Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Entry #40: Snap Dragon Twist, Abraham Lincoln's Pride and I Am What You Say I Am Today!

Dear All:

Memorial Day in the Northeast is breathtaking. The week of rainfall drenched us, so the trees are green peaking and now with the sun's yellow warmth, the garden is happy. The snap dragon's are popping and twisting while the peonies prepare for June's parade. 

The nests light up early as the cardinals' chirp and again at twilight's command, with their bell like ringing calls.  My spirit is bright as I observe the bird's dance in the garden today, (5/30/12).

  1. Spring is illuminating every tree, bush and flower today, (5/14/12).
As we salute this Memorial Day, there are many individuals to thank for our freedom and pride. In particular, our 16th president whose persistence carried him through a failed business, losing in Congress and as Vice President, nominee. Mr. Lincoln valued human rights and guided the States through the Civil War. Let's applaud him for confronting the dark side of racism and abolishing slavery through The Emancipation Proclamation, 1/1/1863. President Lincoln knew that his determination would be rewarded some day.

  1. "I will prepare, and some day my day will come."--Abraham Lincoln
As the red, white, and blue fun begins outside and the twisting, heavenly snap dragons beam to themselves, I continually check myself when I see the power of others and their "own reality." We have different life experiences, so surely we have different realities, right? Why do we believe others should have a similar view point to our own and even better, when we become unhappy about it? If I am detaching in order to be productive,  1) I am not judging (which is self serving, right?) 2) I can listen because it is not about me 3) I have no conflict 4) I am what you say I am 5) I am present 6) I can empathize 7) I am relieved 8) I am reducing my own noise 9) I am not attaching to others actions 9) I am not reacting (thank god) 10) I am in control of myself! 

  1. "Everyone has their own reality."--Maureen Flood
  2. "I am what you say I am today."--unknown tweet of 2011
If we are celebrate June's pink peony coolers in the backyard, while comprehending the sacrifices people have made for others (cause they had/have no fucking choice) and losing our ideas on what we believe is correct (of others), then nothing can go that wrong, right?

Let's pray for the women, children and animals that need our determined protection at all times!

Love and Sincerely,


  1. Patricia Luzi from ISIS Training in SF shares writes in today:

    Hi Kristen,
    Patricia tagged you in a post.

    Patricia wrote: "a Great friend with Great words to share. Love you Kristen Shaw"

  2. Dear beautiful Patricia Luzzi:

    Thank you for your support, I so appreciate it you have no idea! When are you coming to NY for some red, white and blue fun?

    You are and will always be an inspiration to me.

    Love you til the cows come home, I miss our chirps and laughs in SF!


  3. Those snap dragons are something honey... Honor our troops!!!

  4. dear todd

    thank you for all of the planting and watering of the flowers in the garden.

    we honor the troops!


  5. There's a lot of wisdom in this post, Kristen. "We have different life experiences, so surely we have different realities, right?" So true! I've been thinking a lot about that lately as I consider how polarized we are in this country. Different life experience leads us to different perspectives and realities. Yep.

    Love how you said your spirit is bright. So poetic and visual and so true. You always have a bright spirit.

    Love you, girl. Let's get on the horn and talk again soon!

  6. HI Sue
    I am calling you right now. THank you for always, always supporting me in your busy days. It means so much to me.


  7. And the wonderful and very dear, Karena Kent (Ryan's Mommy from Grace at St Mary's writes in)

    I love how your mind works! Thanks for sharing. :) Thanks for the smile

  8. Dear Karena:

    You are very dear and kind to have found my lil blog. Its people like you that make this world a happy and unique place.

    Thank you for being our friends!

    Love ya,
    KK and Brady

  9. Bright and happy words as we think of our heroes - the way it should be! No mourning, just praise and remembrance!