Saturday, March 31, 2012

Entry #35: Cherry Blossom Candy, Give2TheTroops and The Super Giant Tony Robbins

Dear All:
The arctic jet stream came and went and this week like a rocket. Luckily, a plentiful rainfall has given the earth the love it needs to conduct this Spring's spectacular bloom!  The fluffing buds on the trees are exploding into cherry blossom candy, good enough to eat. As their friends, the leafy shrubs return to their Easter jelly bean green, the backyard birds build their nests one twig at a time and the Cardinal's long drawn chirp, compliments the other dear birds ringing bells of heaven! 

  1. Early spring's buds have exploded into cherry blossom candy, good enough to eat today (3/31/12). 
As the very red tulips dominate the flower beds and more bushes get their blossom "on", I've been determined to find ways to bring comfort to the soldiers involved in the despicable Afghani/Pakistani war that is going very south at the moment. 

I found an organization that provides aid. I found out further from my girl Dana Courtney (at Give2TheTroops in Rocky Hill, CT), that they need more support in sending the goods overseas. I was so happy to have found my niche with this initiative. This way these men/women can receive the wipes, cookies and sunblock (the list is extensive) that they so desperately need. I suppose we are re-writing history at the moment, but I will never understand how the state of affairs can get so bad that combat is required. But again, I smell way too many flowers over here. 

  1. People are a wonderful universe.
With the trees dancing and Easter's promise of rebirth, some of us mommy's (Maggie Shaw, Stephanie Kanzler and Michele Giofree) are flying solo this weekend because the daddy's went to the Tony Robbins Seminar 2012. This juggernaut of an author, (The Giant Within), "uber" personal coach and motivational speaker seems to resonate with those of us looking for more relief from ourselves (not others, right?) and a short term/long term plan to gets things done. Bring it Tony!

  1. "Take control of your consistent emotions and begin to consciously and deliberately reshape your daily experience of life."--Tony Robbins
  2. "The quality of my life is the quality of my communication."--Tony Robbins (via text from Toddy at seminar 3/30/12)
If I keep involved somehow in supporting the US Troops in Afghanistan/Pakistan (who are having such a hard time right now) while checking my thoughts and feelings and focusing on the way I communicate (no matter what), then nothing can go that wrong right?

Let's pray for the women, children and animals (in combat and everywhere) who need our fierce and determined protection at all times.

With Love and Sincerely,


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Entry #34: Yellow Kissed Daffodils, Women's Rights Now (WTF!) and Here's to the Bliss!

Dear All:
Spring is determined to blossom. We've still had very little rainfall and the unusually moderate temperatures are giving us the feeling that it is late April. As the yellow kissed daffodils smile at us to begin the journey of our days, the White throated Sparrow's pretty wavering whistle, the very hearty chirp of the large breasted Robin and the angelic calls of the female Cardinals, continue to humble me.

  1. The yellow kissed daffodils smile to us as the journey of the day begins, (3/24/12).
  2. As the chanting of the bird's songs grow louder this morning, it can only mean that sunshine is on its way!
While observing the trees surprised look of spring's early arrival, and waiting for the sun each day, women everywhere are very concerned of the current GOP's discussions involving everyone else, but themselves.

Move recently published a top 10 list of Women's Rights being adjusted by the GOP and not to our advantage. 1) They want to reduce women's access to abortion care. After a major backlash, they promised to stop, but haven't yet. 2) A Georgia legislator wants to change the legal term for victims of stalking to "accuser". 3) A South Dakota rep proposed a bill to make it legal to murder a doctor who performs an abortion. 4) They want to cut nearly a billion $ of food and aid to low income pregnancy, mothers, babies and kids. 5) In Congress, they have a bill that would let (certain) hospitals allow a women to die rather than perform an abortion. 6) Maryland reps ended all county money for low-income kids preschool programs, (women should be at home with the kids not out working.) 7) At the Federal level of this issue, they want to cut the program Head Start by 1 billion 8) Elderly women's funding is being cut 9) Congress just voted for Repub amendment to cut all federal funding from Planned Parenthood health centers and 10) There are plans to eliminate all funds for the only federal planning program. The social network initiative is powerful everyone, look how it took down Egypt! Who is in charge of this planet ladies? Not the bullies! We have to use our right to vote and arrange things differently in Washington, DC, starting now! Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi, Senator Barbara Boxer, Secretary of State, Hilary Rodham Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and Angelina Jolie (the badass of all badasses), are you out there?

"As we cultivate our feminine energy, we can redefine the meaning of our strength."--OM Horoscope

With the sun light beaming and this month's magic, I look above for the strength to pursue my bliss no matter what happens. It is one thing to pursue bliss and another to obtain it, but how do I keep it humming? If I lose my self importance and stop attaching to everything and everybody (within reason ) and become realistic about my expectations on every level, then that nothing can go that wrong right? God is in the details, right? Here's to the Bliss!

Thank you all for reading in your busy days of early spring. By accepting this season's early arrival with happiness and putting the ladies in charge of our planet (seriously) we can keep the bliss humming, can't we?

Let's pray for the women, children and animals who need our fierce and determined protection at all times.

With Love and Sincerely,


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Entry #33: My Ever Loving Chickadees, The Revival of Darfur's Destiny and Doing What Is Asked of Me (No Back Talk Please)

Dear All:
Winter was completely quiet this year. It felt like spring all winter season, and it was beautiful. We've had very little rainfall and unusually moderate temperatures. Yesterday's sunshine was not of this world! Last evening's (thank you daylight savings time) twilight created a bird's clatter (with my ever loving Chickadees, with angelic Cardinals and my friends, the Robins) like no other, in the backyard. These birds and their genius are of-- the purest calling!

The branches are still craggy, waiting for their friends, the light green buds to join them for the "Dance of the Season." Trailing cherry blossoms are set to start the opening number which is, the cherry vanilla twirl (delicious, can't wait). Sweet purple crocuses are determined and popping up in the darkest of this winter's harsh soil. They don't mind because it is Spring! 

Get Over It Please Tweets
  1. The birds clatter this spectacular twilight evening (3/14/12)-- is of the purest calling. Thank you!
  2. The backyard birds are chirping loudly which is causing a flurry this twilight evening, (3/14/12).
  3. How can you not feel hope when you see the flowers?

With the birds so happy and springtime's determination, I look above for the revival of Darfur's destiny and wonder how does a situation arise like this on earth, with so many good and caring people everywhere? On a lighter note, is love more than just having the same values? Is it doing whatever is asked of us-- with an open heart and no back talk please? 

Get Over It Please
People are a wonderful universe.

I am still amazed of unfinished business in the Sudan. Tomorrow, March 16 is the Day Of Action for Darfur. 500,000 men, women and children are now at risk of starvation in Sudan's Nuba mountains and Blue Nile (only place where they are safe) because of the god damn corrupt sudanese government whom are blockading food and humanitarian aid. While on the phone making my $25 donation, I asked my representative, "Does George Clooney still support this foundation?" She said, "He is here today testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at the hearing, Sudan, South Sudan: Independence and Insecurity." I was relieved to learn that one of the most beloved actors of our time, is committed to helping these people out in desperate times, no matter how long it takes.

"Clooney blames Sudan's President Omar al-Ashir along with two other men in his raids for the violence perpetuated in the Sudan."--CNN. He adds, "There are alot of ways to attack this problem, 1) one is to do what we did with terrorist groups, which is go after the money," he says. 2) "The other way is to actually work with China, not try and to guilt them, but work with them."  Thank you, Mr. Clooney!

Doing what is asked of each other (within reason), was a deal closer for Todd and I, right baby? You have mentioned this idea a few times since that cocktail evening at the Gansevort in NYC. So, if I do what is asked of me , 1) we will build more trust 2) you will do what I ask of you 3) it will reduce our conflict(s) 4) I am doing what I may not want to do, which means living in the moment 5) we are validated (yahoo!) 6) we are living in a higher principle of values 7) it is selfless 8) we are nourishing our partnership, not depleting it with noise 9) we are checking our own character(s)  10) our good acts mirror our reality. This is all asked under the condition that there is "no back talk, please." This is revealing, to say the least.  There you go!

Get Over It Please Tweets
  1. I must listen to what is unfavorable about myself in a positive way.
  2. I am responsible for everything I am feeling today.
Thank you all for reading in your busy days this early spring season. If the birds continue their genius banter in the backyard, and if Mr. George Clooney continues his brutal fight to save people from starvation (because of three fucking guys, that is how this got started?) and if I do what I am supposed to do in my partnership(s), cause I love you til the cows come home, (will you do the same for me?) then nothing can go that wrong right?

Let's pray for the women, children and animals who need our determined and fierce protection at all times.

With Love and Sincerely,