Thursday, October 28, 2010

Entry #9: My Relationships Are A Mirror of Myself, Physical Principals of The Secret and The United Methodist Church

 I swear they hit me on the head each week to blog about the message of this unconditional love that inspires me over and over again.

Today one of the angels pushed me into the corner of my bedroom where a stand alone card sat, revealing its message to me (from my favorite Hindu Deepak Chopra). Here we go, and it is appropriate after the week we all had.

My relationships are a mirror of myself

I know that whatever I create 
in my mind and heart 
will come back to me
in the same measure
with others.

No matter how we try and disprove this theory it is true. A little sprinkle of The Secret (Law of Attraction) on top of that and you have your own reality. 

In my life there were so many times that either 1) I was so deserving of something because of my talent and beauty (not), 2) oh my look at what my ex husband did to me, can you believe he did that after all that I did for him? 3) I am such a good person I deserve so much more, 4) or look at what she/he has, why don't I have that too? It was always my ridiculous ego getting in the way of what I wanted and deserved and thought I should have. 

One day when all that I deserved never happened, when some of my friendships had failed, when all of my dreams seemed to have never materialized, I sat still for awhile and realized that I was relieved. 

I said to my dear friend Joe Morrissey once, "You know I sure worked hard at my tech sales jobs, as a bikini designer, as a term life insurance broker, and I was never really that successful, really, but it I am actually still standing and it doesn't matter you know?" She absolutely agreed! I thought oh thank god I was a bit of a failure, congratulations to me

Once I stopped feeling like I deserved anything, and got over feeling abandoned, (I guess we all do at some time), and consoled my poor ego for being fired, my life became so much more quiet and lovely. 

Love as well as light and clarity began to pour in like water. Every day I would say to myself, "Oh I get to bring someone a small gift today", or "I get to call my dear friend and tell them I love them because I am driving by their house", or "I am going to help my parents' with their doctor's visit", or "if someone told me some bullshit that another had said and I stood up and scolded them for telling me (not who the person was that was talking about me,) I was able to live like a loving and nurturing person, cut through the white noise of our existence as adults and keep giving the love which is what we are here to do! That's right I said it. 

We can all change our relationships, starting with ourselves, feeling grateful, thinking truly happy and positive thoughts of others and actually seeing how all of your relationships change and heal for the better. Did you throw out a compliment today? Tell someone their eyes were shining? 

The intention of our thoughts and feelings is so much more physical than we give it credit, I am watching it in my own life. 

Being a loving being is the best gift we can give ourselves, I promise. 

I plan on getting some structure in my spiritual journey by visiting the Buddhist Temple here in Centerreach, NY (my brazilian bikini waxer, Sam is Thai and she offered to take me ). I am a closet Hindu too.  But just down the street is The United Methodist Church with a bulletin outside on the lawn of the church. One time I passed by and it said, 

Be Nice to your Enemies
It Messes with Their Heads (no joke )

today it read, 

Count your blessings
Not Your Problems

I have get to the Sunday sermon, right?

In signing off, I am counting each one of you as my blessing. You all mirror the love and peace I feel in my heart. Thank you for reading in your busy days!

God bless all of the animals and children of this beautiful world. Please god bless them.

With Love and Sincerely,


  1. Hi Kris,
    Oh, that was a really beautiful one today. I love reading, because I feel like I am sitting in your kitchen drinking tea with you, and you are sharing your feisty wisdom and making me laugh.

    I didn't know you were a closet Hindu! You crack me up. You make me think and reflect too. Thank you for that. Love you.

  2. Isn't that so the Secret! The hard thing is to remember to put the love out there even while negativity is staring back at you. I am always thankful for you reminding me.

    Love, Cindy

  3. Lynnie said,

    Krissy I am always trying to come from a loving place and am keeping your pearls of wisdom close to my heart. keep spreading the love......

    love ya,

  4. hi lynnie
    thank you so much for helping me with your comments, I so appreciate it. You have and will always be one of the most happy and loving people I have every know, I am so thankful you and your family are part of our lives. love you honey you are the best!

  5. Hi Christina my love thank you so so so much for becoming a follower, how did you do that? I have no idea how to do it myself.

  6. Hi Patricia Luzzi!
    Thank you SO much for coming into my blog and becoming a follower, I so appreciate it. I am going to ISIS essentials right now.
    love you honey