Thursday, April 12, 2012

Entry #36: Rainfall Cocktails Please, The Audacity of Fracking and The Relief of Getting Over Myself

Dear All:
The temperature is so moderate that it feels like Memorial Day, only it is early April. As we wait for this month's showers to nourish the trees, shrubs and plants, the cherry blossoms continue to dance and the tiny jellybean green buds giggle with their friends, the craggy tree branches. The heavenly ringing of the Cardinals' bells and the Sparrows' melancholy, yet amazingly pretty whistle becomes intense as they flurry and flutter with one another to this season's love dance. Let's hear it for the Zen in the backyard!

  1. Where the birds sing, there is light.
  2. I will have a large glass of yellow sunshine today, thank you!
As the sunshine and tulips toast to us from the garden, waiting for their rainfall cocktails, it seems hard to ignore the gnarly headlines depicting the audacity of fracking (sigh) and the environmental ramifications.

Hydraulic Fracturing is a way in which to drill "inexpensive" clean, gas. The cost per barrel seems to be a relief from what we are paying now, but the toll in our dear Mother Earth is concerning, to say the least. There are some hard questions surrounding this issue, though. Instead of fracking, do we 1) maximize the use of coal or 2) do we fill the country sides with windmills and kill all the migratory birds and double electricity while doing this? At the end of the day I am going with the ladies, and that would be Mother Earth!  Where is the fucking EPA when you need them? Jeff Goodell of Rolling Stone Magazine wrote a scathing article claiming, "It is not only toxic, but it is more about flipping land than drilling for gas." With the GOP in the dog house this year, this kind of headline is not surprising. Thank goodness for social media on this one.

  1. "I think of plants as living things, and I respect them."--Florence Boogarets, Florence Boogarets Garden Design 
With Spring getting ready to bloom and Fracking being such a drag, is there any way to control our emotions when our loved ones may not be loving and kind towards us? I am the nicest person in the world when things are going my way. If we can lose our self importance (ego) with everybody & everything, we may just get some relief from ourselves. Yahoo!

So, if I do not react when loved ones 1) listen to me with judgment 2) say something of unbearable truth to me (but its true) 3) talk instead of listen 4) display unfavorable actions that I may not agree with 5) share something unfavorable that someone else said 6) withhold info that I am "attaching to" 7) shout at me 8) do not do what I have asked them to do 9) have passive aggressive tendencies towards me 10) cannot look within, then I am Getting Over Myself, and what a relief it is, right?  Yahoo! 

  1. I Got Over Myself today, what a relief!
  2. If I let go of my ego today, I'm good to go.
As April's flowers sip one rain drop at a time, and as we monitor the Fracking bills being passed/not passed in Congress (via Social Media) and while totally Getting Over Ourselves even when others throw their ego bullshit our way, nothing can go that wrong right?

Let's pray for the women, children and animals who need our fierce and determined protection at all times.

With Love and Sincerely,



  1. Good morning! What a powerful post! Hmmm... I'm sensing a children's books. Each chapter opens with poetry, the beauty of nature, vibrant colors, birds, that then delves into the threats to that beauty.

    I've read fracking is likely responsible for earthquakes in places with no history of quakes - Ohio, Oklahoma, etc. Utter insanity what we're doing to the planet. Keep spreading the word, girl. I love how you work on Getting Over Yourself (the personal challenges) while exploring the environmental and political challenges in the big picture. Brilliant.
    Love, S

  2. Hi Dear Lamb Sue

    Oh girl you always pop in just when I need you. Thank you for always reading the blog and giving me such good feedback. I am honored to have you read this!

    You know what? Everyone loves the nature part the most, isn't that funny? I love the birds so much like our little doggies? I die for Finney too like your Louise and Tommy and girlies. You have alot of babies girl, giving all you have every day! Gotta Love It.

    Fracking is happening, which is a problem. I did not realize that it was causing earth quakes in USA. We are just going to keep on the stream via social media! You so so so understand the magnitude of social media.....

    Oh do I have to Get Over Myself every day girl, I am so trying! sigh.

    I miss you and want to talk on the phone so much! Love you lamb!


  3. What Congress Person Passed this Bill?

    Tell Pres. Obama: Don't let Shell drill in the Arctic!

    Dear Kristen,

    Right now, Shell's Kulluk drilling rig is getting towed up the Pacific Coast to the Arctic.1

    The Arctic has never been drilled for oil, not even under President George W. Bush. But at the end of March, the Obama Administration approved Shell Oil's inadequate spill plan for the Beaufort Sea.2

    Drilling in these pristine waters could begin as soon as this summer. This is the eleventh hour.

    But President Obama still has to approve the final Permit to Drill — and a decision could come by the end of this month.

    Tell the Obama Administration: Don't let Shell drill in the Arctic. Click here to sign the petition.

    The Arctic's Beaufort and Chukchi seas are like nurseries of the earth — providing crucial breeding ground and food supply for countless species of wildlife. Upsetting this habitat would have broad ripples through the wildlife food chain literally across the globe.

    Almost exactly two years after the devastating Deepwater Horizon spill, the impacts are still being felt by the Gulf Coast and Gulf marine life. In many ways, we still don't understand the long term damage caused by the massive volume of spilled oil and toxic dispersants.

    In his State of the Union address earlier this year, President Obama promised: "I will not back down from making sure an oil company can contain the kind of oil spill we saw in the Gulf two years ago."

    But there is still no proven way to clean up an oil spill in the extreme arctic environment — which includes hurricane force storms, 20-foot swells, pervasive sea ice, low temperatures and months of darkness.3

    It's not late for Obama to call off Shell's drill bits. Tell Obama: Stand up to Big Oil and protect the Arctic. Click here to automatically sign the petition.

    President Obama says his energy plan is "all-of-the-above."

    But between pushing the southern, export portion of the Keystone XL Pipeline, and now opening the Arctic to drill for oil that won't do anything to reduce gas prices,4 it seems a whole lot more like President Obama's energy plan is "oil-above-all."

    President Obama needs to stand up to pressure from the oil industry, and admit what we all know: Drilling in the Arctic is a terrible, misguided idea, that's just not worth the risk to this one-of-a-kind area, or the damage we know it will do to our climate. Click below to automatically sign the petition below:

    Thanks for working to move us past oil drilling.

    Elijah Zarlin, Campaign Manager
    CREDO Action from Working Assets

    1. "New era in Alaska drilling looms," LA Times, March 4, 2012
    2. "Shell Wins 'Safety' Permit From Obama Administration To Start Dangerous Drilling In Arctic Seas ," Think Progress, March 28, 2012
    3. "Arctic "should remain off-limits to drilling"," Oil Change International, Feburary 6, 2012
    4. "U.S. drilling won't lower gas prices, study shows," Associated Press, March 22, 2012

  4. KK,
    Great job on #36. The world is waking up to the dangers of fracking. Wouldn't it be nice if instead of ruining the water supply, and reaking havoc on the enviroment, another energy source could be used!!!!

    Have a good day,

  5. Hi Ab:

    You love to smell the flowers like we do over here. Let's get political! No choice really!

    Love you lamb til the cows come home!


  6. Hi Kris,
    Drinking my morning coffee and reading your beautiful words make a great start to my day. You inspire me to be a better and kinder person.
    Thank you my friend. I have to constantly try to Get Over Myself!


  7. Hi Beautiful Claire:

    Oh my lady, look at you right here!

    Thank you so much for participating in this post. Oh girl every day I am so checking my thoughts, actions and then I say, Oh that is my reality, I got it.

    Love YOU til the cows come home. You are one in a million stars out there!


  8. Hi Kristen dear! Once again, I love your sweet description of the birds and trees and flowers and then how you move right into fucking fracking! HA! You are like a bad-ass Smoky the Bear in Bambi's and Thumper's forest! Gotta love it!

    Yes, we need continued raised awareness in the media with the whole fracking business....the fracking process uses chemicals and harms the water supply by seeping hundreds of tons of toxic chemicals into the water as they drill down thousands of feet into the earth... and these drilling companies are not even required to disclose the types of chemicals they use (thank you very much Mr George Bush et al) but volatile organic compounds have been identified by scientists. What a world we live in! We send men to the moon in rockets, can watch TV on our watches and discover human molecules that may cure cancer....yet we can't figure out safe energy sources without destroying our beautiful planet? WTF??

    Thank you for raising awareness around the ugly stuff while still keeping sight of the beauty!

  9. Hi Dear Liz:

    I love to see you here each and every time. Yup we are the bunnies over here at GYOP whom are going to get the very bad and mean WOLVES in the grandmother costumes. There are so many of them out there.

    Fracking is appauling and I do not care if it is energy efficient, cause nothing matters if WE are not here and our dear mother earth, who started out so strong.

    I'm just say...

    You take good care nice lady out there with your beautiful doggies and lovely cooking in Tiburon. I am going to check your blog right now and make sure I am up to date!

    Love ya

  10. Thanks for signing the petition. Now can you make a quick call to the Governor's office directly? He needs to hear our opposition today:

    Please also help spread the word:
    If you are on Facebook, click here to post the petition to your Wall.

    If you have a Twitter account, click here to automatically tweet:
    Breaking: @nygovcuomo floats plan to start fraking New York. Send him a message right now:

    You can also send the following e-mail to your friends and family. Spreading the word is critical, but please only pass this message along to those who know you -- spam hurts our campaign.

    Thanks for all you do.

    --The CREDO Action Team