Friday, October 1, 2010

Entry # 6 : I Go To My YOGI Tea Bags For The Message of Self and Universal Love

Hi All:
I think this time is so beautiful in every way. The light is becoming more golden. The flowers are changing from deep purples and blues to red, orange and yellow. The leaves are turning to marmalade colored jam and a lighter green.  The birds are fluttering around our garden a bit more in order to get ready for their trip down south. I am in awe of nature's beauty in every way possible.

But honestly no matter how much I try to be calm and mellow and embrace; everything is beautiful, I am anxious, hyper and short circuited when fall comes. Even when I was working, I always felt as if I was going to be fired, and I always was getting fired (right Christina Pettigrew?) And every time it was awesome, I have to say.

These days, I sit in my kitchen waiting for my epiphanies, which I am able to do  (thank you god for this new job of being a Mother). This week, however, I say to myself; you are all over the place, you are not feeling anything and your ADD is at a fever pitch. And further, realize that I am unable to access  the shining light inside that always seems to be present. This time of year brings me to reality, no matter how I try to elude it.

Again my challenge this week is to  Get Over Myself, to be functioning at a reasonable level, to be calm and right inside even if your baby has become Chucky, you have appointments that must not be cancelled and you are adopting a baby in the very near future (another story oh boy). People run countries, manage businesses, fly jets, and they remain calm, stay in control and radiate love and light all day long. That's what I see.

So, where do I go?  (Susan Campisi, My Life With Tommy Blogger will love this), my YOGI tea bags of proverbs of wisdom and my random card picker (from the beautiful Manifesting Good Luck in Love and Relationships author Deepak Chopra) Brady Shaw.

YOGI TEA proverbs:

  1. If you cannot see god in all, you cannot see god at all (spiders and snakes are god too, sorry).
  2. To be calm is the highest achievement of self.
  3. To be healthy; eat right, walk right and talk to yourself right.

Brady Shaw picked this card out of the deck and gave it to me, you know these babies are on to something;

I embrace the world with love
I live my life knowing that love is a universal force that permeates everything

Thanks everybody for reading in your busy days, I love you with all of heart!

With Love and Sincerely,


  1. you are SO right. loving my weekly dose of getting over myself. we all have so much room for growth!!!!!-sarah

  2. oh thanks lamb for helping me grow every day. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. oh hi sarah I see your photo above thank you so so so much for becoming a follower!!! I hope all is very well.

  4. Kristen, you are so right that I would love this! I'll take my dose of wisdom from wherever; Yogi tea bags work for me. Your words about the fall season make me nostalgic. It's still summer in southern California. I have ADD lately too, so I really appreciate these reminders. Thank you for sharing the YOGI TEA PROVERBS!

  5. love you honey very much keep up your great work too.