Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Entry #50: No Ego Tonight

No Ego Tonight's Kristen Shaw

I'd like to make a toast to no ego this evening starting with me... I've often complained of what isn't, but I get whatever I want. I have always lived in a nice home. I still have two legs and two arms, that I am grateful for. I currently have a marriage to a yummy dish of a Wall Street guy and a bumbling viking of a five year boy who kicks my ass all day long. This is the story of my jet fueled, unstoppable ego that could have taken away my genuine happiness, my appreciation for people and my own sincerity, which is very dear to me. Being humbled in my life by working in France where the people speak a German blend, by progressive trance house boat parties on California's Great Lakes (breathe) wh ile sobbing, sweating and climbing thirteen mile Hawaiian cliffs for play, and by
always getting fired...because of my racing  mistake  making  ADD mind, made me consider the idea that other people's realities, stories and ways to happiness were more interesting than mine.

Share with me, if you would please, a large glass of THIS happy, with no ego tonight. Firsit sip is the best, I promise!


  1. Hi Kristen- I think we all have ADD crazy racing minds at much on our plates and juggling responsibilities and trying to remain sane and happy and grounded for all around us. It's good to be self-aware and check in with ourselves from time to time. You always remind us of that. Thank you my dear!

  2. Hi Liz

    You are so good to me. What do you think of this pitch? Going to try and throw this idea out there!

    Thanks for sharing and reading in your busy days.


  3. How did I miss this? I think it's a wonderful pitch. I think you're on to something with these events. I hope I can make it to one someday, perhaps when you have your book tour event in LA!

  4. Hi Sue

    I fixed the pitch and delivered to The Book Doctors and they said it was a lot better than the 12/2 pitch, yahoo!

    I like this pitch so much better!!

    I suck so bad at times, but that is part of the journey!!!!!