Thursday, March 15, 2012

Entry #33: My Ever Loving Chickadees, The Revival of Darfur's Destiny and Doing What Is Asked of Me (No Back Talk Please)

Dear All:
Winter was completely quiet this year. It felt like spring all winter season, and it was beautiful. We've had very little rainfall and unusually moderate temperatures. Yesterday's sunshine was not of this world! Last evening's (thank you daylight savings time) twilight created a bird's clatter (with my ever loving Chickadees, with angelic Cardinals and my friends, the Robins) like no other, in the backyard. These birds and their genius are of-- the purest calling!

The branches are still craggy, waiting for their friends, the light green buds to join them for the "Dance of the Season." Trailing cherry blossoms are set to start the opening number which is, the cherry vanilla twirl (delicious, can't wait). Sweet purple crocuses are determined and popping up in the darkest of this winter's harsh soil. They don't mind because it is Spring! 

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  1. The birds clatter this spectacular twilight evening (3/14/12)-- is of the purest calling. Thank you!
  2. The backyard birds are chirping loudly which is causing a flurry this twilight evening, (3/14/12).
  3. How can you not feel hope when you see the flowers?

With the birds so happy and springtime's determination, I look above for the revival of Darfur's destiny and wonder how does a situation arise like this on earth, with so many good and caring people everywhere? On a lighter note, is love more than just having the same values? Is it doing whatever is asked of us-- with an open heart and no back talk please? 

Get Over It Please
People are a wonderful universe.

I am still amazed of unfinished business in the Sudan. Tomorrow, March 16 is the Day Of Action for Darfur. 500,000 men, women and children are now at risk of starvation in Sudan's Nuba mountains and Blue Nile (only place where they are safe) because of the god damn corrupt sudanese government whom are blockading food and humanitarian aid. While on the phone making my $25 donation, I asked my representative, "Does George Clooney still support this foundation?" She said, "He is here today testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at the hearing, Sudan, South Sudan: Independence and Insecurity." I was relieved to learn that one of the most beloved actors of our time, is committed to helping these people out in desperate times, no matter how long it takes.

"Clooney blames Sudan's President Omar al-Ashir along with two other men in his raids for the violence perpetuated in the Sudan."--CNN. He adds, "There are alot of ways to attack this problem, 1) one is to do what we did with terrorist groups, which is go after the money," he says. 2) "The other way is to actually work with China, not try and to guilt them, but work with them."  Thank you, Mr. Clooney!

Doing what is asked of each other (within reason), was a deal closer for Todd and I, right baby? You have mentioned this idea a few times since that cocktail evening at the Gansevort in NYC. So, if I do what is asked of me , 1) we will build more trust 2) you will do what I ask of you 3) it will reduce our conflict(s) 4) I am doing what I may not want to do, which means living in the moment 5) we are validated (yahoo!) 6) we are living in a higher principle of values 7) it is selfless 8) we are nourishing our partnership, not depleting it with noise 9) we are checking our own character(s)  10) our good acts mirror our reality. This is all asked under the condition that there is "no back talk, please." This is revealing, to say the least.  There you go!

Get Over It Please Tweets
  1. I must listen to what is unfavorable about myself in a positive way.
  2. I am responsible for everything I am feeling today.
Thank you all for reading in your busy days this early spring season. If the birds continue their genius banter in the backyard, and if Mr. George Clooney continues his brutal fight to save people from starvation (because of three fucking guys, that is how this got started?) and if I do what I am supposed to do in my partnership(s), cause I love you til the cows come home, (will you do the same for me?) then nothing can go that wrong right?

Let's pray for the women, children and animals who need our determined and fierce protection at all times.

With Love and Sincerely, 



  1. Thank goodness Clooney's doing it in support of the Sadanese people. Nice blog - Get over yourself please.

  2. Hi Lamb:
    Thank you so much for checking in darling.

    How is Chic Boutique? What a perfect name for you venue company!

    Love you honey and thinking of you always.

    KK and All

  3. Dearest Krissy,
    I think of you every morning as the birds chirp wildly outside my window! There is one building a nest in a tree in our front yard, Brady would love it!!! Certainly a harbinger of spring! Beautiful words from a beautiful soul!
    Love you to the moon and back again,
    lynnie xoxo

  4. Hi Lynnie:

    Oh you are so dear and bright my lady! The birds songs lift me so much every day, they are not of this earth, right? It is so fun and exciting to see a nest anywhere and yes Brady would love it, you bet ya.

    I love you too and hope we can one another this very spring and talk Lindsanity and California.


  5. This being posted by KK on Sudan's Day of Action!

    Dear Kristen,

    Just a few hours ago, UEG President Tom Andrews, actor and activist George Clooney, Representative Jim McGovern, NAACP President and CEO Ben Jealous and Martin Luther King III and other leaders were arrested outside the Sudanese Embassy.

    FYI for the record today, 3/16/12

  6. Love you too til the cows come home. Through love support and commitment to mankind we need to help those in need and not attrest those who speak out for humanity.

  7. HI Patricia:

    It is indeed true. We will rise the above the ego clutter that gets in the way of human kind's empathy and compassion. There is a solution that is out there, which is good right?

    Love YOU til the cows come - always.


  8. Kristen: Listening to birds is easy right? Listening to humans telling us things about ourselves - not as easy, right? So,let's try and listen to all sounds with an open heart and mind....accepting what we hear as a healing voice. Hopefully the Sudan will listen to George Clooney's voice and all the others trying to mend our broken world. At least, we, at home, have the ability to keep the peace in our own little worlds through love and empathy and offering up our best selves every day. Keep it coming, girl.

  9. Hi Liz:

    your comment is absolutely the most perfect ever! Thank you for reminding us listening is a key to survival in this world at the moment. Otherwise there is not point!

    I am going to try and listen the best I can today while keeping the peace at bay through empathy and compassion.

    Love you Liz!


  10. THIS IS TODAY. 3/19/12 from Associate Press

    Only a few days following his arrest after participating in a protest on Friday, George Clooney is feelin' like a free man and wants to be heard!

    The actor hit up all of the talk shows on Sunday to bring more attention to the violence in Sudan, including CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS, NBC’s Meet the Press and Fox News Sunday.

    Ever the humanitarian, Clooney says:

    “I grew up in a family that believed that … your job was to be involved with your fellow man. You have a responsibility to participate in the human condition, one way or another.”

    Amen to that!!

    Clooney believes a joint diplomatic action by the U.S. and China could put an END to the violence Sudan is facing at the hands of their president, Omar Al-Bashir.

    Though the actor stands strongly on his beliefs, don't think you'll see him running for office anytime soon! Clooney feels he can have MORE influence as an activist rather than a politician.

    Clooney states:

    “There is no outside influence for me. I can actually have an opinion and it may not fit what the U.N. wants and it may not fit what other people want, and I can say, ‘This is what I think is right’ and stand by it. I think it's a lot easier than running for office. I don't have any interest in that.”

    We love his passion for this issue!! It's always nice to see celebs using their influence for the greater good!

  11. Love how much you pack into these posts, Kristen: the beauty of the birds, the challenges and growth that come from sharing life with your soul mate, the incomprehensible violence and suffering in the world and the late-breaking news of the celeb standing up to it. But my favorite is how you toss in bits of humor: no back talk, please. Ha! Love how you put your unique stamp on the world.

    Happy Spring. xoxo

  12. Hi Sue:

    Oh girl you always make me feel so happy. Thank you for your compliments, they mean so much coming from a scholar like yourself.

    Oh right? No Back Talk Please, it is very telling when we are trying to be present. Poor Todd has to go through this all of the time. But you know what I say, Get Over It Honey, you can't have everything. He agrees. He He. Got to love it.

    Love you and hope you are very well in sunny and dreamy Pasadena. Probably the nicest place on the planet.


  13. Via Email from

    Human Rights Leaders Arrested in Day of Action for Sudan!

    Last Friday, United to End Genocide President Tom Andrews, actor George Clooney, Rep. McGovern and 13 other human rights and faith leaders were detained for speaking out against Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir's brutal campaign of violence against his own people.

    Together, we are pushing forward an aggressive campaign to stop the crimes against humanity unfolding in Sudan. Last week, the bi-partisan legislation that we helped draft was introduced to address the growing humanitarian crisis in Sudan — and since then, the number of congressional co-sponsors has doubled and more are joining daily due to our pressure Join us and take action»

    United to End Genocide President Tom Andrews, actor George Clooney and human rights leaders were arrested for speaking up on behalf of the Sudanese people.
    There's something all of us can do. Ask your congressperson to support the Sudan Peace, Security and Accountability Act of 2012.

    Dangerous U.S — Syrian Connection
    United to End Genocide recently discovered that the United States is doing business with Rosoboronexport, a Russian company selling combat jets to the Syrian government — jets capable of bombing streets and houses. This is unconscionable.

    But your voice makes a difference. More than 20,000 United to End Genocide supporters sent letters to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta demanding that the Department of Defense cease all contracts with Rosoboronexport. And Congressional leaders took notice, 17 Senators sent a letter to Panetta expressing grave concern about the $1 billion in contracts with Rosoboronexport while others questioned him at a Senate hearing." Help us keep up the pressure — act now»