Thursday, December 30, 2010

Entry #13: Little Truths, Barack Obama's, "of Thee I Sing" and Rising Above the Ego Clutter

Dear All:
The New Year's Moon is resting powerfully in the black sky at the moment while drawing out all of our truths, justices and hopes for the upcoming year. We had some magnificent blizzard this holiday. Our roof's glaciers are thawing and air is growing more mild as the clock ticks to 2011. 

It was an exciting, but busy holiday season. Our families joined together for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day which was wonderful. Friends and family were close by for the occasional bitch slap and hysterically fits of laughter. Cheers to the family!

We all know I am a happy person and try like hell to see the good in things, but it is just that Christmas leaves me with very little breathing room, literally. I love to shop and give presents, it is awesome, but the job becomes intense toward the end. The gift wrapping requires such finesse and flexibility by the end I am crippled from bending over on the ground, one day I will do it on a table.

I shopped like my mother and sister, I never stopped until the job was done. I took care of Brady (birthday is coming up too), purchased all of the gifts for my Diva mom and my sweet but sometimes salty sister (love that about her she is very funny). I did not stop until I got all of Toddy's beautiful presents ( I shrunk his favorite zip sweater so I really needed to pull that down for the team). I  was so excited about his gifts that I plumb forgot about Todd's stocking treats. 

I did have a sweet baby duckling ornament wrapped for him, but then I needed to fill it with more sugar plumbs I was stuck. What about a screwdriver? socks? handkerchiefs? well none of that was actually going to fit IN the stocking. So I went to my favorite Hindu (again and again if you get tired of him leave it in the comment box please), picked up several cards (Manifesting Good Luck cards) and never looked back. When Todd opened his stocking I made him say the cards to me, and it was really fun because they were all right on target and very true. Love to Get Over Myself, it is so necessary, gotta say!

I acknowledge my emotions and act upon them in a way that enhances my relationships.

When I recognize some one's admirable attributes, I openly show my appreciate and gratitude.

I compliment and praise others which enriches both of our lives.

What I like or dislike about other people reflects a similar quality in myself.

I regard everyone I meet as an equal - with sensitivity and respect.

I honor and respect everyone on my path.
Deepak Chopra

This particular Christmas was extra special because the lovely and talented Sarah Boyle joined us who (one of my three awesome nieces) gave Brady, Barack Obama's "of Thee I Sing, A Letter To My Daughters as one of his Christmas gift's.
Sarah shared her appreciation for this book when she gave it to Brady and I have to agree with her. 

The message is an honest and loving letter from a father to his daughters. I thought these ideas should come from parents to children, children to parents, brothers to sisters, all of it to everyone. Get Over Yourself if you are not sending the message of life out there, which is, loving kindness bundled with joy with a smile on top, let's have the flow of positive energy happening at all times please! We need it thank you very much! Sarah, thank you for sharing this book with Brady and me too! 

He asked them in the most loving way,

Have I told you that you are creative?
Have I told you that you are smart?
Have I told you that you have your own song?
Have I told you that you are strong?Have I told you how important it is to honor others' sacrifices? (going to have to blog about this right? please remind me)
Have I told you that you are kind?
Have I told you that you don't give up?

Lastly, I just sit here in the dark (again) in awe of the world's tragedies and magic. I shall always search for the earth's positive energy wherever I can find it and the people who live in its center and deep in its vortex. I will always try and rise above my mind's ego centric clutter (sorry I am human), try to stop and finish a thought when my ADD is making me short circuit. I want to learn how to listen (mostly), learn (from others) and deliver on a moment's promise. 

Thank you all for reading Get Over Yourself in your busy days. *Please remind me to honor other's sacrifices. This is huge for an upcoming blog of a chapter!

Moving forward, here we go! Need more bandwidth mommy! 

Please let's pray for the children and animals that need us, more than we will ever know.

With Love and Sincerely,

P.S. You are all awesome!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Entry #12: Feeling of Joy, Heaven and Nature Sing!

Hi All:
This twilight's December evening could not be more romantic. The sky is a light and  streaky dark grey with cold craggy branches that pricker the skyline. There is remains of a snow dust from our recent flurry that has set all the Christmas lights a twinkling. The winter's night and days illuminate the joy of nature, which is heavenly in every way.  

Joy is an under used word. I do not hear it often, (when people are expressing themselves) but I see it in people's eyes when they are in the company of people they love and when with their animals. 

While in the crush of Christmas, we have the nice songs that we hear very often round town and everywhere else. What is your favorite Christmas song? I love "Silent Night". "Joy to the World" is a good one too because of "heaven and nature sing".  I have been singing this my whole life but it never really dawned on me until I opened up my holiday card from Patricia Luzzi of  ( She nails these ideas and visions every single time. Thank you Patricia!

On a dim note today (12/15/2010), there has been an devastation at our local beach this week (Gilgo Beach, our swimming and surfing backyard). Four beautiful women lost their lives along our beaches due to very unfortunate circumstances. The situation has left this community in a state of disbelief and sadness. Helicopters have been swarming from my house to the beach and back to airport (just behind my house) looking for another missing woman (but now that theory has been put to rest, I think). Our hearts are broken for their families and everyone wishes they were there to help those girls who were so cold and afraid and lost out there.

As we say our tiny prayers daily and as Adele Reese Bisagni (one of my most important spiritual guides), once said, "I dial direct." And when we get them on the line we say, oh dear spirit (wherever you are) thank you so much for all that you do, all the time. Thanks for these mittens that fit Brady (but don't match, who cares get over it)! Thank you for all of my friends who are my family (no matter what, always and forever) thank you for keeping us warm and mostly for giving us all the laughter- all these years! Honestly can't thank him enough for that.  

Nature always comes up in these love discussions but it provides the most dramatic impression, for me.  Even though the trees are bristling from the bitter cold, they always seem to provide warm cover to the birds and for the critters that sleep deep inside of them. 

I do not have any curtains in my windows so I am always looking and searching for the next marvelous happening. The  laws of nature run like clock work. It is supposed to be like this, laws of nature are absolute. Right? Right. The sun's brilliant rise and the morning's long drawn cardinal's chirping to dusk's final call. I will never tire of nature's abundances. 

Here are some words (of our poets are know for sure) that convey that heaven and nature sure do sing, how lovely:

"Each season has its own wonder, it's own special place, and
     purpose in the pattern of creation. -Unknown

The sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers, but for the wide world's joy."
                                                                                    - Henry Ward Beecher

With all the joy and heaven and nature singing there has been a lot of chaos and holiday preparation. I got over myself at least 1 million times this week, it was great because I always need to get over myself. 

All that I can do is keep the pace going on the path to light (in my moments of denial)  because it is Christmas (a wonderful time in life), do my work, love my family (who are my friends too) and keep my thoughts and heart in the right place. 

Thank you all for taking the time to read in your busy days. Pray for the animals and children who need us in so many ways.  

Please all be very well.

With Love and Sincerely,