Thursday, October 7, 2010

Entry # 7: The Most Important Thing in Life is to Be Capable of Loving

Hi All:
My bedroom light is a dim yellow right now. I am in a peaceful state, but sorrowful to tell you all that my very dear friend of a bunny passed away today.

We gave him a life that I do not think any bunny could ever dream of. I am so happy (for him) that he is in heaven dreaming with the angels right now. I will miss brushing his velvet fur with my eyelashes and watching his cotton tail as he hops away.

Isn't it beautiful how we just love and love (even when we get pissed off that not enough is coming back, oh I go down that vortex sometimes you should hear me ) and it just just keeps on going and going? Maybe not how much respect or love or dignity you deserve, but how much genuine love did you throw out there today?

When my close friends and I are talking, I will bring up one of my many character defects, that I think I am a tad disconnected, I am not that present, I and/or I do not know if I feel things like normal people. And they say, "No, you are so loving and connected", and I am shaking my head saying "No I am not."

But now when I reflect on Puff's arrival and how that little bunny hopped into our bedroom, literally. I could not clean that ol cage enough, run downstairs to fetch his lettuce fast enough or god knows what. And this went on and on and on. Even when Brady (our son) was born and Finney (our dog) came home. I was always like, "Can you watch Brady while I go get some lettuce for Puff"? When Puff came along I suppose some of the reserve of love I was holding on to was released. To care for this soft, furry bunny was my delightful pleasure in every way. And I am sure that Todd has thought to himself on occasion, "I can't believe she isn't complaining about all of the work this rabbit requires." he he right honey?

But you never know until the opportunity of love presents itself. I found this passage that I think is telling for this entry,

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive." -Thousand Paths to Enlightenment by David Baird.

And this thought goes for all of us who live and die for our animals. Never enough clean water for them, never enough warmth, never enough hugs or kisses. It is very true that animals are the embodiment of loving kindness but perhaps we are too now that we have discussed it!

It is one thing to be loved, but to love completely is quite another.

With tears streaming down my face, I say goodbye to my "best bunny ever".

Thanks for reading everyone in your busy days.

With Love and Sincerely,


  1. Oh Kris. I'm so sorry... Now I'm crying too... Puff. How you loved Puff. You did give him the best life a bunny could ever have. What a lucky, magical bunny. RIP, Puff.

  2. Dear Kristen, I remember your birthday celebration and how that sweet little ball of "Puff" sat on your lap! I so enjoyed the stories of his many adventures. Yes, he probably was the most cared for "inside" bunny who one can see gave you back the love you gave him unconditionaly. Love, Cindy

  3. Dearest Krissy,

    So sorry to hear about Puff's passing. He was blessed to have a Mom like you. He is in heaven now with his bunny friends in a beautiful, lush green meadow.....

    Keep writing your thoughtful and inspiring words, and stay in a loving place.

    Love you,
    Lynnie xoxo

    P.S. I said it - not Ted.

  4. hi lynnie thanks so much for commenting oh so appreciate it. Oh I know that puff how we loved him so. boo hoo room a little lonely with out those. warm perky ears. love you honey so much talk soon.

  5. tj my brother said the cutest thing on email here it goes:


    Sorry sorry to hear about dearest Puff Puff. He was a very cool little animal. He was so neat he made me think about having one run around the house. You gave him a wonderful long bunny life.

    Love - T

  6. and my cute sister

    pet. Hell, sometimes I still cry about Fraulein!!! just feel your feelings, and mourn between the dew drops there.

    I love you, and I'm sorry for your loss.

    Puffy is now in animal heaven. Lacey and Mackey can chase him for days, they'll never catch him, because it's heaven, and Puff knows they just like to chase!!!! And Puff can go into everyone's garden and eat up a storm.

    Love you,