Saturday, August 27, 2011

Entry 24: The Fireflies Goodbye, The New Moon's Pull and The Gift of My Focused Attention

Dear All:
August's stunning parade of waving flowers, continual rainfall and the sun's shining dry heat proved to be nature's idea of perfection this east coast summer. As the rain kept its pace throughout the month, the big fat yellow sun baked each flower like the perfect cookie. Our preppy pinked zinnia's  (how about the name Zinny for my next bunny?) our yellow & orange lollipops (marigolds) and our perfectly tall and seductive dahlias are all winking goodbye from the garden, thanking us for this summer's spectacular.

We have tiny flower arrangements of sexy reds, June bride yellows, bright orange sunshines and giggly girl preppy pinks that are currently conducting a beauty pageant in the kitchen.  I am voting for Little Miss Bright Orange Sunshine.

"All are nothing but flowers in a flowering universe."--Nakagawa Soenroshi, Zen Buddhist

As the fireflies' final dance and glow leaves us in awe, today (8/27/11) we are now thrust into anticipation of the smashing crush of this year's tropical storm, Irene. What is wrong with a hurricane after this week's earthquake?

While sun baking like a cookie at beautiful Dianne Kinnear's backyard pool on Tuesday (8/23/11), Long Island experienced a 5.8 Richter scale earthquake from Washington, DC. Dianne and I were too busy chirping and drinking our iced green tea that we did not notice, we never even come up for air. But we want to thank mother nature for reminding us that she is still here and very well.

And today (8/27/11), we anxiously await a visit from Irene, who seems very sad to see summer's end too! This weather system is potent due to her high tide and her new moon. The UK's Daily Mail online reports, "The intensity of Hurricane Irene and the extent of the flooding on the East Coast could be made worse by a new moon and high temperature of water in the Atlantic, scientists warn. "During new and full Moons-- the Sun, Earth, and the Moon are arranged in a straight line, with the Sun and the Moon intensifying each other's gravitational pull on earth." We are now open to the unpredictability of nature's power--the abyss. I have no problem with the abyss, I made it my friend long ago. Yahoo!

Thank you for the abyss, it saved my life.

With the media's relentless presentation of nature's magnificent event to occur (today) and our thoughts glued to the television, I've realized the importance of being present.  No yoga or mediation could have prepared me for my "distracted ass" like parenthood. I am no Mom Blogger (yikes), but boy parenthood has provided me with some honorable lessons. When I realized how distracted I am as a person, and as a parent, it did not make me feel happy. I could easily say, "That is just me."  I thought further, "Get Over Yourself Please, starting now."

And what does that mean exactly? 1) actively listening to Todd when he is speaking 2) stopping what I am doing when Brady wants to play 3) interacting with Brady and using our imagination to have fun 4) turning down the noise in my mind when I am alone 5) listening to friends/family tell their stories without piping in 6) nourishing my thoughts 7) being calm when Todd is not 7) being calm when Brady is not 8) being more organized so I can focus and enjoy life's moments 9) talking less 10) honoring others with my focused attention. Thank God for Getting Over Myself, yahoo!


"Total attention is the best gift I can give anybody."--Deepak Chopra
"Become a parent and Get Over Yourself, we guarantee it!"--Kristen

Thank you all for reading during your last days of summer (it was a beauty) and for supporting my writing efforts good/bad. Let's raise our glasses and cheers to the abyss! It taught me how to let go of everything, yahoo! I hope that Irene's wrath is not too harsh but, she has her own perspective right? I promise to be present each moment so that I can love you all the "more" til the cows come home.

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I'll have a freshly mixed cocktail of happy & forgiveness, would you like a sip?

Lastly, let's pray for the women, children & animals surviving this storm (and everywhere) who need our fierce protection at all times.

With Love & Sincerely,


  1. Lovely, lovely Kristen! I say lovely because of your attitude and perspective even in the face of the storm. In my line of work, self-awareness seems to be scarce and I do love yours. It's my wedding anniversary today and I just got home from a lovely dinner with my husband and one of things I have vowed upon this coming year of our lives together is that I will not get so ruffled by the little things...I hope I succeed and am able to "get over myself" in the years to come! Be safe during this storm, my darling.

  2. I love your descriptions and how they create funny and beautiful images in my mind while reading your thoughts! I am so grateful that the worst of this storm is over and we are all safe! Love you, Cindy

  3. Miss Abby Kane writes in:

    Vote for giggly girl pinks.
    I applaud you're direct attention pursuit. Sure wish then, what I know NOW!!!!

  4. Hi Liz:
    Oh dear Lis thank you for your kind words.
    Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby. God bless you and your dear marriage. But I have to know, where did you go for dinner? I love to know all about the great places to eat in San Francisco! Do tell.
    Being present - you think it is easy until you HAVE to be and then comes the colorful parts of our personalities.
    Cheers to the abyss, don't you love it.
    Much Love and thank you for your support.

  5. Hi Cindy Lamb:
    Oh girl don't you love the beauty pageant going on downstairs with the giggly flowers?
    Thank you for always supporting the blogging efforts. We appreciate it greatly. Love you til the cows come home and thank you for the big, fun laughter this Friday evening. Had so much fun.
    Love you.

  6. Hi Abby:
    You make me laugh more than anyone. Thank you for being my dear friend too.
    Thank you for voting in the beauty pageant.
    The night is beautiful right now.

  7. It is so awesome to have your deeply grounded and meaningful writing available for us all to enjoy and learn from. So much of it common sense and you have an uncanny way of making us look at ourselves in a different and helpful way.... ie. get over yourself.

  8. Hi James Darling!
    Thank you for your support and always laughing with us all the way to helping this beautiful world. Never surrender and never give up. And let's all Get Over Ourselves in the meantime.

    Oh love you til the cows come home too.

    Glad you made it safe and sound over the Atlantic.
    Much Love & Light,
    KK and the Team

  9. I'm so late to the Get Over Yourself party! Glad to be here finally. Lovely and beautiful words, Kristen, as usual. I especially like your words about the abyss. "I have no problem with the abyss, I made it my friend long ago." - spoken like a wise Buddha. You bring such humor to your wisdom. It's a gift.

    (We've been sizzling here in southern California while you guys got drenched. Glad you all survived Irene's wrath.)

  10. Hi Susan Lamb:
    Oh girl here we are days later - I unraveled a little bit but oh well (from losing two cell phones and no power or phone), he he mommy.

    Thank you for loving the abyss with me cause god knows we are very close with that state of being. And once you are there nothing can go that wrong right?

    Love you til the cows come home.

    You are the most dear and special of all. Love to all of you baby lambs today and forever.


  11. The very talented and gorgeous Donna Henry writes in:
    Good one KK!

  12. Dear Donna:
    I appreciate your support in the busy days of late summer. God bless your baby lamb of a bunny. I was too afraid and sad to hear of his passing. He is hopping in heaven with Puff.
    Love you til the cows come home.

  13. My adorable and lovely husband writes in:

    Babe, how about the flower garden this year?? The best is yet to come!!

  14. Hi Toddy:
    You are the most beautiful flower in our garden. Thank you for cultivating the flowers and our home every day.
    Mommy Lamb