Sunday, April 29, 2012

Entry #38: Lilac Trees Blushing Violet, Steve Jobs, and Attaching to Others Actions

Dear All:
Spring is exploding at the moment. The sky has a big bright blue smile today and the trees, shrubs and plants are beaming with green and ready for another spectacular season of flowering trees and bouquets! While the sun's warmth loves the blushing lilac trees, the "baby pink" and "June bride yellow" tulips wait patiently in the flower beds for their floral friends to appear.

As the birds chirp and flutter during the day's journey, perched nearby are the Morning Doves, often paired and quietly whistling their "who" songs of God's light. Their ringing of unique songs, among the clatter, gives me great joy this bright spring season. Let's hear it for the Zen in the backyard!


  1.  The Morning Doves, perched nearby, quietly whistle their "who" songs of God's light.
  2. The Doves' presence and calm whistling, among the clatter, gives me great joy this bright spring morning (4/29).

As the lilac trees blush with violet and the tulips sit attentively in the garden, I see how attaching to people/events can be exhilarating or not, however we choose, right?

It is exciting to think of Steve Job's accomplishments and his impact on the world. Rolling Stone Magazine writes, "Steve Job's is the CEO of the most valued company in the world." When I read about his childhood, his rise and fall with Apple Computer and his later life, his path was to build the best computer in the world and also to attain self love and understanding like the rest of us. God bless Mr. Jobs for his inventive and intuitive computers, phones and astounding gateway to music!

With the exhilaration of Mr. Jobs and his Apple products, comes the continual "ego tugging" of attaching ourselves to people and/or events that do not make us feel good. I am amazed how much time we spend (as adults) discussing others actions, in particular when it has nothing to do with us. If we focus on our own thoughts and actions, (especially the ones we are proud of) then, 1) there is no conflict whatsoever 2) we are in a state of calm and in control 3) we can nourish ourselves more 4) we are working our emotionally healthy relationships 5) we are working our emotionally healthy selves 6) we are letting go of our self importance (ego) 7) we are demonstrating a higher level of communication to the world 8) we gain a new understanding of our responsibility in close relationships and how they make us feel 9) we stop the negative noise and 10) if we are living one of the universal laws, then nothing can go that wrong, right? 

  1. If I am focusing on my actions today, I am good to go!
  2. I am responsible for everything I am feeling today. 
While full grown trees explode with this flowers and morning doves whistle their tender songs in the backyard, perhaps we can we look within to understand the ways in which our ego can "tug at our bliss".  If I am being present (which means thinking, feeling and discussing my own actions), surely nothing can go that wrong, right?

Let's pray for the women, children and animals who need our fierce and determined protection at all times.

With Love and Sincerely,



  1. David Sterry, CEO of Book Doctors writes in:
    hey kristen, nice bloggin!

    Thank you David for inspiring me!

  2. Hi Kristen,
    After many months of rain in the Bay Area, it has all paid off because Spring has sprung here, too, in a big way! The trees are green and fluffy, wild calla lillies are in bloom everywhere and the sweet aroma of the flowering plants and trees floats in the air. A variety of birds have been devouring bird seed from my feeder out back and it seems I can't keep up with their hungry appetites! The dogs are enjoying long leisurely walks in the sunshine and jumping in the bay for a cool dip whenever they get the chance! Spring is a time for rebirth and renewal and we can't help but feel a sense of that when we look around us. Your advice of being present is good advice. It heightens our awareness, allows us take in the beauty of nature and fully engage with others. Thanks Krissy!

  3. HI Liz:
    Oh girl you are so good to me each and every post! I know the Bay Area taught me so much about god's necture - nature. I am so happy you are enjoying the beautiful days of spring's bounty. We use to go up to Occidental and have a huge bonfire, with a friends of my friends (an organic farmer in 1994) and I kid you not sitting in the little forest at that party, was a cake that said Happy Spring sitting right on a little wood table. That's California for you right? Thank you for taking the time to read and share Liz. Love ya girl and love and peace to your hubby and dear doggies!

    1. I love the story of the cake in the little forest that reads Happy Spring! How lovely! I must now bake a Happy Spring Cake and decorate it with flowers!

  4. My very kind and gently Jenny Ford writes in,

    hey sweetie, just got to read the last two...thanks for sharing and caring xoxojenny

  5. dear Jenny and all:

    you are always in our hearts. Much love and light to you all.


  6. Honey, you know I dig those Liclacs ... And Jobs will go down in the books as one of the greatest. Isionarys of all time... Lu T'S

  7. Hi Baby:

    Oh look it is working from your phone. Oh yahoo on the lilacs and Mr. Jobs, the visionary
    of our time, yes he makes a device I understand (wow) and cannot live without!


  8. Hi Kris,
    Beautiful and inspiring words, as usual. I'm late as I was in New Orleans this past week. Just got back. I had the time of my life and now I find myself aching for the past. Attachment to good things happens too, right? I'm trying to take the Zen approach and just feel the Buddha love. Thanks for your always wise words.
    Love you xoxo

  9. Hi Susan:
    Oh honey, you time of your life? Yes it is so worth it to attach to things that make us FEEL GOOD and not BAD.
    I am feeling some zexy in the calm air tonight! And I am so excited to hear all about, does this require a HONK on the horn?
    Gotta love the Zen that is in your heart today and the Buddhist ways that guide you.
    LOVE IT.