Monday, October 17, 2011

Entry #27: Autumn's Golden Ruby Rainbow, Who's In Charge Already and Losing Our Self Importance

Dear All:
The breeze became wind yesterday and it was a relief from the warm balmy days of this endless summer. It was perfectly sexy in every way but now we are ready to breathe again! As the leaves happily let go of summer, October's brilliant color scheme is more rich than ever. June brides' yellows have become grown up golden girls, piping hot red pansies are now a mature ruby red and the bright orange zinnias are now a shade deeper, preparing us for the ghosts and witches soon to arrive. Brady is just starting to get his "bumble on" about Halloween! Saturday evening's bright harvest moon gave us a silver glow that lit up every pumpkin (soon to be Jack -O- Lanterns) on each door step. Heaven at its best, day and night!

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  1. Heaven on earth is Autumn's golden ruby rainbow.
  2. October's songs of Indian summer promise peace & calm. 
With full moons, beaming sunflowers and happy scarecrows, I perk up each time I hear the dramatic songs of the Robins that populate my backyard. These hearty birds (who lay sky blue eggs, is that magic or what?) pipe all along the flower beds looking for their three meals a day -- worms, worms, and worms. Early in the morning when the sprinklers turn on, they plant themselves on the ground and happily flutter their wings to the rhythm of the splashy water. I can always rely on the Robins' strong presence just outside the window and the way it makes me feel.

As the Fall rainbow blinds us with golden yellows and while taking notice of the Robins' happy/sad cries (which is comforting somehow), the news is unsettling on so many levels. I know that it is has always been like this, but I recently got my head of my ass, so everything seems different. 

The unfavorable news abroad and right here in LI is of nothing I want anything to do with, but it is happening. Are the nation's/world's ongoing issues due to the fact that we struggle for "any" answer at all because, 1) it is supposed to be happening? 2) its just not the right thing to do? or 3) is it serving the epidemic of self importance in adults?  

I can discuss all that I want on issues of the world/nation, but if I do not know "who" is in charge on Capitol Hill (supposedly fighting for us little guys out here), then why bother with any conversation at all? My first step is to know, who is in charge (in addition to the random emails/letters I blast off to Congressman Pete King, "Save the exotic birds dude please" and he is like, "Fuck off lady, I got bigger problems here!") maybe I could help contribute "somehow" to these ongoing issues. Maybe I can get a progress report of wind power energy on Long Island and/or on the facts of rain barrel water and its conservation. So, after consulting with Abby Kane (clearly the more politically informed sister in the house) on "who" is in charge here for NY/LI. I'm sure that you are well versed on these names (because we voted for them, right)?  but as we all know, I smell way too many flowers over here. The Representatives are:

New York
NY State Governor - Andrew Cuomo (we vote every 4 years)

NY Senator - Christine Gillenbrand (we vote every 6 years)
NY Senator - Chuck Schumer (we vote every 6 years)

Suffolk County Congressman - Tim Bishop (we vote every 2 years)
Suffolk & Nassau County Congressman -  Steve Israel (we vote every 2 years)
Suffolk & Nassau County Congressman - Pete King (we vote every 2 years)
Nassau County Congresswoman - Carolyn McCarthy (we vote every 2 years)

We could not get the health care bill passed in this country for those without and Obama's almost outta here (poor dear). I believe Congress has the best health care coverage in the country so why can't they talk to their Lobbyist Reps at lunch in DC and get that coverage for everyone else (especially the children)? If I am able to get a "glimpse" of who/what/where and how bills are being passed then maybe I can help with a very small percentage of the solution? Is self importance paralyzing one of the best governments in the history of the world? Say it isn't so! 


  1. "9 million children in the USA do not have health care."--Ashton Kutcher
  2. I'm going where the environmentalists are in charge.

With the ghosts and witches preparing for 10/31 and our government in a pumpkin pie throwing contest, is it possible that our lives and experiences are what drive our decision making abilities (our own reality) or is it so bad that adults are paralyzing themselves with their own self importance?

Once I understood Deepak Chopra's (my favorite Hindu) interpretation of self importance, it allowed me to see my own negative behaviors. I now see how  1) we continually attach our self importance to things we do for others (especially good) 2) we attach our feelings to what the unfavorable things our loved ones say (and we seem to forget the good) 3) our self importance fuels our anger and resentments, that do not allow us to heal 4) our self importance makes us self unaware/clueless of those around us 5) our self importance makes us judge others actions 6) our self importance causes us to blame others 7) our self importance does not let us accept our responsibility in petty conflicts 8) our self importance does not allow us to fully forgive others 9) our self importance makes us super defensive (so baby town) 10) our self importance is paralyzing, meaning we stay in the same state of mind and do not move forward. Losing self importance is a relief, because there is nothing to attach to. I'm just sayin...

  1. Is to be in control, to let it all go?
  2. "Everyone has their own reality."--Mrs. Maureen Flood
  3. Does your self importance cause you to be in a state of emotional gridlock with yourself and others?
  4. Let me count the ways I will lost my self importance today! Yahoo!
Thank you all for reading in the very busy days of Fall. If I step up the initiative on who is in charge, so I can learn of possible solutions to some of the issues while losing my own self importance, nothing can go that wrong, right? 

Lastly, let's pray for the women, children & animals who need our determined and fierce protection at all times.

With Love & Sincerely,

P.S. Love you til the cows come home.


  1. Ms. P Luzzi of ISIS Training in San Francisco, CA writes in:

    Hello, My Dear

    I just love your blogs – your writing is getting great. I can tell you are so passionate about your thoughts and words.

    I celebrated in SF this year. I did my morning Zumba class (I just love the aerobic exercising to music), worshipped the flowers in my home, meditated on accepting my life and trusting I am doing as I should and then had dinner with a cousin. All in all I did take time to honor myself and have fun.

    I appreciate your friendship as well – the years haven’t taken us apart except by miles. I love knowing you are there with an open heart.
    Take care Sista

  2. Hi Patricia Luzzi:
    You have taught me many cool things in my life, where do I begin.

    Your journey is inspiring. Hope to see your twinkling green eyes someday soon.

    KK Hula Sisters, remember those days of organizing my books? oh boy!

  3. Hello Honey,
    Thank you for the always beautifully descriptive Nature of this fall and your quicky quide to our NY government officiais.
    On a very important note, what is that beautiful Brady wearing for his costume this year?

    Love ya girl,

  4. Hi Cindy Lamb:

    My darling happy day to you. Thank you for your support and kind words.

    Brady has two ideas in mind for Halloween. #1 is Sully from Monsters, Inc. and we need a button and then we are all set. #2 is Luke Sky Walker from Star Wars, which will be interesting.

    Love you til the cows come home,

  5. Dear Kristen,

    I do believe this is my favorite post of yours. Your writing is going deeper. I love how you start with poetry. You might not call it that but it is - your words about nature, the flowers, the birds, the moon - pure poetry. And then you shift into the political. Brilliant, my dear. Really. And of course you throw in those hilarious zingers (... letters I blast off to Congressman Pete King, "Save the exotic birds dude please" and he is like, "Fuck off lady, I got bigger problems here!")

    Ha! You crack me up, keeping it so real.

    Keep up the great work.

    Love, Sue

  6. Hi Susan!:
    Honey oh my god that is such an amazing compliment coming from a "writer" like yourself. The writing brings a sense of clarity from my spinning mind, right?

    Thank you for taking notice and teaching me throughout my life about everything!. I wish I could drive to your house with Finney and Brady and have a nice cup of tea with your baby lambs

    How is everything going? Is Louise Lamb doing well? You gotta love those girls cause the boys are something ELSE (dear god right!. How is that mischievous Tommy?

    I miss you and your lovely & adorable way.


  7. My dear darling sister writes in emphatically:

    Great job--- YAHOOOOOOO!!!!

  8. Dear Ab:
    Thank you for educating me in politics on every level.

  9. Self-importance puts blinders on us. We place ourselves in a tunnel where we don’t allow ourselves to see the light; we don’t open ourselves up and allow ourselves to hear the ideas of others; we focus inward and don’t allow ourselves to try and feel what others feel… maybe we all need to walk around in someone else’s shoes for just a little while; maybe if we take our blinders off, look around, we will realize that we are all in this together. (I thought that is why we are call our country The United States of America...or did I get that meaning wrong?)

    Good for you, Kristen, that you are getting to know the local political circuit and the issues! I am always writing letters and signing petitions these days it seems….I guess every bit helps. I am a defender of animals, too, and don’t think for one moment that is not an important issue…. keep sending Pete King your pleas to save the wildlife and trees as they are just as important to the health of this planet as the state of the economy. (I'm just sayin', hon!)

  10. Oh an P.S. - I do always love your descriptions of the seasons and the flowers and the birds...lovely lovely! I can picture every color and sound in my mind!

  11. Hi Liz:
    Oh honey you are SO good to me. Thank you for your wonderful comments that I so cherish.
    I appreciate your support. Right back at you sweet lady in Tiburon with your delicious dinner and puppies!

  12. The very beautiful and kind Ellen McCullagh writes (dear dear friend from HS)

    "Loving the blog...keep it up! and loved seeing you xoxo!"

  13. Hi Ellen:
    Oh thank you so much for your support. Yahoo, gotta love getting over ourselves, he he he.