Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Entry #41: Summer's Truthful Twilight, Honoring Other's Sacrifices and My Amusement (100% Recycled from 5/31/2011)

Dear All:
Summer exploded this week like a sky rocket. Every tree has bloomed & the blossoms are emerging slowly, one by one. The branches are finally dressed in their ruffled shades of green; patiently waiting for June's dance to begin. May is the month that everyone plants their magnolia trees, their bright yellow rose trees & blush pink peonies, just to name a few. We have had three full days of summer which is amazing to see, but nothing can compare to night's fall. As the sun begins to set, the sky becomes more vivid, the birds get in a frenzy of a chatter & the night's magic begins (the best part). There is nothing more truthful to me than a summer's twilight.

While nature illuminates us, Memorial Day is a sigh of relief. Memorial Day is so dandy with its red, white & blue fun! However, this year I feel my sensibilities tugging at my heart strings for the soldiers who have (in the past) & are fighting some intensely difficult wars at the moment. On a sunnier note, while the path to god is moving along, how about adding "amusement" to the situation to enrich this journey?


  1. Heaven on Earth is the new breeze that comes in from an open window during the bright month of May!
  2. How will we illuminate the world today? 
  3. All things grow with love.

Memorial Day is a wonderful holiday and we just love a good parade. As I chirp in my kitchen with friends & family about my bullshit, I do not ever remember addressing the gnarly wars in the past or present that deserve not only my protesting, attention, or money, but a discussion? Yikes! 

I have got to honor & thank the soldiers wholeheartedly for putting themselves on the line for me time & time again. I was not coherent during the Gulf War - were you? In the last few years I find myself thinking of the men/women/children & animals who are embroiled in conflicts of The Sudan, now Yemen, Afghanistan & Pakistan (of course) and the drug war (in Afghanistan specifically) --  just to name a few. I thank everyone for the uphill fight for justice! These guys are dodging the explosions of suicide bombers, they are on the front line of chemical warfare & they are in charge of rebuilding infrastructures in the middle of chaos like no other (and asked not to lose their minds). More sadly though, these soldiers are losing their friends in this abyss, the ones they can talk to & trust.

I have always said that Getting Over Myself has been amusing to me in every way. Again, if I lose my self importance in just about everything --I should be fine, right? Is being amused how we look at things?

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  1. "You will never be bored if you can appreciate the amusing nature of everyday life!"--Yahoo Astrology
  2. I am going to try me some of that humility today!

By losing my self serving ways, it means 1) not making others' actions about me, 2) not reacting when someone calls me on my bullshit, 3) accepting the terms of all my relationships (good/bad/indifferent) in a positive way, 4) learning how to dismiss my ego bullshit with my family when it flares up, 5) being very mindful of what I am thinking & its consequences, 6) being patient & try hard to listen (some days are better than others), 7) realizing that all of Brady's actions that piss me off are a direct result of what I have said or done (oh god), 8) try and not be judgmental ever, 9) be joyful at all times if possible, 10) crush my destructive ego every chance I can. By losing my silly ego & finding amusement in everyday life (this is where Buddha comes in --  even in the most mundane moments) is really all that I can strive for right? Love it!

Get happy everybody because this is as good as it gets. Yahoo!

Lastly, thank you for reading in your busy days. I have to thank the soldiers today, tomorrow & forever for their "larger than life sacrifices" and its impact on myself & the world. Let's keep "hope" close to the heart & pray for the men, women, children & animals who need our fierce protection at all times. 

With Love & Sincerely,

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Entry #40: Snap Dragon Twist, Abraham Lincoln's Pride and I Am What You Say I Am Today!

Dear All:

Memorial Day in the Northeast is breathtaking. The week of rainfall drenched us, so the trees are green peaking and now with the sun's yellow warmth, the garden is happy. The snap dragon's are popping and twisting while the peonies prepare for June's parade. 

The nests light up early as the cardinals' chirp and again at twilight's command, with their bell like ringing calls.  My spirit is bright as I observe the bird's dance in the garden today, (5/30/12).

  1. Spring is illuminating every tree, bush and flower today, (5/14/12).
As we salute this Memorial Day, there are many individuals to thank for our freedom and pride. In particular, our 16th president whose persistence carried him through a failed business, losing in Congress and as Vice President, nominee. Mr. Lincoln valued human rights and guided the States through the Civil War. Let's applaud him for confronting the dark side of racism and abolishing slavery through The Emancipation Proclamation, 1/1/1863. President Lincoln knew that his determination would be rewarded some day.

  1. "I will prepare, and some day my day will come."--Abraham Lincoln
As the red, white, and blue fun begins outside and the twisting, heavenly snap dragons beam to themselves, I continually check myself when I see the power of others and their "own reality." We have different life experiences, so surely we have different realities, right? Why do we believe others should have a similar view point to our own and even better, when we become unhappy about it? If I am detaching in order to be productive,  1) I am not judging (which is self serving, right?) 2) I can listen because it is not about me 3) I have no conflict 4) I am what you say I am 5) I am present 6) I can empathize 7) I am relieved 8) I am reducing my own noise 9) I am not attaching to others actions 9) I am not reacting (thank god) 10) I am in control of myself! 

  1. "Everyone has their own reality."--Maureen Flood
  2. "I am what you say I am today."--unknown tweet of 2011
If we are celebrate June's pink peony coolers in the backyard, while comprehending the sacrifices people have made for others (cause they had/have no fucking choice) and losing our ideas on what we believe is correct (of others), then nothing can go that wrong, right?

Let's pray for the women, children and animals that need our determined protection at all times!

Love and Sincerely,

Monday, May 21, 2012

Entry #39: June Bells Parade,1-800 and How is Your Sincerity Working for You?

Dear All:
Springs Parade is here! The trees are still beaming green and the warm rainfall is a relief.  The puffy leaves on the trees wave from the street as the "june bells" and "rainbow zinnias" get in line for the day's journey.

Each May the Baltimore Orioles flurry through the backyard and it is spectacular! As the sunset calms the backyard each evening, the arrival and departure (migration) of birds brings me a feeling of light. Is that God?

  1.  The Baltimore Oriole's sunset colored belly and flutter took my breath away today, (5/16/12).
As the garden gets its "sprinkle" on, I continually examine what I am putting in the waste basket. While sun bathing at our garage sale this weekend, Lisa Bisagni, Esq. referred me to, which is a "recycling search engine". As a partner of Best Buy (for example), you drop off electronics, wires and CDs and they recycle for you.

As the rainbow's path begins and the "baby girl pink" flowers smile to themselves, I question the depths of sincerity and the ramifications we place on ourselves. What is the point of anything if we are not sincere? Because if I am sincere then, 1) I am truthful 2) I am sorry 3) I love you 4) I forgive you 5) I meant what I said 6) I apologize for the misunderstanding 7) thank you 8) my thoughts mirror my actions 9) I was wrong and 10) you were right!

  1. How is your sincerity working for you today?
  2. Do you glare at others with your actions?
  3. "Often individuals whose opinions do not correspond with their words cannot help but reveal their true thoughts in actions."--OM (I have had multiple retweets on Twitter)
If we are able to enjoy this season's parade and safely dispose of our belongings while understanding the purpose of sincerity, then nothing can go that wrong right?

Let's pray for the women, children and animals that need our determined protection at all times!

Love and Sincerely,