Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Entry #54: Jack Frost's Snowball Cocktail Tonight, What is ALEC and Are We Closet Bullies?

Dear All:

Thank heaven for life on the planet earth at the moment. The winter's morning sunlight, the white dusty blizzard (2/7/13) and fierce cold wind are a force to reckon with this year. As the trees wait for their friends, the buds to arrive, the season's icy magic dance show still can takes my breath away! Let's hear it for Jack Frost's snowball cocktail tonight!

In the early morning's dawn, we listen for the chanting and ringing of the bird's songs to light up the backyard. Recently, I have been illuminated by the percussion of a perky little woodpecker (with white tiny snow spots) who knocks and knocks for her bug fest just outside the window! 

  1. The winter's bright sunshine brings me warmth today (2/4/13)
  2. Let's hear it Jack Frost's snowball cocktail tonight!
As the early morning gets its "chirp" on, I was recently perturbed to learn of ALEC which is the American Legislative Exchange Council, that basically writes its own laws to benefit large corporations, and not for the benefit of people, mostly business. ALEC Exposed on line recently reported, "ALEC is not a lobby; it is not a front group.  Corporations hand state legislators the changes to the law they desire that directly benefit their bottom line. Along with legislators, corporations have membership with ALEC. They have their own corporate governing board which meets jointly with the legislative board." ALEC Exposed continues, "Corporations fund almost all ALEC's operations.  Participating legislators and corporations brings their homemade proposals home and introduce them in statehouses across the land as their own brilliants ideas and important public policy innovations--without disclosing that corporations crafted and voted on the bills. This is not an illegal activity either."

A subject that is now illegal is bullying. I am convinced that child and teenage bullying comes from the self importance of their parents. I am amazed and very disappointed on the level of petty judgment I have been witnessing from adults. This phenomenon has morphed its way into what I call, closet bullying, which is sucker punching on many levels. Closet bullying could be 1) speaking negatively about someone not present to defend themselves 2) saying kind things and behaving in a mean spirited way towards others 3) behaving kindly and then saying  mean spirited things about others 4) judging others in an extreme way (which says everything about us) 5) laughing at the expense of other people (I am guilty of, we all know me by now) 6) continually discussing our own point of view 7) taking zero responsibility for our bad behaviors when we are called out 8) being insincere (the worst of all) 9) comparing ourselves to others so we feel better (sigh) and 10) not speaking out on bullying behaviors that are affecting others. Would you agree that closet bullying comes from our self importance or that we have not grown up yet? Just sayin...

If we can cheers to Jack Frost today, while fully understanding the corrupt ways that laws are being passed currently (WTF) and identifying bullying behaviors in our ourselves and others, then nothing can go that wrong, right?

Let's pray for the women, children and animals who need our determined and fierce protection at all times.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Entry #53: 2012's How Will We Illuminate The World Today?

Dear All:

The sun's blinding rays at the moment (12/31/12) are just a glimpse of 2012's magnificent display of winter's quiet, springtime's blushing budding magic, summer's ultra radiant bloom and autumn's rainbow ballet show. We've used these images to enrich our hopes and dreams this year at Get Over Yourself Please.  The backyard's illuminating ways and the sunlight's warmth have given us  "the feeling" of hope in what seems to be inevitable chaos. We've shared insights on our own ways to divinity, to the state of happy detachment, while getting over our reactive crazy, haven't we? 

We've enjoyed rainfall cocktails with a snap dragon twist never to forget. We could not get enough cherry blossom candy, yellow kissed daffodils and pink peony coolers and still want more!  We started the summer with the June bells Parade and ended with the Monarch butterfly dance party, which was the experience of a life time!

We've observed heaven on earth right outside the window. The happy butterfly of a black goldfish, the sad yet delightful cries of October's Blue Jay and our unforgettable Robin's determination and ubiquity. Lastly, I cannot leave out the ringing and chanting of my loving cardinals who bring me closer to god with every song. Let's hear it for the backyard!

  • "The birds and flowers give me hope."--Susan Campisi
  • Where the birds songs illuminate us, there is light (8/21/12).
  • The garden is happy today (7/20/12).

We have thanked our amazing Joseph Campbell (Author of The Power of Myth) for helping us understand that we are in charge of our hearty adventure (in darkness and in light). We have referenced at great length, my favorite Hindu, Deepak Chopra (whose reflections have had positive influence on my behaviors ), our adorable Dalai Lama's Kindness Policy (which is not easy from where he resides) and our determined and radiant Mother Theresa. She says, "Keep loving and then keep loving more." 

On a dimmer note, we have re-addressed the missing girls of India (WTF), the genocide taking place in Darfur that George Clooney is determined to repair by going after the money that is funding this fucking horror show. We've expressed our disappointment on Women's Rights prior to this election and continually reiterate our disbelief with the US involvement in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. Lastly, we have discussed the audacity of fracking which is another charade concerning our country's love with affair with money, never mind oil. 

We have thanked NPR (National Public Radio) for a fresh perspective. We have honored our environmental hero, the Oyster. We've saluted our Military Dogs and donated to Give2The Troops. We have advertised the benefits of Recycle.com. We have celebrated the abolitionist President Abraham Lincoln, the game changer Steve Jobs, the life coach giant, Tony Robbins and lastly our beloved naturalist, John Muir a pioneer on preservation of all things green and dear to us. 
And finally, Getting Over Ourselves, which is never dull, starting with me. We have gone within ourselves to question the purpose of our egos (that is useful when you are growing as a child and young adult) and its destructive path. 

We have learned that others' happiness is a driving force in human nature and that doing what is asked of us (no matter what) can build monumental trust with those we admire. We have made it clear that respect is a gift like no other, we have discussed in length the ways to finding our bliss by letting go. We have always said that attaching to others actions is an unproductive use of time (during my very first speaking engagement No Ego Tonight on 11/13/12) and agree that I am what you say I am today, which is bad ass, don't you think? We addressed the irony of accepting apologies without forgiveness, and best of all --the topic of sincerity. If we are not sincere, then there is not point to anything--at all, right? 

  • My ego failed me today, but tomorrow will be better (9/3/12).
  • How did your reactive crazy behavior navigate you today? Oh dear.
  • "I am what you say I am today."--unknown tweet of 2011
  • How is your sincerity working for you today?

As the solstice got its blaze on and early summer got its golden on, we endured a very desperate loss of our family member, baby lamb Samantha Boyle (28 years old), a SF friend from the past, David L. Stone (49 years old) and Super Storm Sandy, that I still do not have the worlds to describe.

  • How will we illuminate the world today?
Thank you for reading in your busy days this year. Let's pray for the soldiers, women, children (god bless the community of Sandy Hook in Newtown, CT) and animals who need our fierce and determined protection at all times.

Love and Sincerely,