Monday, April 23, 2012

Entry #37: April's Showers Happy Hour, John Muir and The Gift of Respect

Dear All:
The moderate temperatures have continued and the rain arrived yesterday morning. We are relieved because the trees, shrubs and plants are being served the cocktails they've been waiting for. The tiny buds have exploded into my favorite color jellybean green and are now enjoying the season's dance with their friends the tree branches. The backyard birds continue their flutter and flurry while building their dear little nests up and down the trees. The springtime frenzy in the backyard is magic at its best! 

  1. The backyard birds are chirping loudly which is causing a flurry this twilight evening.
As the puddle's pipe with raindrops and the shrubs beam with green pride this Earth Day, we celebrate this event with more respect each year and in particular the individuals who've made it their business to protect the breathtaking nature and wildlife that exists today. 

When I lived in Northern California I frequently strolled Muir Woods right in Marin County. I realize now (since I got my head out of my ass) that this great park with the biggest redwood trees ever, was named after Mr. John Muir.  "Today we celebrate the birthday of John Muir. His activism helped preserve Yosemite Valley and create Sequoia National Park. He's also the founder of the Sierra Club and is often referred to as the "Father of the National Parks."--Yahoo News


  1. God bless Mother Earth today and forever.

With the trees and plants getting their drink "on" in the backyard and Earth Day in full bloom, we thank the people who translated their ideas of preservation and respect into a monumental gesture. It is not easy keeping the developing "dogs" from chopping into the sweet pure earth. It wasn't easy then and it sure isn't now. The respect Mr. Muir demonstrated years ago has had such an impact for what exists now. Just imagine how respect could transform the understanding we have for ourselves and how our relationships and outlook could improve. 

The gift of respect is what I learned from my parents, Tom and Jane. To have self respect is a gift we give to ourselves. Respect towards others is another gift we give ourselves because the result is so positive.

If we could show respect towards others in a genuine way 1) when we have different viewpoints 2) when we have different cultures 3) when we do not interrupt others when they are speaking 4) when we show our friends/family respect (no matter what)  5) when we are truly happy for others 6) when we mind what we say  7) when we give others our full attention (not easy for me) 8) when we can agree to disagree 9) when we empathize and 10) when we continually find solutions to problems with others, then nothing could go that wrong, right? Let's hear it for loving ourselves til the cows come home (within reason) and continually finding a "way" toward others and our differences. I'm just sayin...

  1. How about we allow our differences to exist today?
  2. "In a world of harshness, it is time to soften and expand how we go about our life."--OM Horoscope
  3. I'll take a large glass of happy today with no ego please. Thank you!
I am all about the love, but when stories arise of children being preyed upon (there is an investigation has been opened again from a 1979 case that took place right here in NYC's Soho district) I shake my head, look above and ask the Divine, why couldn't one of us be there to protect this dear little guy?

Let's pray for the women, children and animals who need our fierce and determined protection at all times.

With Love and Sincerely,



  1. The Ever Funny Make you Laugh Til You Canno Stop My Sister, Abby writes in:

    Hard to believe that you are on blog #37. where does the time go???

    If April showers bring May flowers, what do Mayflowers bring??? PILGRIMS

  2. Hi Dear Ab:

    I so appreciate you participating in the posts. Yahoo! And oh I know those April Showers bring the May Flowers....he he and yup Pilgrims come along with that.

    Love it and love you funny lady.


  3. Toddy came in via Facebook this morning (I hope it twas him)

    Get Over Yourself. Please wrote: "Love this one baby!"

  4. Hi Kristen!
    As you know, I am just down the road from the spectacular Muir Woods. The first time I entered this mystical and magical forest with the glorious and massive redwood trees, I was awestruck. There is something other-worldly about these powerful trees and a whole new feeling of love for mother earth overcame me. Yes, thank you John Muir, for your commitment to the welfare of our precious planet. The showers here in northern California come not only in April but in the many months preceding and so by May, everything is fluffy and green. It is like living in a giant garden. It's nice we have Earth Day but it should be celebrated every day! Happy Spring, Kristen!

  5. Hi Liz:

    Oh my that is right, I forget the road you take to Muir Woods, but we would go for walks there all of the time when in Marin County!

    I suppose that with all of the camping and outdoor activity I experienced in CA, that I have an appreciation, a gift you know?

    Thank goodness for guys like John Muir (he must have been a gold rush billionaire) cause then we would have far less forests and national parks!

    Love you Liz thank you so much for contributing to my post each and every time - I so appreciate it.


  6. Kristen - Muir Woods is right off off Hwy 1 after getting off 101 at Stinson Beach/Mount Tamalpais exit.....the Dipsea Trail runs through it. It is quite lovely as I am sure you remember. John Muir was only about 10 years old at the onset of the Gold Rush and his parents were not into gold - they were farmers. He made his money mostly from ranching and then his writings and all...I think he was quite the interesting guy and way ahead of his time when it came to being "green"!

  7. Ah, I almost missed this post and I'm so glad I didn't. You brought tears to my eyes, Kristen. My heart breaks for what we're doing to this beautiful planet but thank god there are people who see its beauty and frailty and are speaking out to protect it. I really love this post.

    Love hearing about John Muir from you and Liz.

    Oh, and that story about the abducted kid - what a tragedy.

  8. HI Sue

    Oh you are like a little present right here for me to open up! Thanks for always reading and supporting me every step of the way.

    Joseph Campbell always says have your faith and strength no matter what happens, because balance is difficult and nothing is perfect, that is where we are wrong actually.

    Oh girl glad you are home and that you had SO MUCH fun at Jazz Fest. It was one of the best times of my life down there too!

    Love you