Saturday, March 31, 2012

Entry #35: Cherry Blossom Candy, Give2TheTroops and The Super Giant Tony Robbins

Dear All:
The arctic jet stream came and went and this week like a rocket. Luckily, a plentiful rainfall has given the earth the love it needs to conduct this Spring's spectacular bloom!  The fluffing buds on the trees are exploding into cherry blossom candy, good enough to eat. As their friends, the leafy shrubs return to their Easter jelly bean green, the backyard birds build their nests one twig at a time and the Cardinal's long drawn chirp, compliments the other dear birds ringing bells of heaven! 

  1. Early spring's buds have exploded into cherry blossom candy, good enough to eat today (3/31/12). 
As the very red tulips dominate the flower beds and more bushes get their blossom "on", I've been determined to find ways to bring comfort to the soldiers involved in the despicable Afghani/Pakistani war that is going very south at the moment. 

I found an organization that provides aid. I found out further from my girl Dana Courtney (at Give2TheTroops in Rocky Hill, CT), that they need more support in sending the goods overseas. I was so happy to have found my niche with this initiative. This way these men/women can receive the wipes, cookies and sunblock (the list is extensive) that they so desperately need. I suppose we are re-writing history at the moment, but I will never understand how the state of affairs can get so bad that combat is required. But again, I smell way too many flowers over here. 

  1. People are a wonderful universe.
With the trees dancing and Easter's promise of rebirth, some of us mommy's (Maggie Shaw, Stephanie Kanzler and Michele Giofree) are flying solo this weekend because the daddy's went to the Tony Robbins Seminar 2012. This juggernaut of an author, (The Giant Within), "uber" personal coach and motivational speaker seems to resonate with those of us looking for more relief from ourselves (not others, right?) and a short term/long term plan to gets things done. Bring it Tony!

  1. "Take control of your consistent emotions and begin to consciously and deliberately reshape your daily experience of life."--Tony Robbins
  2. "The quality of my life is the quality of my communication."--Tony Robbins (via text from Toddy at seminar 3/30/12)
If I keep involved somehow in supporting the US Troops in Afghanistan/Pakistan (who are having such a hard time right now) while checking my thoughts and feelings and focusing on the way I communicate (no matter what), then nothing can go that wrong right?

Let's pray for the women, children and animals (in combat and everywhere) who need our fierce and determined protection at all times.

With Love and Sincerely,



  1. Hi Kris, I've been feeling a little blue, having a hard time shifting out of my negative thoughts. Your email about a new post was a little ray of sunshine on an otherwise dreary day. Well, how I need to get over myself. Thank you for the inspiration and the reminder to stay on the path. So cool that the hubbies all went to a Tony Robbins seminar.
    Keep up the amazing work.

  2. Dear Kristen,
    So glad you discovered the best way to help with the troops. I finally had a moment to catch up with your site and love your adoption site! Such beautiful pictures and words of love.
    Love you forever,

  3. Hi Susan:

    Hi lamb sorry to hear you have been blue, but I guess with the rain well maybe its not such a bad thing.
    Thank you for always guiding me along and being so nice about my blog.

    God bless the troops who are having some very hard days and I am not certain how well our government is guiding us through this war. sigh.

    You have and will always been an inspiration to me. Life is how we look at it and the way things make us feel. I am not sure we take into consideration that way we feel very much, which is key. Someone recently brought to this my attention and he was right! Go Toddy with the quality of our conversations, it is so important, right!

    Love you hon maybe you just have your tea at home and the doggies and kitty cats and all will be better tomorrow.

    miss you and love you

  4. Hello darling lamb Cindy

    Thank you bunny for hopping in and your comments on my efforts towards the troops. Girl, I was like blah blah, I am going to send these boxes to the troops in Afghanistan and yak yak and it took me forever to find the right channel, learn what they needed exactly and then get the contact #s, etc. to do this, but the smallest tasks took me so much longer than I thought, yikes!

    Thank you for your kind thoughts. I can't believe how much we were laughing on the phone this week - gotta love the giggles we have.

    You are the best and I love you too!


  5. Love the cherry blossom candy! I get such a colorful and yummy image in my mind and want to go out and find a whole orchard of cherry trees with candy blossoms! Good for you that you are taking care of the troops while your hubby is away getting energized by Tony R. It's raining here in Tiburon and has been for what seems like weeks....I, like Sue, get a little blue when there is this much rain but know that it will nourish our lovely trees and flowers and all will be bright and cheery once again. I think I will just light a fire and sip some blueberry tea (to go with my blueberry mood.) Ha! Feeling better already!

  6. Hi Liz:

    Oh girl Tiburon is amazing even in the rain. I can remember when CA would get the monsoons and it rains forever. Your climate does need the rain as much as possible, right? I think that feeling blue is part of life and maybe we just have to go with it.

    Tony Robbins is so the guru for the "guys" which is such a good thing. Tony is a powerhouse and people respond very well to him. Let's have a toast to Tony and the path to perfect calm and understanding (of ourselves)!

    Love ya girl - thank you so much for contributing to this blog always!

    Take care

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