Monday, June 20, 2011

Entry #20: The Baby Quail's Purpose, June's Hosting of the Summer Solstice and Accepting the Unfavorable in a Positive Way

Dear All:
Every leaf of every tree is emerald in its state of velvet smooth green, chattering among themselves and their respective branches. Some of the flowers have come & gone already, like our delightfully blush pink peonies. The Cosmos Ladybird Scarlet flower is still waiting for the six second visit of a dazzling hummingbird's feed. June's lovely breeze is giving us a deep healthy inhale before the oppressive humidity inches its way into our summer days.

Nature continually tries its hardest to keep us alive & well on the planet. Our visit to Planting Fields Arboretum reminded me of that today. June's nature spectacular is as compelling as always. However, I've realized that there is no time (at this time of the year) to sit and smell the flowers that have worked so hard to bloom! Lastly, as I enjoy June's trance, I continue my pursuit of losing my self importance and work on Getting Over Myself when there is something I do not like, that I should be accepting in a positive way.

Early this month we arranged to have an nursery school type hike for Brady and his friends at The Seatuck Environmental Association. Seatuck is a non profit org that preserves & educates the public on the environment & wildlife of Long Island. 

While we waited (in the bird observatory room) for our guide to organize and get us out on the trails to study bugs and examine fox foot prints, there was was a glass tank of approximately 50 baby quail chirping up their own little storm. At the time I thought this could be a project for the local schools, but then I wondered why they were not baby chicks, so I asked our guide, Peter. He told me that quail eat ticks! I thought this is a one solution to our tick problem, yahoo! He added this idea will work if the fox population inside the sanctuary do not eat the baby quail for breakfast. I will honor the quails (and all life) everyday. Hows about we take the ticks down with those baby quail?

In my household we love June for its pure bounty & nature's delight, but also because it is host to the Summer Solstice party, to name just a few reasons. Mostly because it is beautiful Todd's birthday (6/21). Happy Birthday to my dear honey. 

The Summer Solstice is a major celestial event known around the world. It results in the longest day and the shortest night of the year.  One of the most enduring modern ties with the Solstice were the Druids celebration of the day as the "wedding of Heaven and Earth". Give me a wedding of heaven and earth and a couple of smashing birthdays (Happy Birthday to my amazing Deirdre McGinnis 6/23), and I am good to go!

My love affair with Twitter continues. Brady can be helpful with his ideas about life on Twitter  too!

  1. "I am dancing like water." - Brady 3 Years old
  2. "The wind is here." - Brady 3 Years Old
  3. "I make wishes."--Brady 3 Years Old

Lastly I am so thankful to Get Over Myself (can I get a trademark here Donna Henry?) every second of each day because then there is no point to any of this right? I am so lovely & easy to get along with when is all is going my way. But how about when Todd calls me on my distracted ways or my defensive behavior or there is a random situation that does not sit well with my silly rules, what a buncha crap, right?  Finally, how about my contempt toward people who toss their cigarette butts out their car window?  Honk honk and fuck you! This is when I can be snarly & self righteous which at the end of the day is a pity for me! I have to get over it if its bad, and I have to remove my "feelings" from the situation, right? 

I believe the most important lesson for me has/ is to accept everything the way it is even when it is not great. It takes practice, like pilates, yahoo! If I lose my self importance in just about everything I say & do, then I'm good, right? Here are some tweets that got me here:


  1. I Get Over Myself when I allow my loved ones to completely disagree with me. 
  2. I Get Over Myself when I realize that I must accept what I do not necessary "like" in a positive way! 
  3. Get Over Yourself if you care what others say about you good or bad, because they are right somehow.
  4. If someone I love is struggling for whatever reason, I have to let them have their feelings right?

Lastly, thank you for reading in your busy days. I am routing for those baby quail, I am going to worship this year's solstice til the cows come home and I am going to always look within for acceptance (of everything good/bad) in the most positive way that I can. Let's keep "hope" close to the heart & pray for the men, women, children & animals who need our fierce protection at all times. 

With Love & Sincerely,