Sunday, July 22, 2012

Entry #43: July's Budding Jubilance, Girls Gone Missing and Truth Being--Our Unique Reality

Dear All:
July's sunshine has enriched this month's experience in every way. The garden is peaking from continual rainfall and now the rainbow of Zinnias have begun their journey of sunset yellow, blue velvet purple and stunning ruby red. July's budding spectacular and jubilance have given us the best summer ever!

The chanting of the busy Robin's clatter begins at dawn and their nests ring and whistle into twilight. The whimsical song writing of the backyard birds, is not of this earth. As the intention of the bird's singing illuminates me, I can only bow to their presence and thank them for the light they bring each day. 

  1.  The garden is happy today, (7/20/12).
  2. Where the rainbow illuminate us, there is light (7/18/12). (go Claire!)
As the summer gets its "sexy" on, I often feel helpless to the inevitable chaos of the world, and more specifically to offensive actions toward women, children and animals. I have caught only a glimpse of this ABC News story that seems to haunt me, and with good reason. 

Elizabeth Vargas of ABC News reports, "India, has a total population of 1.1 billion as of 2010. In India, there are one million girls systematically killed every year because of the gender preference for boys." She adds, "families have to pay expensive dowries to marry off their daughters." "As Vargas, walks, the streets are teaming with males. Women appear to be absent. The report is struck by the visible disparity. But this is not uncommon, because the judiciary and authorities do not acknowledge the illegality because they believe in the same mentality." Vargas spoke with Ruchira Gupta, a Women's Rights Activitst, who said, "It is an obliteration of a whole class, race, of human beings. Its half the population of India." I am shaking my head right now, but certain, that our dear Deepak Chopra of New Dehli, is using his western connections and politics to get to the bottom of this fucking charade.

As the trees and shrubs whisper and giggle from the yard, I am surprised how the truth brings me perfect calm, time and time again. If I am open to listening and not in fear of my unique reality then (which is not pretty sometimes), 1) I am letting go of my denial 2) I can have an honest conversation with my loved ones 3) I can be a better mother (oh god) 4) I am relieved because what "it is" 5) it eradicates my self deception (oh, I like that one) 6) I continue the path to my illumination 7) my reactive crazy subsides (oh boy) 8) I am like everyone else  9) my honesty sets me free and 10) what is that bad about being imperfect anyway? Isn't it egocentric to believe that we can attain perfection at all? Who cares!

  1. I am what I am today!
  2. I Got Over Myself today when I learned that my unfavorable truth is my reality.
  3. If I am free of my ego bullshit today, I am good to go!
If we can embrace the season's illumination (and it is a hot & sexy one) and contact our favorite Hindu, Deepak Chopra in aggressively working on turning India's idea of human existence completely around (WTF!), while learning that our truth(s) good/bad are our own own unique reality (and learning from it to gain emotional control) then nothing can go that wrong right? 

Let's pray for the women, children and animals that need our fierce and determined protection at all times.

Love and Sincerely,



  1. Great emotional piece. It made me stop and think.

  2. I am humbled by your honesty, gratitude and respect for for all things on this earth, living or otherwise. What a wonderful way to wake up to the beauty that surrounds you and portray it so eloquently for us to enjoy. Thank you for helping us to see the wonders of this earth and forcing us to think and react to the injustices that consistently prevail.

  3. This post is like a Buddhist meditation. You hold the beauty of the world in your hands while in the same moment acknowledging the injustice and suffering that exists all around us. That to me is wisdom.

    I would think that the young men of India would be as motivated as women to right this wrong. Who do these young men marry? Eventually Indian culture will have to wake up to the fact that they cannot sustain their way of life without women.

  4. Ms. Abby Boyle of NYC writes in:

    Good job Darling. Let's end misogyny everywhere. India, Asia,etc., especially in our own backyard!!!!!
    -----Original Message-----

  5. Dear Susan:

    Honey! Thank you for always contributing and giving the praise, so so appreciate it.

    Can you fucking imagine that this going on anywhere? Well since I just got my head out of my ass and see what goes on, I just have to try to make a dent somehow or somewhere, while checking my own bullshit. Right lamb?

    You are such an intelligent and fun loving person, thank god you are my friend.

    Love you til the cows come home.


  6. Hi Louisa

    Thank you so much for dropping into the GOY Party! ANd for researching further Elizabeth's Vargas' story of the lost girls. WTF! Really ! We just have to keep on the pump and look out for those not as fortunate as us, while giving a thanks every day for what are able to do.

    This is as good as it gets, hands down.


  7. Hi Kristen

    I am not even sure how to respond to this abomination in India. There will be a lot of frustrated males walking around unless they decide to marry each other and have no babies at all. Fuckers.

    Gotta get my Buddha on right now!

  8. Hey, Kristen,
    Great post! I agree with Susan whose comment captures the contradictions in your post that reflects the contradictions in life so well--the wonderful sexiness of summer (I'm a summer baby and LOVE the heat and jubilant, gaudy flowers!) and the terribleness of one human's cruelty to another. That the world can contain both seems amazing--and yet it does so every day. It's so important to recognize both! Thanks so much for reminding us!

  9. I love the month of July by the way... Any truth can set us free

  10. Hi Liz

    Oh darling here you are again. So appreciate your support with this effort.

    This Man's Club is going down if I have to work through it for the rest of my life. If we are aware of what is happening for real, then we can help to put some injustices back together. I believe we as women, should be educated on our emotional lives just like our economical lives.

    I love your getting my buddha on right now! Did you know I put it on Facebook and Twitter? Thank you for being here and although I have been on my boat for a while, I will have to check out your blog to comment, you know I love to comment.

    Love ya honey keep the positive energy coming our way.


  11. Hi Ginger:

    Oh thank you for your contribution. As I am commenting on your commenting, I should be editing the homework assignment you have given me this week.

    The world is beautiful and very challenging, I hope to build the strength to help someone or anyone in my life time, while Getting Over Myself.

    Take care today.


  12. Hi Toddy:

    This July with rainfall each night and relentless sunshine, proved to the month of a lifetime.

    The truth is absolute and therefore it is.

    I'm going to go live my truth today and get over myself in the meantime, and then I should be ok.