Friday, April 22, 2011

Entry 17: Heaven On Earth, Jimmy Carter's Fail Better, & Keeping "Hope" Close to the Heart

Dear All:
Winter has taken its last inhale and we are all waiting patiently for its release! The blossoms are starting to reveal themselves, but seem anxious that Jack Frost could reappear one more time this year. We look for the sun's happy smile each morning and are again welcomed by the relentless-- cold grey air that will not budge (as crazy as San Francisco in the month of July). The best part of spring not coming-- is that it hasn't arrived yet.

As we thank god for heaven on Earth (did you see the children, animals & flowers today?) and also thank him for kicking our ass every day (love those failures cause you learn those superior life lessons), to do & be better and lastly, promise to keep "hope" very close to the heart. If we promise to keep "hope" close to the heart, what could possibly go wrong?

Today is Earth Day, one of another 364, right? I'm like, "Today is Earth Day?", " Come on, isn't every day Earth Day?", "Please!"

Even though winter is lingering, there are many dear little buds cuddling the branches. Our red tulips are preparing for their commencement ceremony on the east side of our yard (all 200 planted, thank you Daddy!) Some have opened their petals for the sunshine & then close them at night for the stars. I call this heaven on earth no matter what.

We all know Mother Nature has had about enough and her protective rage has begun. So while keeping our eyes & hearts tuned into the news abroad, maybe we can do a little  here & there on our own.

It could mean 1) taking your garbage bag in the car & picking up garbage (which was fun one sunny afternoon on Railroad Avenue in Copiague, NY last week when I had a babysitter.) 2) It could mean (whatever your flavor) making it our business to "be informed" on how local legislature is managing $ to protect the coastline, rivers /bay/ocean water or wildlife in our community or 3) learning how to "break" down the paper recycling that requires twine when put out to the curb. It seems to be this very big task for me, but for goodness sakes Kristen, Get Over it and do it, right? Sigh.

I am on Twitter/Facebook - as much as this Mommy can be, yahoo! Love it.

"Save the Landfills"--Kristen

"Mommy, what planet are we from?"--Brady Shaw

I am amused by failure. It is a huge part of my story. How many times did I get fired you guys? Seriously? I think I got fired because I needed to get fired, right? Getting fired made me work harder & harder and keep working. Failures really make you stop, think and awaken. Nothing is as good as that humble pie, BAM! right in the face. Thank you for that humble pie because I needed it.

No one knows more about humble pie than elected president of the US in 1976 Jimmy Carter. He kept on his path of helping others and there was no looking back for him.

Jimmy Carter, (of  The Carter Center  elected president of the US in 1976, presided over a country crippled by ongoing int'l crises & the worst economic recession since the Great Depression. He was soundly defeated in the 1980 election by Ronald Reagan after one term in office. After his presidency, Carter dedicated himself to humanitarian projects, both in the US and abroad. In 2002, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. 

"This world is not about me, it is about everyone else."--Kristen

I recently purchased a pocket sized book entitled, "Fail Better," by Herter Studio. The cover reads, "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail Again, Fail Better." I am the queen of failure that I can thank ADD for & my formerly misguided ego!  My failures kicked my ass & taught me how to keep going & keep going which is a lesson right there! That's what I'm talking about!

"I have not failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."--Thomas Edison

I Get Over Myself when challenges present themselves & make me uncomfortable which means I am in a growth spurt."--Kristen

"I Get Over Myself when I see how failure has been part of my journey & helped me accept things more realistically."--Kristen

As I sit here cheerfully typing away on loving kindness & eternal light, I am in denial (my favorite place) about current events & local news (the local news is a challenge on the south shore of Long Island at the moment!).

I will always remind myself to keep "hope" close to the heart. I am part of a generation of chaos--yes, but of much more hope & promise. Do you all see why denial is my favorite place? "Hope" is an idea I will continually chase, nurture & thrive on.

I very am sure that people are dear, kind & good. I see it over one million times a day. I am hopeful that we will all strive to be better if we just, Get Over Ourselves Please, starting with me!

Today we visited the Holstville Ecology Nature Center which is an animal rescue center, zoo & green house. There are bob cats, rescued hawks & bears (to name a few). As we breezed by the owl cage, there were peacocks with the most vivid blue feathers I have ever seen. This amazing bird was lounging on his bird house, like a regal king. He was majestic. I was in awe! I said to the woman standing next to me, "Don't tell me heaven does not exist on earth, because there it is." She totally agreed, yahoo.

"Just about every time I look at a stranger in the eye and then smile, they smile back. It is very dear."--Kristen

"Get happy everybody, because this is as good as it gets."--Kristen

Thank you all for reading in your busy days. Enjoy heaven on earth, cause it is right outside our windows. Let's keep "hope"' close to our hearts because "hope" is all we have at the end of the day, right? Let's pray for the women, children & animals who need our fierce protection at all times.

With Love and Sincerely,