Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Entry 18: A Baltimore Oriole's Flurry, Our Global Family Chaos & Thanking Oprah for Lifting Me

Dear All:
The bright light of May is dim at the moment as the 3rd day of rain continues. It is a Cat in the Hat Day which means that (from our windows), we are watching sheets of rain relentlessly pound the earth with no end in sight. It is all a blessing because we know that our friends - the trees, the plants & flowers are getting a long & well deserved drink.

As we observe our backyard nature in awe, our drive to be happy continues right smack in the middle of some serious "global family" chaos. As the full moon looms in a thick grey sky above, our farewell to Oprah (next week) seems more sorrowful & sadder than ever. We are saying goodbye to one of the greatest spiritual healers of our time.

On a bright note, Brady & I spotted a Baltimore Oriole yesterday at approx 9am right outside the kitchen window. Its colors of bright marmalade, black stripes & spots of white were astonishing as always. It appeared in its usual magical flurry. It zipped up, it zipped down & around the bush and--- puff it was gone! This was my 3rd Baltimore Oriole sighting since we have moved here (all in the month of May). You take notice when you see a bright orange bird fluttering round your back yard.

I am grateful to be sitting in the house at the moment. There is some gnarly energy out there and it must be that full moon again. I read in Yahoo Astrology yesterday that our golden Buddha was born under a full moon in the month of May. How wonderful is that?

As our unfavorable events concern us and our "global Family" is challenged,
I can only go within for the answers & pray & ask how to help "keep the balance" of this planet in check.

The fury in Afghanistan, Pakistan (what the fuck?!), Syria, The Ivory Coast and even our own Gilgo Beach have us all in wonder of where are we going here... All I can do is Get Over Myself, be more informed, be less emotional and never give up on helping and protecting those that need it most.

Do you guys remember when I said once, (Jess Eldridge loved it the most). "I am sending Puffy (my 7 lb. dwarf bunny) to take Osama Bin Laden down. Do you see what Puffy did all the way from heaven? Miracles are everywhere!

Lastly, we are saying goodbye to Oprah Winfrey very soon. I have to thank everyone who reminded me to tune in (since 2004). Not only did she reintroduce me to our dearly beloved, Maya Angelou, she illuminated the message of the amazing Eckart Tolle and his groundbreaking ideas of life without the ego (thank you Mr. Tolle for saving my life) and even to our very dear Goldie Hawn's 10 minute version of meditation. Goldie swears by happiness, I love that one.

Today Oprah met with Ralph Lauren & his family (on his Get-Away Ranch). The man and his family are as blessed as could be. These people are beaming with happiness (from the right place). Their success is happiness. I twittered him today. Please read below.

"I am inspired by the world."--Ralph Lauren on Oprah Winfrey 5/18/11

Other than Oprah's ability to bring her heart, her interpretation of this lovely world, her offering to others, is her calm & assertive voice. I will miss her voice each day at that time. I can thank Oprah for her deepest message and that is to listen, give your heart & never stop loving. She lifted me on many days. I hope that I get to meet her someday (I am using the Secret Laws of Attraction here; wink wink) and thank her myself.

Thank you everybody for reading in your busy days. Being a grown up means that we are so busy all of the time. Ha Ha Mommy - you are going down!!! Everyday I try my best to Get Over Myself (can I get a trademark here?) and my bullshit ways, and keep "hope" close to the heart. Let's all pray for the women, children & animals who need our fierce protection at all times.

With Love & Sincerely,

P.S. You are all awesome.


  1. Beautiful, Kristen. Your wisdom is crystal clear and pure. You sound very grounded in this post. I believe you're evolving right before our very eyes, and inviting us to evolve along with you. What a great journey!

  2. Krissy,
    You are a love bunny, filled with wisdom and awe!
    Love you,
    Lynnie xoxo

  3. Hi Susan
    Oh girl how I adore you and your beauty. Thank you for the compliment, it is huge coming from a genius like you. I so gotta get over myself on a daily basis, thank god. I love you with all of my heart and god do we have to yak, for real. you are the best much love, how is your house and your baby lambs?

  4. Hi Lynnie:
    Oh lamb thank you for checking in, I so appreciate it. Did you see Ralph Lauren today on Oprah? He is very kind and nice. He is inspired by the world! I love that one. You too. You are a dear soul of this planet. See you & your happiness very soon. Brady is hanging off of the chandeliers!! Ha Ha Mommy - you're going down!

  5. Hey Everyone Special Drop in from Jess Eldridge Herself, What an Honor!

    Oh yeah girl love your blog and love the jess eldridge call out!! Her hee :)
    Seriously your blog grounds me and reminds me what is most important,
    Miss you friend! Lots of love!

  6. Hi:
    I have never heard any laugh as much as Jess Eldridge when I said Puffy the Bunny was going to take Osama Bin Laden down (way back when). I love her for getting my totally quirky sense of humour.
    Love & Light to Jess Eldridge the prettiest girl in the world.

  7. My lovely & TALENTED Donna Henry writes...
    Amen Puff. Good job. I will miss Oprah too, although unfortunately I've watched more cartoons at 4pm and less Oprah over the last few years. She inspires me too. Summer's coming, I think. Alleluia! Hope to see you soon. Luv, D

  8. Thanks so much for your wise words. You are so inspiring, loving and truly caring.
    I appreciate your wisdom.

  9. Dearest Kristen,
    Love that Puff! I always enjoy reading your combo's of the Beauty Nature has to offer along with the praises of those that capture that essence in their words of wisdom! Must call you tomorrow to chitty chat if you are around. Love you, Cindy

  10. HI Anonymous Darling:
    I thought I wrote back to you! I will always thank you for our Arevydic discussions when I was pregnant and contacting the swami you recommended. I will always think and worship your prayer mantel at your lovely home on California Street in SF! You are one of my best teachers.
    Much Love

  11. Hi Cindy:
    Thank you for checking in lamb. We all knew that Puffy was going to take on the Taliban with his cotton tail. Heaven is working for him. Heaven on earth right here in our backyards!
    Yahoo. Love ya honey.

  12. All good thoughts and expressions of love and peace, Kristen! Gotta cast your bread upon the waves of the ocean and believe it will all come back to you, right?

    I am sure if you love Maya Angelou you have read her cookbook - Hallelujah! The Welcome Table? If not, please do! I have made some delicious Southern dishes from that book and best of all, is reading her memories and stories connected to the lovely and inspiring.

  13. P.S. LOVED the Ralph Lauren interview.....he created so much simple beauty and lives his life the same way. Good for him.

    I also want to give you a quote from a movie I recently watched: "There is too much beauty in life to quit." Amen!

  14. Hi Liz:
    Hey girl just am seeing you now! Thank you so so much for checking in to Get Over Us! Love Maya Angelou! Will check out her cook book! And I am putting your LOVELY quote on Twitter right now!
    Here we go!
    Love ya honey be well in Marin County - best place ever. Have you run into the Grateful Dead Yet? They live there.