Monday, May 21, 2012

Entry #39: June Bells Parade,1-800 and How is Your Sincerity Working for You?

Dear All:
Springs Parade is here! The trees are still beaming green and the warm rainfall is a relief.  The puffy leaves on the trees wave from the street as the "june bells" and "rainbow zinnias" get in line for the day's journey.

Each May the Baltimore Orioles flurry through the backyard and it is spectacular! As the sunset calms the backyard each evening, the arrival and departure (migration) of birds brings me a feeling of light. Is that God?

  1.  The Baltimore Oriole's sunset colored belly and flutter took my breath away today, (5/16/12).
As the garden gets its "sprinkle" on, I continually examine what I am putting in the waste basket. While sun bathing at our garage sale this weekend, Lisa Bisagni, Esq. referred me to, which is a "recycling search engine". As a partner of Best Buy (for example), you drop off electronics, wires and CDs and they recycle for you.

As the rainbow's path begins and the "baby girl pink" flowers smile to themselves, I question the depths of sincerity and the ramifications we place on ourselves. What is the point of anything if we are not sincere? Because if I am sincere then, 1) I am truthful 2) I am sorry 3) I love you 4) I forgive you 5) I meant what I said 6) I apologize for the misunderstanding 7) thank you 8) my thoughts mirror my actions 9) I was wrong and 10) you were right!

  1. How is your sincerity working for you today?
  2. Do you glare at others with your actions?
  3. "Often individuals whose opinions do not correspond with their words cannot help but reveal their true thoughts in actions."--OM (I have had multiple retweets on Twitter)
If we are able to enjoy this season's parade and safely dispose of our belongings while understanding the purpose of sincerity, then nothing can go that wrong right?

Let's pray for the women, children and animals that need our determined protection at all times!

Love and Sincerely,


  1. Oh yes, I think the migration of the birds and the light you feel is God.

    When you said, "... I continually examine what I am putting in the waste basket." at first I thought you meant it metaphorically. The wastebasket in our minds, those negative, trashy thoughts. Funny. I like both versions. Gotta be aware of the real trash we create and toss away onto this poor aching earth.

    It was so great to talk to you yesterday. Keep up the great work, leading the way on this spiritual path, writing about it so openly and honestly. Love it. Love you, girl.

  2. HI Susan:

    It was so wonderful to hear your voice yesterday! You are so normal girl. Ha He.

    Yes I like that two way thoughts on the waste baskets. Yup the negativity should be put out if you can, not always easy and now I cannot put a hair dryer, batteries or any item (wire like) in the garbage. For the larger Items, we are going to Best Buy, thanks to dear Lisa Bisagni! Gotta love it. .

    Thank you for your friendship all of these years!

    Love you sister, kiss to your baby animals.


  3. Hi Kristen - AS you know, California is, and particularly San Francisco, fiercely embraces recycling more than many other places. We actually have valet trash pick-up at our place which means we can dispose of our trash right on our doorstep where it is picked up every night. Convenience is key. Many people either feel they don't have time or they are just too lazy to take their trash to a recycling bin. I say we have to make the effort but there also needs to be more education and options for people who find this effort difficult.

    As for Spring, I can't say enough about the explosion of colors this Spring. Who doesn't like a garden? Well, I get to live in one big giant garden up here in my little corner of the world. And it's lovely.

  4. Hi Liz:

    Oh honey, I know the Bay Area is the promised land of all lands. I remember how conscious we all were on the West Coast (Oregon I remember the most) and respectful people are of the land and water out there. I wish it were true here in LI, but it isn't. We just have to keep on keeping on though. I hired a HS boy next door to dispense of our trash, because I kept getting the cans, paper and plastic days wrong. Ha, but I had to find a solution, you know?

    We use to play in the meadows, Tennessee Valley, Occidential and go camping in Hearts Desire in Point Reyes all weekend long. Gotta love it.

    Thank you for supporting me all of these entries girl. I really appreciate it.

    Love you and Happy Memorial Day to you and your dear family.