Monday, February 13, 2012

Entry #32: A Happy Butterfly of a Fish, The BioOrb and Others' Happiness

Dear All:
The mild temperature of this year's Valentine's Day (2012) have given the backyard birds another chance to dazzle me with their angelic ways. They swirl and twirl to and from the dark grey craggy branches just outside the window, who miss their green, delicate leaves this time of year. The Robins' continue piping along the leafless flower beds, the Blue Jays' loud mischievous cries still comfort me somehow and the White Throated Sparrows', (the most darling of all) clear bell of a whistle reminds me (like the bright sunshine on a cold morning) that God's light is right here.  

Brady's birthday gift was a black gold fish. He is like a remarkable butterfly (with flowery, dancing wings), only he is fish. When he is not slurping the filtered water on top of his globe, he is waving bubbles at us like the welcoming committee in the kitchen.  He came to us in a small bowl with some brightly color rocks. I thought to myself, "This fish cannot live like this, because these aquatic rocks are holding some hard core dyes that are unsuitable for a fish (James Fierro witnessed my expression and found great delight in my judgmental dismay)." I went to Pet Smart and purchased a BioOrb which is a natural globe of a fish tank (and quite decorative, may I add). Each time I pass the BioOrb, I wrap my arms around the tank, while beaming at this butterfly of a fish, and thank him for his endearing ways. 

While being dazzled by nature's ways and observing Brady's fish in a naturally green aquarium (yahoo!) I've often asked myself when did I understand the meaning/ feelings associated with love? Because we all know that love comes in very mysterious packages. 1) Is it the feeling it gives us or 2) is it the meaning/ understanding of love, that gives us so much satisfaction? Is it both?

In my relentless pursuit of happiness, I've been lucky to recall life's moments and the feeling(s) associated with the feeling of love/or being loved. As a baby, I felt love in my mother's beautifully tender voice and I see it in the way people love and adore their animals. My most dramatic and useful experience of its meaning came when I finally learned that the happiness of "others" is more important than my own (sigh). 

I realized that if I see others' happiness as more important than my own (from a place of strength), 1) I get to love everyone til the cows come (and we hope those cows never come home), 2) I am given the gift of "empathy" 3) If I am concentrating on others' happiness, no one can be disappointed 4) I will not be disappointed because, my goal is others' happiness 5) considering others happiness (feelings) can help me lose my ego, which is debilitating in every way  6) considering other's happiness can help me navigate my thoughts better 7) if I focus on other's happiness-- is that God being "in the details?" 8) focusing on other's happiness takes away from my selfish ways (ask Todd, he will tell you) 9) considering other's happiness will help me be present (actively listening), which is the best gift I can give to anyone and 10) focusing on others' happiness could bring me joy, because that is transcendence to another place other than myself? Is that what our spiritual leaders and masters are trying to say? 

Get Over It Please Tweets
  1. Is love--happiness, or is happiness-- love? 
  2. The world is about everyone else, not me. What a relief!
Thank you all for reading in your busy days this Winter. If the sunshine continues, then so will the bird's delightful songs (its all how you look at it) and if we are making more green products than ever before (BioOrb Aquariums at PetSmart available now) and if others' happiness is the path to our transcendence, then nothing can go that wrong right?

Let's pray for the women, children and animals who need our determined and fierce protection at all times.

With Love and Sincerely,