Friday, December 30, 2011

Entry #30: The Year 2011: Sunlight's Promise, Feeling A Hopeful Universe and Our Illumination

Dear All:
The sun's blinding rays at the moment (1/1/12) are just a glimpse of 2011's magnificent display of winter's fantastic, springtime's happy budding magic, summer's radiant bloom and autumn's explosive firework show. We've used these images to enrich our hopes and dreams this year at Get Over Yourself Please.  The backyard's illuminating ways and the sunlight's promise have  given us  "the feeling" of a Hopeful Universe. We've shared insights on our own ways to divinity, to the state of happy detachment, while eating our delicious humble pie, haven't we? 

While loving you all til the cows come home, it has been a LoveFest with Twitter, it's been a celebration of Love Lights Glowing while Loving Until It Hurts (because that is all we have). We've discussed winter's harsh command and its forgiving ways, we've discussed the feeling of joy, and September's happy shining days! 

We've observed heaven on earth right outside the window. The unquestionable Baltimore Orioles flurry (only come in May), our Baby Quails divine purpose (at Seatuck Environmental Center whom are working on eradicating the tick infestation), the melancholy cries of October's Blue Jay and our unforgettable Robin's determination and ubiquity. Lastly, I cannot leave out my Adorable Jelly-- The Ballerina, and her memorable dance of perfection, right in Sag Harbor. Let's hear it for the Jellies!

  1. Heaven on earth is the new breeze that comes in from an open window during the bright month of May!
  2. Heaven on earth is September's daylight that illuminates every leaf, flower and tree with its happy smile, Good morning!
  3. The backyard birds are chanting like angels in September's bright stillness.
  4. Heaven on earth is the sun's bright light & the warmth it brings me this Indian Summer Season.

We have loved nature's backyard beauty (realizing how fragile it is & nourish our thoughts for its survival). We have honored our sun's daylight and happy cloud formations. We have had quite a parade of delightful flowers from Spring to Summer and Fall. How about the the explosion of june bride yellow bouquets picked to perfection from Block Island's Farmer's Market in mid July and the dark orange zinnias waving from the garden in August ? Lastly, we applauded the flower's beauty pageant (just hours before Hurricane Irene) right downstairs in the kitchen, on our window sill. I voted for Little Miss Orange Sunshine or was it the Giggly Preppy Pink Girls?

  1. I'll have a glass of bright orange flowers, please.
  2. Sunlight enriches my experience with everything!
  3. "Flowers are like human beings, they thrive on a little kindness."--Fred Streeter
  4. I'm going with the flowers.
We have thanked our amazing Joseph Campbell (Author of The Power of Myth) for helping us understand that we are in charge of our hearty adventure (in darkness and in light). We have referenced at great length, my favorite Hindu, Deepak Chopra (whose reflections have had positive influence on my behaviors ), our adorable Dalai Lama's Kindness Policy (which is not easy from where he resides) and our determined and radiant Mother Theresa. She says, "Keep loving and then keep loving more." I have to thank Maya Angelou's tale on NPR one day (who's QuoteTeam follows Get Over It Please/kkshaw47 on Twitter, what an honor!) We have seen the lessons in failure with Jimmy Carter who went from an unfavorable presidency in the 1970s to winning a Nobel Peace Price in 2002 (maybe there is hope for President Barack Obama.) Lastly, we were grateful to Oprah Winfrey, the spiritual leader of our time, for lifting us, time and time again.

  1. "I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love."--Mother Theresa
  2. "I don't have to have faith, I have experience."--Joseph Campbell
  3. "My religion is very simple, my religion is kindness.:--Dalai Lama

We have honored the Hero , which is a central theme in Joseph Campbell's writing. The hero who sacrifices for others has given life "great meaning". We have begun to understand the power of a Hero's consciousness (more now since I recently got my head out of my ass, sigh). We are now observing our problems abroad in Iraq (16 fucking suicide bombs go off at the same time the day we are withdrawing our troops, WTF kind of message is that?), Afghhanistan and now Pakistan. We learned of Pat Tillman's story and its devastating cover up. We've begun to look at our government in a different way. We now ask, just who's in charge in Congress and The House of Representatives in our districts, exactly? We have questioned Corporate America's Lobbying initiative ( lobbying can be effective in environmental /wildlife protection, by the way). We are starting to ask ourselves, can we "re-write" laws to further protect the women, children and animals of our community, our nation and the world? Yes, we are going to try til the cows come home, right?

We have saluted our environmentalists, Seatuck Environmental Center and The Nature Conservancy. We have declared Block Island, The Hopeful Universe. We have considered Rain Barrells as an alternative solution to water supply and Wind Energy too.

And finally, Getting Over Ourselves, which is never dull, starting with me. We have gone within ourselves to question the purpose of our egos (that is useful when you are growing as a child and young adult) and its destructive path. We have learned about our Reactive Crazy (again, can I get a trademark here?) and using Acceptance as a key to our problems as a coping tool (thank you Narcotics/Alcoholics Anonymous).

Reactive Crazy is the "culprit? in most major/minor conflicts. Reactive Crazy is the bruised, hurt, nasty, comeback to anything we are not prepared to hear about ourselves. It is a huge disappointment for me to observe and when I act out myself. Why can't we hear anything that is unfavorable about ourselves, in order to grow up? How can we achieve spiritual illumination?The misuse of our ego and our Reactive Crazy is revealing in marriage, family life, friendships and in our careers.  I'm just sayin...

  1. I fired my ego today!
  2. Has anyone brought your ego and its silliness to your attention and you thanked them for it?
  3. "Those who are free of resentful thoughts, surely find peace."--Buddha
  4. I Get Over Myself when I allow my loved ones to completely disagree with me.
  5. I Get Over Myself when I must accept what I do not necessary like in a positive way.
  6. If someone I love is struggling for whatever reason, I have to let them have their feelings, right?
  7. No ego with that please.
  8. My reactive crazy never disappoints me, yikes!

We've discussed the ramifications of karma. We've observed that our thoughts and actions have everything to do with our reality. We have realized that humility is a gift as well as active listening and focused attention (our dear children teach us that every minute of the day, right)?


  1. "Understand Karma. No debt in the universe goes unpaid."--Deepak Chopra
  2. "Total attention is the best gift I can give anyone."-- Deepak Chopra
  3. "Your imagination will create drama out of nothing unless you live in the moment."--Yahoo Astrology
  4. "Good thoughts cannot produce bad results, bad thoughts cannot produce good results."--James Allen
We have learned that losing our self importance could give us peace and calm. Once I let go of my version of disappointment and my self protection (that was my ego) I was somehow relieved. When I Got Over Myself, I was in a state of relief from my senseless attachment to all things good/bad.

  1. Is to let go a way of being in full control?
  2. Does your self importance cause you emotional gridlock with yourself and loved ones?
  3. I made friends with the abyss long ago
  4. Thank you for the abyss, it saved my life.
  5. I Got Over Myself today, what a relief!
As the fireflies have waved goodbye in late summer along with their friends, the trees that turn the color of tangerine lollipops (good enough to eat) and with the sun's blessing, we say thank you for reading in your busy days this year. If we continue to nourish our thoughts for a Hopeful Universe (no matter what is happening) and we lose our self importance and attachment to everything good and bad, then nothing can go that wrong right?

  1. We are in this world together.
  2. "Remember The Children"--Darrell Ford Jr.'s Winter Coat Button
  3. "Dear God, help me to be gentle and kind to every living creature."--A Prayer A Day
Let's pray for the women, children and animals who need our determined and fierce protection at all times.

With Love & Sincerely,


P.S. You are all awesome!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Entry #29: Getting My Jolly On, We Are In This World Together and My Reactive Crazy

Dear All:
Winter's quiet chill had its first dress rehearsal last night. The sun's warmth and abrupt winds melted Jack Frosts silvery art work on each happy bush and tree in the front yard, now adorned with cheery Christmas bows, lights and holiday fantastic. When twinkling lights illuminate every tree inside and out, where Christmas trees are beaded with mermaids swimming in their aqua glitter, where hand painted boats sail on their own faithful branch and where ruby feathered cardinals perch, what is there not to love? Winter has its harsh ways for sure, but this season is forgiving like no other. The air quality is peaking, the dramatic puffy clouds have their own language and a winter's moonlight is as bright as any sun's shine. All is calm in winter at the moment and a Full Moon is brewing.  Get ready everybody because winter is never dull! 

Get Over It Please Tweets
  1. Heaven on earth is the Full Moon's (12/9/11) silvery smile on our roof tops tonight. 
  2. "Santa is the President of Christmas."--Brady Shaw 3.5 years old
While making spirits bright and thanking the universe for winter's magic, I've been delighted by nimbus, puffy clouds that stimulate my imagination when I find the time to look up and notice. Not only do I enjoy the stories I create, but sometimes (when I am smelling too many flowers) I think, "Are the clouds telling us something other than what the weather will be like tomorrow?"  When I was young, my mother and I could see anything in a cloud passing by. She'd say, "Look, I see a turtle." or "I see a king, there is his crown!" Today, Brady said, "That is a bow and arrow!" and "That is lighting!" Let's raise our icy glasses to the clouds, their memories and the simple joy they bring. 

As the tree lights twinkle and sing their Christmas carols each night, I am hopeful for a productive universe that seems to be in the works. However, my heart becomes heavy each time I open up my Yahoo news page. With our planet hungry (which is no peace promoter) and a predator against children potentially getting off because of the New York State Statute of Limitations (it is time to eradicate the Statute of Limitations concerning this fucked up and menacing issue. Knock, knock Senator C. Schumer) and a particularly gruesome situation happening against women right here at our beaches (just to name a few incidents occurring at the moment), I am like oh dear god help us down here. The way we manifest our anxiety is part of growing up and I have no control over any of this, however, how do you get through these feelings when you have a little lamb of a guy to get through this as well? Knowing that we are in this world together is the only way out. The only way to keep "up" is make a pact that we have one another to lean on and to understand. If anything supernatural should happen, its not like any of us will be singled out, we will be together somehow, because we are now, right?  

  1. We are in this world together.
  2. "Dear God, help me to be gentle and kind to every living creature."--A Prayer A Day
  3. "Understand Karma. No debt in the universe goes unpaid."--Deepak Chopra
As I become aware of the ramifications of my thoughts and the impact of karma, you would think I had enough strength to withhold my ego bullshit when things aren't going swimmingly. For the most part I do try and "shut it" and it does have a positive impact. However, when Todd and I are having any type of tense conversation about how to do things (his way or my way) my Reactive Crazy (can I get a trademark here?) starts blazing --quickly. It is a great comedy show, starring me and my asshole ways.

Reactive Crazy is the "culprit" in most major/minor conflicts. Reactive Crazy gets out of control if 1) anyone calls us out on the unfavorable (even when they are right) 2) it is the bruised, hurt, nasty comeback to anything we are not prepared to hear (which is 99% of the time) 3) it is the monster within a seemingly non defensive person 4) it is alliance(s) against an individual(s) who may be uncovering some truths 5) it is a lifetime story for some of us who never wanted to hear our own reality 6) it is a state of mind that does not allow for authenticity with oneself 7) it is a way in which to be cut off from honesty with loved ones who have our best interests in mind 8) It does not allow us to take responsibility for our actions because we immediately lunge into our own defense) 9) it causes pettiness which is the root of all evil 10) it is a defense mechanism that inhibits our spiritual illumination.

  1. My Reactive Crazy never disappoints me!
  2. How did your Reactive Crazy navigate you today? Oh dear.
  3. If I do not take responsibility for my actions today, there is no point.
Thank you all for reading in your busy days of everyday. If I Get Over Myself and my jolly on, if I remember that we are in this world together and more importantly, check my Reactive Crazy bullshit each day, then nothing can go that wrong, right?

Lastly, let's pray for the women, children & animals who need our determined and fierce protection at all times. 

With Love & Sincerely,

P.S. Happy Birthday to Lynne Campisi (12/10) and Sarah Kain (12/14) who are two of the brightest lights I've ever known.