    Getting Over Ourselves -- which means stop making everything good/bad about us and keeping the self importance in check. RIght?

    Happy Tiburon.


    PS Keep the positive energy coming!

  13. The lovely and COOL Kara Heiman writes from Greenport, NY!

    I find you inspiring. Your a light in my life! xo

  14. Dear Kara:
    This an honor coming from you. Go Mommy! Happy Birthday as well!

    Love you til the cows come home.