Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Entry #31: The Birds Delightful Songs, Our Solar Initiative & Kyle Richards of Beverly Hills Breaks A Universal Law Wide Open

Dear All:
Winter's spell is upon us. These days can be as mild as a late July day in San Francisco and/or as cold bone chilling as it gets. The dancing, curly leaves have left us and now we take notice of the rough, dark grey tree branches (no more velvet green or marmalade lollipops, good enough to eat.) As the craggy branches tap on our windows from the blistery, angry winds, they remind us of a brutally cold world outside and how "being warm" is a luxury. 

We don't mind because we all know the magic of winter. The air quality is at its best and though the winter's sun provides warmth like no other, it brings the bird population back to the yard for early morning chanting and singing, yahoo!

As as the sun got stronger with today's journey, so did the the happy "fluffing and clucking" of the birds. Early this morning, the birds' energy seemed more blissful and alive than ever (1/17/12).  As the sun had its moment of bright today, I could hear the cardinals' long drawn chirping, the fat starlings' screechy cry and the sparrows' whimsical calls penetrating-- the sound of all the bird's clatter. It was not of this earth. I was again humbled by this "angelic suggestion" and the way it makes me feel. God is the birds delightful songs, right? As the bright sun light softened, so did their songs. Well, is God is light, so there you go. 

Get Over It Please Tweets
  1. The birds sing their delightful songs this bright January morning (1/17/12). 
  2. "God is the music."--Oprah Winfrey to Steven Tyler on OWN 2012
Just as God is light, sun is warmth. And while I was going to discuss warmth as a luxury, I've just asked myself why don't I know jack shit about Solar Energy and Power. Darrell and Jenny Ford of Bayport, NY are you out there? Is it working really well in your home and providing the warmth you had hoped for while reducing your energy bills? In all of our green efforts, why isn't solar power part of the fabrication of all homes, especially since Iran really wants to fuck with us now? Why aren't we accessing Solar Power on a higher level? Is the install too great an expense on our existing homes? Anyone? 

As the birds led their heavenly choir this morning and the sunshine warmed the day's journey, I came across one of the "stunning" themes of our beloved Kyle Richards of Beverly Hills Housewives, new book, Life is Not A Reality Show. She simply states, "A lot of people want love, but they don't give it (when given the chance). I see so many of my friends with their husbands; they don't think that they need the same attention as we do. I want my husband to feel like no one is going to love and adore him like I do. You'd be surprised when you give that much love what you get in return."--Kyle Richards. I was very surprised to learn that a huge celebrity, from Beverly Hills could articulate one of the most exciting and influential universal laws ever! 

So if we keep "giving love" from a place of strength (this goes for all of our loved ones, in addition to our darling husbands, partners and lovers) til the cows come home, 1) we "give all the love" we have no matter what 3) we "give love" even if it is not returned, we still have love 4) if we "give love" to others, they may learn how to give love back 5) if we keep "giving love" we cannot be disappointed, ever 6) if we continually "give love", our hearts become bigger 7) we can teach men how to be better at giving than taking, I'm just sayin... 8) we can teach the world at "giving love" in the difficult moments of conflict 9) if we "give love" we surely have less fear, right? 10) we "give love" to husbands like we do our children and animals, then we have a real chance at happy

Thank you all for reading in your super busy days of January (yikes). If we seek the divine just outside the back door, (and I am talking divine), we consider Solar Energy as a source of warmth and comfort, (but on a grander scale and I will get my head out of my ass on this one too!) and continually practice the art of "giving love" (thank you very dear, spunky and super famous at the moment, Kyle Richards) than nothing can go that wrong right?

Let's pray for the women, children and animals who need our determined and fierce protection at all times.

With Love and Sincerely,