Thursday, December 8, 2011

Entry #29: Getting My Jolly On, We Are In This World Together and My Reactive Crazy

Dear All:
Winter's quiet chill had its first dress rehearsal last night. The sun's warmth and abrupt winds melted Jack Frosts silvery art work on each happy bush and tree in the front yard, now adorned with cheery Christmas bows, lights and holiday fantastic. When twinkling lights illuminate every tree inside and out, where Christmas trees are beaded with mermaids swimming in their aqua glitter, where hand painted boats sail on their own faithful branch and where ruby feathered cardinals perch, what is there not to love? Winter has its harsh ways for sure, but this season is forgiving like no other. The air quality is peaking, the dramatic puffy clouds have their own language and a winter's moonlight is as bright as any sun's shine. All is calm in winter at the moment and a Full Moon is brewing.  Get ready everybody because winter is never dull! 

Get Over It Please Tweets
  1. Heaven on earth is the Full Moon's (12/9/11) silvery smile on our roof tops tonight. 
  2. "Santa is the President of Christmas."--Brady Shaw 3.5 years old
While making spirits bright and thanking the universe for winter's magic, I've been delighted by nimbus, puffy clouds that stimulate my imagination when I find the time to look up and notice. Not only do I enjoy the stories I create, but sometimes (when I am smelling too many flowers) I think, "Are the clouds telling us something other than what the weather will be like tomorrow?"  When I was young, my mother and I could see anything in a cloud passing by. She'd say, "Look, I see a turtle." or "I see a king, there is his crown!" Today, Brady said, "That is a bow and arrow!" and "That is lighting!" Let's raise our icy glasses to the clouds, their memories and the simple joy they bring. 

As the tree lights twinkle and sing their Christmas carols each night, I am hopeful for a productive universe that seems to be in the works. However, my heart becomes heavy each time I open up my Yahoo news page. With our planet hungry (which is no peace promoter) and a predator against children potentially getting off because of the New York State Statute of Limitations (it is time to eradicate the Statute of Limitations concerning this fucked up and menacing issue. Knock, knock Senator C. Schumer) and a particularly gruesome situation happening against women right here at our beaches (just to name a few incidents occurring at the moment), I am like oh dear god help us down here. The way we manifest our anxiety is part of growing up and I have no control over any of this, however, how do you get through these feelings when you have a little lamb of a guy to get through this as well? Knowing that we are in this world together is the only way out. The only way to keep "up" is make a pact that we have one another to lean on and to understand. If anything supernatural should happen, its not like any of us will be singled out, we will be together somehow, because we are now, right?  

  1. We are in this world together.
  2. "Dear God, help me to be gentle and kind to every living creature."--A Prayer A Day
  3. "Understand Karma. No debt in the universe goes unpaid."--Deepak Chopra
As I become aware of the ramifications of my thoughts and the impact of karma, you would think I had enough strength to withhold my ego bullshit when things aren't going swimmingly. For the most part I do try and "shut it" and it does have a positive impact. However, when Todd and I are having any type of tense conversation about how to do things (his way or my way) my Reactive Crazy (can I get a trademark here?) starts blazing --quickly. It is a great comedy show, starring me and my asshole ways.

Reactive Crazy is the "culprit" in most major/minor conflicts. Reactive Crazy gets out of control if 1) anyone calls us out on the unfavorable (even when they are right) 2) it is the bruised, hurt, nasty comeback to anything we are not prepared to hear (which is 99% of the time) 3) it is the monster within a seemingly non defensive person 4) it is alliance(s) against an individual(s) who may be uncovering some truths 5) it is a lifetime story for some of us who never wanted to hear our own reality 6) it is a state of mind that does not allow for authenticity with oneself 7) it is a way in which to be cut off from honesty with loved ones who have our best interests in mind 8) It does not allow us to take responsibility for our actions because we immediately lunge into our own defense) 9) it causes pettiness which is the root of all evil 10) it is a defense mechanism that inhibits our spiritual illumination.

  1. My Reactive Crazy never disappoints me!
  2. How did your Reactive Crazy navigate you today? Oh dear.
  3. If I do not take responsibility for my actions today, there is no point.
Thank you all for reading in your busy days of everyday. If I Get Over Myself and my jolly on, if I remember that we are in this world together and more importantly, check my Reactive Crazy bullshit each day, then nothing can go that wrong, right?

Lastly, let's pray for the women, children & animals who need our determined and fierce protection at all times. 

With Love & Sincerely,

P.S. Happy Birthday to Lynne Campisi (12/10) and Sarah Kain (12/14) who are two of the brightest lights I've ever known. 


  1. Winter is magic! You expressed it so eloquently. But then, oh dear, the ugliness in the world. I saw a documentary about the Alberta Tar Sands this week. It's devastating. We're sucking the life out of this beautiful planet. It makes me get my rage on. Sorry. Reactive Crazy™ - ha! We have all been there. It's part of being human. Don't be so hard on yourself. If everyone in the world were as honest and courageous as you in the way that you look yourself in the mirror and speak the truth, the world would be a much better place.

    Your writing keeps getting better and better. And Brady is brilliant! Santa is the President of Christmas!

    Love you xoxo

    p.s. Happy birthday Lynne and Sarah!

  2. I, too, am a lover of winter. The brisk, cool days, GREAT hair, beautiful silvery gray skies, and the absolute BEST of all - snow. I think snow is Mother Nature's most magical gift.

    As for the ugly, unfortunately it will always be. We must respect it, keep it in perspective and always remember that there is so much good in the world.

    Happy birthday to Lynne and Sarah!

  3. Hi Sue:
    Oh my darling how are you? You are sleeping now but we have been up forever.
    The world is not perfect but hon it never was - imagine? The only deal with it is to remember that we are in this world together (thank god you are here with me/us) and that for the remainder of our lives we try and help to fix what could be right. This means trying to help (research/send information/make calls on behalf) to get a law passed somehow or raise money to support where we could fix this bullshit.
    Lastly, can you let me be hard on myself cause I call everybody else OUT all of the time? We are not moving forward (during conflicts where we could be potentially growing more) because of too much Reactive Crazy. Sometimes we can use it to cope, but not as much?

    You are so good to me and have always been one of my teachers. I think of you so so often and say, "If Susan can see what Brady is doing right now, she would say oh my dear me."

    Your heart is always smiling.

    Love love love love love love you til the cows come home.

  4. HI Barbarella:

    You are so darling and witty, thank god I knew you as a tween! GREAT hair. You funny.

    I believe in the good of this world, you bet ya. But pushing it along and fighting for more nice may be required.

    Thank you for reminding me of all the good in the world. KEEP it coming and for loving winter's magic. Winter truly is its own dynamic beauty.

    Love you til the cows come home.

  5. kk the reactive crazy is genious! finally a term for my obnoxious ego! in that book you gave me it has a quote "I have often regretted my words but never my silence" I've been trying to practice that but my mouth just vomits venom sometimes! working on it is the fun part !i miss you all so much please kiss Brady for me and tell him i love him!

  6. HI Sammy Jo:

    Oh girl I have so been thinking of you. I thought of you so much this Halloween and now for Brady's birthday party, you were such a huge help for me.

    Thank you for reading during your busy days. I have your address so I could send you cards of love and inspiration.

    Reactive Crazy, seriously can I get a trademark here? You are growing every minute my dear and honestly you are one of the smartest ladies I know out there. Never forget your brightness and your purpose. Our ego is so reckless right? Yikes watch out and duck for cover! ha ha.

    Brady is so dear these days.

    Love love love you til the cows come home. I am so happy to see you here at the Get Over Yourself party.


  7. The very beautiful and lovely Joanne Campisi writes in from Vermont:

    I love it! Happy Solstice! Let's bring on the light. Do you ever sing that song to Brady - This Little Light of Mine ? I think that's the name.

    Anyway I'm going to bed, but thanks so much for your inspiration. I will try to remember it tomorrow...and everyday.


  8. Hi Joanne:

    Hello happy shining lady! The winter brings magic like no other, I can only imagine the amazing nature in Vermont!

    Thank you for checking in. The Little Light of Mine - we are going to let it SHINE girl til the cows come home.

    Sweet dreams.


  9. Dearest Krissy,
    Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and the awe inspiring wisdom of your words!!! Keep up your positivity and joy! The world is a better place because of you!!!
    Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful boys!
    love you,
    lynnie xoxo

  10. Hi Lynnie:

    Thank you for hopping in birthday girl! And for your kind wishes and thoughts.

    Merry Christmas to you and all of your boys and little miss Annie!


  11. I am finally catching up! Thank you as always for giving me yet another tidbit of words to live by! I love the phrase "reactive crazy" also! It so describes how I get way too many times throughout my week. Time to slow down and mind my own behavior! Love you girl, Cindy

    Happy Birthday my fellow Capricorn Sisters!

  12. Hi Lamb:

    Oh here you are girlie. Glad to see you are having a moment to yourself this holiday "fantastic" to observe Winter's magic.

    Yup reactive crazy is bringing many of us to our knees, including me. I just try to breathe and receive what is being put in front of me and accept it in a positive way - somehow.

    Love you til the cows come home lovey.


  13. Lovely Winter eloquently described by you! We have no white, glistening trees but the Winter sunsets hang a brilliant orange and yellow and pink painting behind the Golden Gate Bridge and I am lucky enough to see Nature's artwork every evening! I love the smell in the air, too. It's crisp and clean and perfect for enjoying the Christmas season.

    Blessings to you and your beautiful family, Krissy. Thank you for you lovely and inspirational words.

  14. Hi Liz:
    Well the nature is an explosion out there. I shall never get over the beauty calling me out in the Bay Area. Have you ever heard of Point Reyes? My dear friends have a summer home in Inverness, are you famliar?

    We would always take a really nice walk on Christmas Day. That was our present to ourselves.

    We are hope you have a delightful day with your dear family as well Liz. Love ya honey. It has been so fun to blog back n forth with you these days.

    Glad you are enjoying western sunsets.

    Love you til the cows come home.