Monday, August 1, 2011

Entry 23: My Adorable Jelly -- The Ballerina, The Wind's Energy and I Fired My Ego Today!

Dear All:
July was as magnificent as I've ever known. From the Atlantic's deep blue depths to every splashing pool, to the spectacular colors that reside outside the back door. June's rainfall along with July's dry sunny heat, made for a remarkable encore to this month's radiant bloom.

As the critters swam to their hearts content (referring to my dear lamb of a jelly fish) in the pure & clean oceans at The End, the lime lighted hydrangeas provided quite a light show (at daylight) on the pool deck at Meddi and Alan's in Shelter Island. Meddi's simply calls them, "lime lights", which look like green flickers in the sun's light. Lastly, while the Zinnias tower over the marigolds, they illuminate us with a zesty, rich orange, a magical Lilly pink and a June bride's yellow like I have never seen before. These proud flowers are providing us with a very happy rainbow. Heaven on earth at its best!

While breathing in the rainbow before me, I've started to take notice of the wind and its impact on us and our forgiving earth. And through the deep thoughts and appreciation for everything wonderful before me, I find myself (at times) observing others actions which is cause for immediate termination of my -- ego. Yes, I fired my ego today! Yahoo!

It was encouraging to see the number of jellies being born out on The East End of NY. I was frozen with curiosity (while in Sag Harbor) by watching the absolutely dearest Jelly Fish (a jelly nettle). As she very very very very slowly moved her fragile and beautiful tentacles (an effortless movement of the perfect ballerina) she kept hitting against the dock.  I could only look at her in amazement while feeling helpless to save her. My intervention would have been harmful, so I had to just enjoy her magical ballet from the dock. She was endearing in every way - let's here it for the Jellies!

"To see life through the eyes of a child, is to be truly free."--author unknown

The wind can cool our hot ways and its force can cause some stressful times while at sea or cause the ripping through communities that are never left the same. The more time you spend aboard, the more you think and read about the wind (in particular on a day of travel). Todd found a helpful app called that has been navigating us all summer. He swears by it!

From the discussion of wind comes the idea of the Wind's Energy. What is that exactly? With the wind playing a role in our "climate change" and contributing to a couple of natural disasters this year alone, Tennessee and Missouri for example, I have to mention the positive potential it could have--- if constructed in a thoughtful way. I did my minimal research on wind energy and found the following facts with pros & cons on

"Wind turbines use energy from the motion of the wind to make mechanical energy,  which is then converted to electrical energy. This, in turn, is fed into the utility grid and distributed to customers. Perhaps this could alleviate, 1) oil spills, 2) coal spews, and 3) natural gas leaks. The pros are 1) 0 emissions 2) developed locally 3) fixed price 4) small footprint and 5) low impact on wildlife.  The cons are 1) high initial investment 2) noisy (I would think they were quiet) 3) aesthetic visual impact 4) must be situated near transmission lines and 5) wind must be between 6 mph & 16 mph for power generation, so it fluctuates." Oh well it still seems like a better idea than this over use of oil. Never surrender and never give up on the hope that awaits us!

Again with so much to worship and be thankful for, I continually fire my ego for insubordinate behavior, sigh. This means when I observe others actions. For god's sakes what is the point of being here if I just can't mind your own bees wax? Isn't that another privilege of being an adult, of being in control? This behavior is reserved for the children and teenagers, right? Once I realize that focusing on others' actions (other than Brady and Finney who I am in charge of at the moment), I need to fire my ego immediately without any explanation. I need to take one more breath and repeat to myself, god please help me Get Over Myself.

  1. Getting Over Myself today means checking my thoughts continually, listening more and removing my feelings from unfavorable situations.
  2. No ego with that please!
  3. I fired my ego today, yahoo!
  4. Getting Over Myself today means that I will focus on the fact that everything is a miracle to effectively create my short/long term reality.

Thank you all for reading in your busy summer days.  I applaud July's encore of an explosive bloom and I beam with hope each time I look out the window. The wind can be soothing yet daunting at the same time. Perhaps, provide an alternative solution (as a supplement) to our energy crisis some day? And on a final note, if I hop along my path of emotional discipline and if I promise to fire my ego the moment it arrives (with no discussion), then nothing can go that wrong right?

Lastly, let's pray for women, children and animals who need our intuition and fierce protection at all times. Keep the positive energy coming everyone! Love it!

With Love and Sincerely,


  1. Oh how I love the posts from my favorite poet. I love how your observations illuminate the fragile beauty of nature as well as its powerful force. You've grown into an environmental activist by following a pure journey of love and without the negativity that can come with that path. It's really wonderful.
    Love from me and my pack in California

  2. Hi Susan Lamb:
    Oh girl you are the best and always provide such support. I am so happy to hear that you love your Louise so much, she is so very dear.

    That little jelly fish just stole my heart, I shall never be the same.

    Love you lamb and take very good care, miss you and look forward to our fun and giggly moments together very soon.

  3. From the magical ballet (hope all ended well)to beautiful insights of the flowers around to wind that can save mankind...all was enjoyed, appreciated and very thought provoking. Your writing always causes me to stop, read, enjoy and think. So enjoyable every time.Thanks :)

  4. Hi Patricia!
    Darling how is your summer going? Thank you so much for reading and supporting this lil blog. How is ISIS? What is new? How is the fog this summer? We had the best times together in SF. Where is your motivation blog? How are you essential oils going? They are so helpful in healing everything. How are you prayers going?
    Love You-

  5. The Super fit and gorgeous Dianne Kinnear writes in this morning:

    All my kids questions about jellyfish have been answered.....this is why we love you! D,M.J.and G

  6. Hi Honey:
    I am thankful that I know your beautiful children and cherish our friendship every day. Let's hear it for the jellies!

    Love you til the cows come home!


  7. Here is my darling and funny sister, Abby writing in on Gmail:

    Firing my ego is perfect!!!!
    "Please relieve me of the bondage of SELF!!!!" Bill Wilson
    Imagery and metaphors right on ...

  8. Hi Abby:
    Thank you for checking in. He He don't you love that firing of the ego!
    Love you til the cows come home.

  9. Love those jellies babe (kind of)... Really great little story. Enjoyed it!

  10. Hi Daddy:
    Thank you for loving my jelly girl. So happy that you enjoyed the little story of her memorable dance.
    Much Love,

  11. You are the best.... I love the "i fired my ego today"... Keep it coming

  12. Hi James
    Oh is that a good one or what? Our egos are just not our friends (when in adulthood). They do not provide the path to loving kindness, which is in order at the moment.
    With Love and Sincerely,
    PS Love you til the cows come home.