Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Entry #47: The Monarch Butterfly Dance Party, Oysters--The Environmental Hero and Dismissing My Ego

Dear All:

Thank heaven for summer's fun. The season's eternal sunlight, dry heat and lucky rainfall gave us the best surf, swim and moonlighting of a lifetime!  The garden has just about peaked and the princess Dahlias ( a remarkable flower) are now pink velvet magenta which is causing a tizzy with her friends, the Zinnias.  Cheers to early September's happy shining ways! 

Throughout the day's journey, I peak out the window to the zen of monarch butterflies. As they dance from flower to flower, I observe their quiet rhythm and movement, which takes my breath away. This dance party is a "nectar sipping cocktail" extravaganza that takes place on the full violet butterfly bushes, just outside the window. I am in awe of their flutter and the way it makes me feel. 

  1.  "The birds and flowers give me hope." --Susan Campisi 
  2. Let's hear it for the monarch butterfly dance party! (9/3/12). 
As the early autumn gets its "golden" on, I am thrilled to learn that environmentalists are slowly winning a war with water contamination. I learned on Yahoo News that the farming of oysters is effectively cleansing the most polluted waters, right here in NY! Yahoo News reports, "The Oyster Restoration Research Project, (A NY based nonprofit umbrella group, partners with the NY/NJ Bay keeper ecology advocate working at the Bronx site, and the US Army Corps Engineers) has built an oyster reef on Governors Island off Manhattan." An advocate confirms, "The oyster is the perfect aquatic engineer for the job. It pumps water to feed, retains any polluted particles and releases the rest--purified. Each one filters about 50 gallons of water a day." This is so encouraging! Dennis Suszkowski, the Science Director of the non profit Hudson River Foundation says, "Having oysters improves the whole aquatic habitat, attracting fish and other marine life to the area." Let's hear it for the oysters! 

As the butterflies dance in the garden, I am surprised how my ego fails me time and time again. It is such a non productive use of my time! If I allow my ego to be in charge, then what does it say about me? Do I like to be in a state of negativity, ever? No thank you!

If I dismiss my ego 1) I lose all negativity  2) I let go of a petty conflict, immediately (especially with Todd) 3) I accept an apology with forgiveness  4) I am of free shit talking (oh that again) 5) I am observing my actions (except for Brady) 6) I am truthful with my loved ones in a thoughtful way 7) I am listening without interrupting (oh god!) 8) I am owning my mistakes 9) I am not comparing my actions to others' actions and 10) I am not looking for what my loved ones have "not done" for me. So, if my heart is in charge, and I am losing all negativity while living in a state of loving forgiveness, that way I am "for real", right?

  1. My ego failed me today, but tomorrow will be better. (9/3/12)
  2. How did sincerity save me from myself today? (9/3/12)
If we can celebrate the Monarchs journey today, and congratulate any type of restoration project going on anywhere, while I am dismissing my ego and its super destructive ways, then nothing can go that wrong right? 

Let's pray for the soldiers, children and animals who need our determined and fierce protection at all times.



  1. Hi Kristin,

    The Monarchs have graced my garden with their fleeting visits to each flower pot. Lovely, little creatures, they are!

    Now the oysters are an interesting bunch, are they not? Sitting all snug and cozy in their little communes in the sea while they purify our waters and provide nourishment for other itty-bitty sea creatures! How wonderful! Hooray for the oysters! (I am glad I don't like to eat them. They have important work to do!)

    I cringe when I think of what is happening to our coral reefs - and the oyster reefs, for that matter - through garbage build-up, carbon dioxide poisoning, oil-drilling, over-fishing and just plain human negligence and disregard.

    The farming of the oysters is such positive and encouraging news so thanks for sharing!

    So, today I will celebrate the Monarchs for the beauty they bring to us and the conservationists for trying to save the milkweed from being destroyed by builders... and I will celebrate the Oysters for their contributions to our ecosystem and the marine scientists who are rejuvenating the oyster population! YAY!

  2. Wow... Love those oysters more then ever!!!

  3. I feel a little guilty for so enjoying each and every oyster I ate with such pleasure last night!!!!! Thank you for sharing that tid bit of a story and always coloring my world visually with your lovely descriptives of nature.

  4. Oh! You quoted me in a tweet! I'm honored. I like thinking of the Monarch butterfly dancing from flower to flower. The way you describe watching them, it sounds like a meditation. Another beautiful creature to give me hope. Autumn is my favorite season. Bring on the golden! Of course it's not quite the same in southern California, but the season does arrive.

    I had no idea that oysters were such ingenious little filters! That's brilliant and definitely hopeful news. Thank you for making me aware of it.

    Environmental news is generally so depressing; I think it's a fantastic idea to celebrate the Monarch butterflies and the restoration projects around the planet. As Liz says, yay!

  5. Dear Liz

    Thank you for your awesome contribution to this post. You say it better than me lamb.
    Love you. Keep the positive energy coming.


  6. Hi Cindy:
    Oh here you are daring. THank you for loving the backyard with me. The magic of nature never ends does it.

  7. Hi Liz:

    Oh I LOVE this comment it is so cool and poetic. Thank you always so
    much for dropping and and sharing your thoughts!!!

    The oyster restoration movement is beyond exciting. We went to a
    Benefit for this initiative in Shelter Island, NY in June 2012
    (approx.). Thank you for elaborating on the variety of reasons
    (spelled out, I need that) why our water is beginning to collapse. God
    save the humans, right girl?

    Those dear little butterflies make me smile so. This season was
    especially enchanting.

    Thanks for keeping the focus positive and the energy coming Ms Liz.

    Love to see you here always.

  8. Hi Sue
    I love you honey.

    You inspire me to be a good person and conscious of beauty and love. Sorry this is brief, thank you.