Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Entry #3 Jackie Manzo from Housewives of NJ Gets Over Herself and The Energy Changes...

During last night's reunion show of Housewives of NJ , (I am a Bravo reality TV devotee and feel silly by using this as an example but it was so clear to me) was the perfect example of someone getting over themselves and accessing unconditional love.

There was an infantile feud that lasted all season with one character, Danielle and three family members. The entire season revolved around this woman, Danielle and how she seemingly interfered with their lives in a negative way. It is the perfect example of "catty women bull shit."  This season was the Manzo sisters' against Danielle. A the end of each season there is a round table discussion (with a mediator) with the tape of the show rolling and explanation's of why and how each character said and did certain things.

As the reunion show sums up, Jackie, one of the family members, comes our of left field (after much shouting and resentment at Danielle for good reason by the way) removes herself from the situation, turns her emotionality INWARD and says, "I am sorry for what I may have done and that I hurt you."

Danielle (in defensive position since the first moment this program every started) says, "I really appreciate that and I am sorry also for whatever I have done to you and your family". Danielle's walls come down, the other sister's are uncomfortable but relieved. The energy becomes lighter and brighter almost immediately.

I am so hesitant to use this type of example but it is a huge TV show and the first time that I have seen
this type of behavior, ever.

A,lot of this feuding was based on people saying what SOMEONE else said to them (Principle #4). That is no good everyone. Do not let people say what others say about you that is unkind. Not cool. If you are someone that does that ,you are not feeling that great about yourself - sorry that is the way I see it.

We all need to love people for who they are (and some people are freaky, you don't need to have friendships with them) but don't try and hurt people who are fragile.
I have a framed photo on my wall with the dearest little bird in a humans hands that says,
"Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind." Leon Edel's Henry James, A Life.

Being unconditionally kind and loving is the only way to survive among the humans. Once I got over myself, and learned to love everyone, everything and that includes (bugs and trees) in their entirety, accept my actions and thoughts and responsibility, the world became a warm and safe place somehow.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Tell it like it is, Kristen! I love how you spread the love. Beautiful quote too. The world would be a better place if everyone heeded your words.

  2. Go KK. You are absolutely right. I felt it was genuine too. So glad that show is over now and it ended on a good note.

    Keep up the good work my two favourite bloggers in the world :)