Wednesday, March 16, 2011


  1. Hi Kristen
    I love the Dalai Lama philosophies and it looks like you are finding some peace in the teachings..Certainly more people need to get over themselves and live their lives with more love - like our canine companions do! I found your blog through Susan's My Life with Tommy and thought - now that's Kristen Kane - how lovely to see her beautiful face!

  2. Hi Liz:
    I am so honored to have you on my blog. When is the last time that I saw you, in the 80s oh dear? You live in the Bay Area now in Tiburon, Lynne told me. One of my best friends lives right in Mill Valley. Do you want to meet her for coffee and dish about the goings on about town? She is very dear to me. Let me know and THANK you. Will you send me your blog? Take good care now. Yes the doggies are a form of god I do believe too. And let's always celebrate that Tommy Lee with the best mommy ever! Let me know if you would like to meet Christina. Mill Valley is right down the street form Tiburon. The Bay Area is so very very special...